1. ”Passion is always easy.

That’s the biggest misconception we have about this idea of “passion.” Just because you love doing something doesn’t mean that it’s always going to make you happy doing it. Sometimes, it can feel like a pain in the ass. Sometimes, your career will force the passion out of you and it feels more like a routine than something you love doing. There are days where you will be filled with so much fire in your soul for what you’re doing, but there will also be days where you will feel lifeless in doing your so-called “passion”

2. ”You can only have one passion in life.”

Passion doesn’t have to be just this one thing, and it isn’t exactly restricted to a career field or a hobby. You can have immense passion for dancing and writing simultaneously. You can be passionate for two things. You can even be passionate for the little things like Marvel and DC movies or even something as vague as being passionate for life itself.

3. ”If you’re passionate about something, you must be good at it.”

You can be passionate about something and still be a work in progress. Stop shaming others for not being good at their passion. It’s valid.

4. ”If you’re passionate about something, you will never fail.”

Writers often have to undergo several rejected manuscripts before they have their first novel published. Dancers often have to undergo several auditions before they land a gig. Passion does not equate to success right away.

5. ”If you’re passionate about something, it is your destiny.”

The hardest truth to accept is that sometimes, our passion isn’t the path we were meant for. You can pursue what makes you happy and what you love with everything you’ve got, but if it isn’t meant for you, then it just isn’t mean for you. TC mark



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