The Woody Agency for Modeling Ch. 11

I thought what the hell, even though you’re my sister, you still look good as hell. Besides, the other guys were looking so I didn’t see the problem.” Janna stood and pulled up her tee, exposing her tits to Isaac, “There, if you wanted to see them so much, isn’t this better.” Isaac, looked at his sister, and whistled low. “You sure do look nice

What I Did Ch. 04

believe this was happening. Yesterday Courtney had said that she thought about being with a girl but never had and now 24 hours later she is having lesbian sex. Now I hadn't yet seen the other girls face but with what I could see and of where I was, I guessed that it was Tiffany, their cousin Aaron's girlfriend. I was a little reluctant to go

Adventures In Cock Sucking: Part III

his pleasure as I continued sucking him. A short while later, I felt a hand return playing with my cock. I didn’t care at that point I just wanted to taste Gary’s cum in my mouth. I was caressing with his balls while I sucked him. He came in my mouth with several violent spurts, which I feverishly swallowed. "Hmmm, that was so good. Thanks," Gary

A Game Of Seduction - Part 2

gasp escapes my lips, as my fingers pinch, then twist my nipples to hardness while I stare at Andrew’s crotch. When Andrew finishes with his stretches, he looks over in time to see my hand disappear under my bikini bottoms. Standing there, he reaches inside the speedo and wraps his hand around the massive shaft. With a seductive smile, I

The Seduction of Mr. Johnson - Charlie's Adventures #1

book against his chest, "You're not gonna let me read are you?" When I shake my head he chuckles and sighs, "There is a co-worker I went on a date with last weekend.""Did you fuck her?" I ask. He looks absolutely taken aback by my question and he hesitates, "This isn't appropriate, Charlie." I giggle, "Just answer the question."He sighs, "No, we

The Black Book Of The Nature Boy 08

as an intense orgasm overcame her. I slid my dick in her wanting pussy and began pumping away. Within seconds, my dick glistened with her pussy cream. ‘Yes, fuck me, fuck me!’ Connie moaned. ‘That dick is so fucking good.’ I turned her around and entered her doggie-style. The more she hollered, the more I pushed, working my dick in and out of her

The House Guest Continues to Seduce Us

with her mouth. The gasp that fills my ears is almost heavenly. I can tell that she is just about to come again and I’m right there with her. With renewed vigor I slam into her hot, sultry mouth. “That’s it Katie, suck it! Suck him good! Drink down every fucking drop!” Rachel commands then flicks her tongue into Katie’s ear again. My senses are

Deshawn and Desiree – Delicious

me about the damn date. What did you wear? Where did he take you? Did you make acquaintance with that third leg? Serve the tea!’ That morning, Keisha draped her body in a black and white plaid coat that hugged her breast-mounds and booty-bumps at just the right places of hallelujah and good god. The curve of her cocoa calves peaked underneath the

Rough Men on the High Seas

they were bigger and sexier than Jack had noticed earlier in the day. The five of them all chatted for a while. They learned that the guys were also from Texas; as Jack and Mary were. Bill and Jerry were roughnecks working Deep Water Off-Shore oil rigs in the region. They were on a short off period, not long enough to go home to the Midland area,

New Life in Rianate 2

DID?!”“Yeah…” I just knew what she meant.“What, what?” Tao exclaimed.Aya crawled over to us and sat between us. “She had sex with Dallas. Her first time.”Tao’s mouth dropped down to hell. They wrapped me up in a hug and I laughed when they started making kissy sounds.“Was it good?”“Gentle?”“Sexy?”“Is that why you missed curfew?”“Did it

Teasing the photographer

When you tell me, in that mischievous voice of yours, that you want to spice up your internet dating profile with some sexy pictures, and that you’d like me to take them for you, I can hardly wait. I’ve always fancied you, and you’ve always taken advantage of it, leading me on, joking with me, but never quite letting me know whether you felt the

The Ravishing of Beauty (Beauty and the Beast)

He had a thick, hairy chest and was at least six foot three, always towering over her. His muscles bulged everywhere, making most of his clothes appear slightly too small, unable to contain him. His cock had remained the same size, too, for which she was grateful. He grinned down at her, his blue eyes bright with mischief. His face was perfect –

Family Vegas Trip

to cum in your mouth!" I never had a guy order me like that and I really enjoyed it. It was so surreal having my brother ordering me to suck him off and telling me he wanted to cum in my mouth. I grabbed his cock, gave it a couple of quick hard sucks then I ran his prick head all over my wet lips. "Don't worry Paul. I will suck you off and

Diplomatic Relations

company of her spouse. Politely shaking his hand she'd thanked him -- with considerable understatement - "for a lovely evening", conspiratorially whispering "au revoir" before walking, just a little stiffly, away. "Which reminds me," he says, returning his mind to the moment, "I've bought something for you." From the holdall he produces a slender

Little Ones Disgrace Ch. 02

and with a lump in her throat she wondered what Master had in mind for her Discipline. The sound of the door unlocking and opening jarred her out of her thoughts, she had not heard Master's car pull into the drive, sitting up straight as though she had been shocked she cast her eyes down,. Master was home and at the realization of this, she began

Weekend Discovery 1

you're thinking," Andrea stated after an uncomfortable silence. "Really? Then what about your outfit, which by the way is beautiful," Simone responded. "Thank you, it's a passion of Drew's. He loves seeing girls dressed like this, and speaking of beautiful, I love your skirt," Andrea answered. "Drew made the same comment." "Yes, I know. This one

Daddy’s Little Whore Part 2

he spoke. I knelt in front of him, taking his hard cock in my hand, stroking it slowly. I lifted it towards his stomach and slowly ran my tongue from base to tip, then repeated the motion, moving around his shaft until I had tasted every inch. Then I swirled my tongue around the head, flicking it against the sensitive spot just below, before

Our Sister, Our Slut

driving his prick into the depths of Daisy's twat and firing out his sperm deep in her twat. He sighed happily as he finished emptying his balls into his slutty sister before he withdrew. Daisy looked very disheveled as she sat up on the sofa, her naked young body glistening with sweat, her crotch smeared with sperm and pussy juice."Anyone hard

Valentina's Shiny New Boots

of me. The bulge in my pants was beginning to get a little uncomfortable, I discreetly tried to adjust the position of my cock. "Oooooh lover, I like to see you touch yourself like that." She huskily whispered as she licked and sucked her own boot heel. Picking up on her hint I continued to adjust myself slower and slower, until there was more

The Summit of Pikes Peak

Dana composed herself, she took matters in her own hands—she grabbed my rigid cock. Granted, I only have five and a half inches, but Dana knew what to do with it. She slowly started to stroke my rock hard cock and then began to suck it. Over the years, Dana had become a Hall of Fame cocksucker and blow-job expert. She sucked hard, nibbled, and

I Alone

alone in the church by and by I’ll read to you here, save your eyes you’ll need them, your boat is at sea your anchor is up, you’ve been swept away and the greatest of teachers won’t hesitate to leave you there, by yourself, chained to fate I alone love you I alone tempt you I alone love you fear is not the end of this! ~ ‘I Alone’ by Live The

Oral Exam Ch. 09

subtle movements were that of a total tease. Jessica's pretty face was buried in my nuts. The skin of my nut sack was between her teeth. She was applying just enough to pressure to hold me in place. Her tongue was flicking the soft skin that extended past her teeth. It was pleasure, subtly lanced with pain. It was a wet, gentle, and exquisite

Eyes Open

I'm still sucking in air through nostrils deeply, unsure if I feel light-headed from lack of oxygen or something else. We stare at each other for a very long moment as my cock begins to soften inside you. You give a soft sigh of contentment before leaning down to kiss my forehead and murmur how pleased you are with me, resting your forehead

My Secret Desire Ch. 02

and you want to stop just use the safe word. Understand?" "Yes Master." I reply"Yes Sir." she says"Good. Now, I want you to kiss each other very slowly and passionately." We look at each other and lean in. Our lips are so soft against each other. As you stand there watching us kiss, our hands start to move over each other's body. I shutter when

My Next door Neighbor - Part Two

and slacks. I walked next door and rang the bell. Christine opened it and my heart melted. She looked stunning. She was wearing a white tee shirt sheared off just below her breasts which I could already tell were unencumbered by a bra. Acres of beautiful bare skin was showing between her top and the extremely short blue denim skirt that barely

Evangeline part 2 - Gabriel

know,” I finally answered. “I had a baby,” she told me, her voice filled with a quiet sadness. “He was stillborn.” I didn’t say anything. I knew of the child she’d borne her uncle. I had seen how he’d taken the baby he had himself delivered and left Evangeline alone in her room. I knew that he had sat for several hours holding his son. I had

My Horny Aunt

cock felt so great inside this hot hole of hers as she wrapped herself around it. My mind was going wild thinking this is your first real fuck, the first time you’ve had your cock inside a woman’s cunt and it’s a full grown woman as well! “Oooh yes oooh yes, that’s good,” she sighed as she rocked her pelvis against mine, rubbing her clit against

All Right Ch. 02

Barbara had significant savings we hadn’t known about that she was prepared to put at our disposal and Stacey and I each had a reasonable nest egg set aside. No, finally the bank’s appraiser had decided the place needed to be condemned and was worthless as security. Took her long enough. Eventually we got fed up and simply maxed out our available

Good for the Goose?

was coming, she seemed pleased. I appreciated that she didn’t ask any questions. Sally was still at work when I got to the house, I walked upstairs to the loft. I looked around, it was untouched, just the way I left it. Sally was using the downstairs guest room. I stretched out on the bed, familiar, comfortable. I slept for several hours. It was

Kyle’s Porch Ch. 01

store was eleven miles. My job was thirty. The phone rang. I knew it would be mom, it was. She accused me of setting on the porch in my underwear, planning to waste the whole day away, so come for dinner at one. I could only say, ‘Yes mom, I’ll be there.’ I let the back of the lounge down a bit and was starting to doze off, I was having a curious

Deep Undercover Ch. 07

to stay alive.It's getting dark now. I'm started by the sound of the door creaking open. I turn to find a handsome young agent carrying a tray with a bowl and a glass of water. "Hi, Madison. I'm Derrin. I've brought you some soup," he says sweetly, setting the tray on the chair.I don't even have the energy to force a smile. I just watch him move

A Hotwife Gets That Irresistible Urge

my hot juice while sucking my beloved rubber cock. If my husband had been home he would have got jumped and romped on for intense sex on the spot.He was still at the office for a couple more hours so what the fuck could I do? The urge consumed me in a wave that was irresistible. I was multi-tasking; typing to chat, fingering my dripping pussy,

Love Hurts, And Starrs Are Hot

want to get you too riled up just yet." Nodding lightly I grabbed my cock and barely moved my hand up and down it. It started to get hard just from the anticipation so I didn't have to work too hard. I played it up by moaning and making it seem like I was close to cumming."Stop!!" I stop immediately and look over to where the voice came from.

Hoosier Taboo?? Ch. 4 of 6(REVISED).

squealing when I'll have most of my cock inside of your tight little twat." And she knew I wasa right, there was no way all of my cock way gonna be inside of her- especially since she hasn't been tapped in a long while. So after she rose up, she took a deep breath and then slowly went back part way down oin my long, thick shaft, all the while

The Girl Next Door

my beautiful girlfriend.Sally’s eyes brightened again and the smile returned to her face.I bent over again and grabbed two hands full of her ass. I lifted her until we were face to face. “See Sally, you are not too heavy for me to carry to bed. You are not as heavy as you think you are.”As I held her up, Sally threw her arms around my neck. I

I Am Doing This For Your Own Good

he is at the head of the table, pulling down the sheet I have clutched to me. He grasps the one uncovered breast, rolling it between his hands. I am ashamed to see that it is erect, and try to grab the sheet to hide, but he catches my wrist. He never stops feeling my breast with his other hand, although I would swear he has a little grin. You're

Abusing Nadia - 4

Sir! Yes Master! Yes, yes I understand. I am so sorry.” She was sobbing her regret, tears running down her cheeks at the realisation that she had displeased him. Fortunately, her feet were still up on the dashboard because Alex slammed the brakes on hard. The car squealed to a halt in the middle of the road and he looked at her with a searing

HARD at work

was a bright side to this nightshift; Sierra was working. This big boobed dirty blonde with full lips and a nice round ass (that she secretly loves to show off). She flirts with me all the time when we see each other, subtle little smiles and cute laughs; she touches my arms and always teases me about my bulging muscles. She once did the classic

The Christmas Party

of the open bar still going on inside the dining area. "Are you about ready to go home and get out of that dress?" "Did Amber have to get out of her dress?" she asked playfully accusing. "Nope. We just rearranged it," as Amber smiled a wide smile. "We made due with the situation." As we were walking out of the party Diane came up on my left

The Lesbian Debt (Chapter 38) - Raped By A Friend

He was leaving marks on her and he didn't care. He raped her and raped her until finally he ejaculated into her cunt.He stopped bouncing her and let the crying girl sit on his lap for a moment, enjoying the feeling. He was pretty sure that for all her tears, she'd orgasmed at least three times during her rape. Then he pushed her off him to the


‘Katrina must’ve been on my mind when I placed the order.’ ‘How could you, Antoine?’ she asked between sobs. ‘Listen, we’ve been divorced for eight years now, but she was my first love.’ Inez curled her unkissed lips and hurled the box into the street, where it and the bracelet met their fate beneath the front wheel of a medallion taxi. She

The story of Aliaranna (Pt 1)

down and aims the tip towards her anal. Aliar presses another button to start the drill sequence and instantly the dildo turns on the arm, moving ever so slowly towards her ass. Cilla puts her head down towards the tiled floor and opens her ass as wide as she can for the dildo as the tip hits her pucker. The dildo continues to turn and grind the

My Virgin Harem

the door on your way out.”I smiled knowing that she was perfectly correct. I was getting a lot more than I actually deserved from that little spitfire.Soon enough Peggy Sue was in my room and on my cock. As she slipped her virgin pussy down onto my cock she smiled at me and placed my hands on her breasts. That little spitfire fucked me the first

Jay and Amy part 5

wouldnt want to become another story. They always say number aint shit, I usually agree with that shit. But not today. That came from Jordan, Jays best friend. He walks up to us with his own crew of guys and girls. When I look over at Andrew, hes swallowing nervously. The school bell rings outside and all of Andrews crew all power walk away.

Crystal and Tiffany

and she climbed on top of me. Our tongues made love to each other. I felt like if I didn't stop kissing her, the world would explode, but I didn't give a fuck. She pulled back and in one quick motion whipped her dress off and tossed it on the ground. She was naked, not even wearing panties. She started to take her heels off but I told her to keep

No-Tell Motel, Chapter 1

stop at any time, all you have to do is just say the words." Pausing to assess the effect of her promise, she continued quietly. "I don't expect you to return anything if you don't want to. I just want to experience your body. To feel you- and to watch you cum." "O-ok, Cindy said with a deep sigh and a nod. It was all the encouragement that

My first lover

sensations changed my moans into pleasurable screams. My face flushed with a rose red color and I felt the sudden need to pee. “I- I think I'm coming!” I yelled, although I was not sure. Edward increased his speed with his fingers and sucked my clit harder, flicked it with the tip of his tongue faster. After a few more seconds of pleasure came a


my hands roam over their panty clad asses caressing them. I eased Nell's panties off her and then Linda's, seeing their clities for the first time. Linda's was slightly curved upwards, cut and about 5 inches long, Nell's was nearly as long as mine but slimmer and not circumcised. Both were just adorable and both were sporting cock rings as well.

The Massage-Atlanta Cheshire Bridge (Remix)

are over as usual downstairs playing music with some fish on the outdoor grill. I’m up in my bedroom reminiscing what just happened a few hours ago on the other side of town. A happy smile comes over my face as I grab my Gin and Juice off of my table and run down the stairs to join in the excitement.As I see my girlfriend car pull up and park on

Harriet, my sexy mature neighbor

There was something about her that held my attention and since she continued to watch me, I motioned with my cup asking her did she want some company, she nodded shyly so I got up and brought my coffee and paper to her table. I had seen her around the my apartment building and had made a mental note to find out a little more about her, she was

Babysitting for Married Men 1

my abdomen.At this point I hadn't allowed anything that I hadn't permitted to happen before, well except for taking my panties off. Ricky had already been reaching through my waistband and putting a finger inside me and letting me rub his cock 'til he came in his drawers. Such are the milestones in a young girl’s life.I was sure Matt would be

On the Farm with Brenda

and wet.Michael was thoughtful enough to move two small blocks of wood under each foot. This allowed Brenda to stand on tip toe thus relieving some of the pressure on her wrists.Then he stepped so he was, again, directly in front of her."Look at me!" He commanded.She did as he told her and watched in stupefied amazement as he stripped off his

Being late for Work

went home, hoping the weekend to relax would ease things. Monday came round and once again I got up late. I rushed around and was only 5 minutes late in the end but as soon as I got into work, there she was waiting. “Come to my office,” she told me and walks to her office, I follow behind slowly with my head down. We get to her office and she

Harry potter and the Legacy of Hogwarts – Part 2 – Clothing Optional

harder than anyone and giving her a new Slytherin uniform to wear. Hermione was nearly in tears as she slowly walked up to her new room with a red ass and a feeling that she had degraded herself by participating in such a disgusting little Slytherin tradition. She could only hope that Ginny and Luna hadnt faced any similar disgusting tradition

Interview With The Tentacle Demon Chapter 6: Rumors

to me. "I can't... I can't do this like the other girls did. I'm... I'm still a virgin. Nobody else knows, and I'd never live it down if I were the only girl in the sorority to not do it with you. They all keep saying how amazing it is, so I know I should do it, but I can't just give myself over to a monster for my first time. So... you're going

marge "teaches" bart

hand. Surprising both herself andBart, Marge kept on doing it. Bart reached over to his nightstand and grabbedthe pocket knife. He slit her dress all the way around, leaving his mother injust panties and a bra. Then Bart pulled Marge's head down to his dick, andshe started to suck. Her hairtickled his chin in a most sensuous way as she blew her

Willi stays the night

Annie began slowly creeping her hands up Willi’s legs. Eyes shut, reclining comfortably, he was clearly enjoying the massage. After a few minutes massaging his calves, Annie pressed a little further up to his knees and thighs. Surprised, Willi opened his eyes and looked at Annie, silently questioning. She smiled back reassuringly. ‘Does that feel

Swinging Spa

first time I have ever written a story of any description, so please feel free to feedback! It was nearly a year ago when my partner Jake and I were discussing fantasies. He was not particularly forthcoming with regards to his fantasy, saying that he loved everything we do and would be willing to try anything. I on the other hand, had a reason


face between His baby's legs, taking a deep breath of her woman's musk.With a broad sweep, His tongue licked up the drooling bounty from between the swollen labia, pushing His tongue deep inside then moving up to concentrate on the greedy clit.Lin moaned, small inarticulate cries as she sucked feverishly at her Daddy's prick, her cheeks hollowing

The Favor

spewing my cum all over her. I groaned with pleasure and enjoyed the sensations she was giving me. When I was spent, she rolled off and went to the bathroom. I heard the water running and soon she came back with a warm wet cloth and wiped me clean. Before I could stop myself, I spoke her name, forgetting that she had never given me a name. “That

Spanked after our date..

my lover and we got up showered and went to sleep, the next day my ass was still sore, and I had a hard time sitting down at work, the scrubs rubbed against my poor butt.   When I got home from work I decided to make my sweety a nice dinner with a glass of wine, we sat down and talked about our day and I once again bitched about how shitty my

Three Can Keep a Secret if Two are...Fucking like Bunnies

laugh by burying her face in my chest. But, I could feel her shake with the effort. Luckily my sense of humor must have drained itself into Kim’s stomach, and I didn’t see any need to embarrass Rachel.“Did you have a good day?” I asked.I had no idea how she would answer. She had a lot of things to right in her own mind. Her masturbating with a

He Teaches Her Not To Speed

to my house, it was after 10pm, and as I walked in the door, the phone was ringing. I said hello and the next thing I heard was his voice, it was Officer Lange."I just wanted to make sure my sexy lady made it home alright. I have a few more directions for you for our first meeting. I understand you just started a two-week vacation. I want you to

Drizella's Revenge

she felt within."Lie to me Cinderella and you will regret it." Drizella threatened. Cinderella knew her answer had to be written all over her face but her eyes hardened when Drizella spoke."No. Never.""Liar!" she hissed stepping forward and grabbing Cinderella's soft blonde hair. She jerked it down and Anastasia gasped when her step-sister cried

A Gentlemans Club

me get a job for rent on my apartment, food, etc. There was a guy in one of my classes who was a bouncer at the local strip club, A Gentleman’s Club. He told me that they were hiring for a DJ. Given my wide range of music knowledge, he referred me to his manager and I became the man for the job. In about a week’s time, I was on a first name basis

Calm Before The Storm Ch. 02

and we had a bigger-than-normal class last year.’ I did not add that the bigger class the previous year was so that Cindy and I could be inducted without taking away from two others. ‘Captain Ross, have you voted yet?’ ‘Nope.’ Cindy said simply. ‘I’ve been having too much fun babysitting my new nephew, and less fun dealing with my fiancée. But I

My Inheritance, To Move Unseen 2

asleep reading and was awoken by my mother coming home and hitting her bed from yet another exhausting day. I felt sorry for her knowing she would never know why her husband left deciding I could never tell her what I was. Returning to my room I laid back down hoping I would find a way to help my mother. I woke the next morning filled with a

vacation sex

sitting on such a hard cock. As the dog licked her cunt, David shoved three fingers up her cunt. He finger fucked her as the dog licked her and Tim fucked her ass. She wiggled on Tim’s cock. She couldn’t hold still. It felt so hot that she couldn’t wait for Tim to cum. She was Cumming hard on her own. Tim spurted deep in her ass. David kept

Elevator Fuck

pushed deeper and deeper into her, until I was all the way in. I gave her a minute until she was relaxed, and started fucking her again. Gently, ever so gently at first, I once again started pushing her limits and she responded, pushing back against me harder, and harder, until we were nothing but a pair of rutting animalsThen I started to spank

Daddy's Easter Bunny Surprise

glass of wine?" he asked Nina"Yes please." she answered"If you would join me." he suggested, and Nina got up and walked with Daddy Stark into the kitchen. He refilled her wine glass as Abrielle continued to kneel in the living room, feeling her pussy juices start to slowly drip down her thigh. They weren't very far apart so she could hear every

Hypnotic Adventures of Cinderella Ch. 04

my, she thought, but decided that she should put all of her attention and efforts into the task at hand. It didn’t last too much longer, anyway, and Pablo roared out his passion and flooded her mouth with more spunk than she had seen since that first day together. This time, however, the surging water washed away his effluence that had overflowed

Dante’s View

weren’t normal circumstances. ‘What’s happening…?’ Richard asked after rejoining me outside. ‘Everything is fine, Richard,’ I said. He was a little startled that I knew his name. ‘Everyone is alive and healthy. I just froze time because I need to show you a few things.’ ‘Show me what?’ I took another cigar out of my trench coat and lit the tip.

Love Slave Ch. 2

and slow like she likes it but hard and fast. He slid his cock into her pussy and got it nice and slick then pulled out and slowly entered her ass. As he got deeper he started moving faster, soon he was fucking her like he said he would hard and fast, pounding her ass with his balls slapping up against her cunt making her want something in there

The Vicar of St. Dunstan’s Ep. 02

pen pals: Janet had just left me here alone, and Brenda had just arrived in Alice Springs to work with the Aborigines. We wrote a lot about being strangers in a strange land, and having to serve the People of God as lone wolves. Her parents had passed away in the past three years since, and a few parishioners, like the Quilting Ladies, remembered

Getting Out Of The Rut

stop himself nodding. I gave him a little time."Are you going to divorce her?" he said eventually"I don't know," I said. "I haven't confronted her yet. I’m putting it together. I don't want to be unfair. I know what’s going on but I don’t know why yet. She may have a good defence that she was coerced because he's her immediate boss. Will you be

A Friend with Strange Benefits Ch. 02

no one to see it.-- Do you think it is safe to sit like that in the subway?-- No, I don't, but this is part of my punishment, I'm not allowed to hide my pussy anymore. By the way, there is one more thing: you need to protect me from any treat.We arrive at the station near my home. We had to use a long escalator to exit the station. I was behind

Angel's Submission Ch. 02

I went from shocked to angry. Lee was a prick. He was about 6'3" with blond hair and tanned skin who always treated me like dirt at company functions. Randi always laughed at me and told me I was just jealous. She seemed to like taking his side over mine.Worse, she had started calling out his name during sex with me. Now she was going on a date

One Night Slave

to owe me the thousand dollars. I told her to go sit on the couch and relax. I went into my room and brought out a dog choker chain with a leash. I handed it to her and instructed her to put it on. Now The fun was going to start.Noon I was preparing lunch for myself and my slave. I dished up her lunch and set it at the table, I sat beside her as

Kaydens View 2: Discovery

going on at the school that he went to. At his school. The fact that the author of the piece had included peoples names shocked Kayden slightly. Surely they had been changed, surely they were fake names. But then again, that wouldnt change the fact that the event had happened. He scrolled down to the bottom of the page. The article, if he could

Politics & Prejudice Ch. 01

eyes peeled and your head on a swivel.’ I told her. ‘Tell Colby that, too, Cook is like a cornered, wounded tiger. There is no telling what he will permit himself to do.’ ‘And thank you, ladies and gentlemen.’ said Dagmar. ‘Think nothing of it.’ said Mrs. Veasley. ‘We are always ready to help young ladies from bad men. But is it true about the

Whispering lust

I could just sound the alarm and call the cops over. Ill only do it if any of my cameras catch you, though. So, heres your chance to back off. He hang up. What the hell was that about? I went to the kitchen to get something cold to drink and slowly headed back to my bedroom. I felt safe cause I knew the security system our house was equipped with

Fifty-Dollar Fuck – Wife seduces her husband’s friend right in front of him

and functionality of women’s pussies. Finally my wife Kim interrupted him by asking how muchhe’d pay to she one of the cheerleaders expose theirpussy. He said $20, but Kim said it was worth $50. “You canget laid for $50 most places,” Kim suggested, “but thecheerleaders aren’t whores, and $50 was pretty goodcash just to flash their pussy even for

The Ethan Blake Story: Daves Party

more (especially virginal, adolescent boys) found it to be quite the most captivating intelligence of the summer so far. Why this tidbit of seemingly limited scandal was causing such a stir was easily guessed at. Ethan was thought by all but those who knew him best to be a young man of unquestionable virtue and, as a consequence, a prude. This

Party Girl, Chapter 4

to squeeze and play with them as Bailee’s own hand found its way to his crotch. Feeling his hard cock, Bailee squeezed it to let him know what she wanted and Brad got the message loud and clear. Brad broke the kiss and helped Bailee out of her t-shirt. He pulled her towards him and Bailee stood, stepping forward. Brad put his hands around her

Every Dog Has His Day

to performing more and more humiliating acts in front of larger and larger social gatherings. It is that all consuming and very public orgasm that becomes his intrinsic reward. This is, after all, what makes him a slave."Roger found himself fascinated with Chloe's discourse, bringing himself to rub her shoulders and rub his face in her coarse

An Honest Mistake

it was experiencing. My face was still buried in the mattress as my swimming head tried to get a grip on the situation. My virginity was gone, my innocence in the ways of the world was gone. Sex felt nothing like how I had assumed from the joke of sexual education classes we had at school. Not to mention none of those classes covered the

Sticks & Stones Ch. 04

stop her from leaving right then. Without conscious thought she roamed the mountainside, not wanting to go down to the village and not wanting to go back inside either. Jesus, she was so fucking mad. That blubbering imbecile. Did he really believe his own sanctimonious claptrap? Deirdre shivered violently at the thought of going to see that

Call Me Daddy

to look at her. ‘After Cole. I want you last so I can have you for longer.’ ‘I don’t want to fuck her,’ Cole suddenly says. ‘I just want to watch.’ James sighs. ‘Suit yourself.’ He traces his hand down Quinn’s stomach and in between her legs, slipping two fingers into her pussy. He starts to slide them in and out, his other hand wrapping around

My Last Trip

was, he would go do his thing and I would wait for him and he would tell me what happened. I told him that with his bad heart this may be to much for him but he wiuld have none of that and away he went.Money is the great equalixer so being 50 he bought his way to every happening. "This is the first place he was in" I told him and it was a gay go

Snowed in on Mt Hood

lips bumping your clit, you hiss and moan and beg me to put it in and fuck you NOW! I slam my cock all of the way in one swift stroke your eyes fly open and your mouth falls open and you begin to scream and thrash because you’re cumming again already. I fuck you hard and long for about 20 minutes and you cum 3 more times. You grip me and cum

Secret Insemination Clinic

just seen.    Jay walked to the front of the seats and addressed his class, reviewing the fact that barrier-free sex wasn’t harmful, and that one can in fact get pregnant that way.    ‘But to illustrate further,’ he continued, ‘we’re about to see another couple engaging in similar acts, after a short break.’     His students couldn’t wait.

0258223 & the Purity Laws Ch. 01

light of the computer lighting up my face. I had a look of extreme concentration about me as I looked at the images in front of me.Naked women were spread-eagled on medieval-looking contraptions – nothing was left to the imagination. As I clicked the mouse and images changed there was a growing wet patch on the front of my lightweight trousers –

I am a man...

us” my heart broke for a second my shield was down I was weak for that split second were I was laughing and she sticks a knife into me. “No... I’m busy but tell him I said hi” she senses my hesitation and she looks at me and begins “Daniel...” “NO!” I respond “its ok I understand I do please have a good time”. She looks at me with those eyes and

Pleasure Agreement

thinking about him, what the hell was wrong with me – he is a stranger! Then the silence is interrupted by a short tone on my phone. I jumped up to see who could be texting me at this hour. Yes, it was Anthony. He wanted to talk more about this arrangement and answer any questions I had. My brain was screaming “ask him if he is fucking serious?”

At the Summit Ch. 10

at her wet body, her generous curves retaining their shape to a lovely degree as her chest rose and fell with her deep breathing, he had wanted to lick his lips as he recalled the way that her faithful workouts had translated into wonderful waves of shared passion. She must, he thought, have been the only natural blonde in this dirtwater,

Davids New Years Eve Surprise

her bike everywhere and walked to class. Sarah and I still talk from time to time, but havent really hung out or seen each other since we left. That is, until she called early on New Years Eve. hey david hows your break? pretty good, mostly just working out or watching tv. sounds productive, Ive actually been taking a winter class, so mine hasnt

my island guy

is in turn, making me horny again. Without warning, you put your hands on my head and start to thrust up, trying to cram it all in my mouth. I gag just a little because of how big you are but don’t stop sucking on it. You repeatedly fuck my mouth, the thrusts becoming faster and harder. I can tell you are getting close because of your breathing

Mummy’s true passion- part eleven

tasted clear and clean blood with a mix of some juice, that develops deep in the abdomen of a women when she gets horny. “Now watch son” May brought me attention to her pussy as she lowered above the vase and started peeing. I liked the sound when the vase got filled inch by inch. The yellow juice glittered in the smooth light of the afternoon.

Ocean side romance part 2

the pain of what was coming. I moved back up kissing my way back up to her mouth, kissing her with her own juices still on my face. I let my cock rest in her young cleft slowly grinding back and forth against her labia and clit. She gasped "You're teasing me...I need it...I need it inside of me Pete...please don't tease...." I leaned back

A Memorable Moment

desk of the hair salon. “Hey, I’m here for a color and cut,” she informed the receptionist, who nodded and disappeared in the back. Anya sat down with a sigh, debating what she could accomplish with her new internship she had recently finished. It involved office communications, and she knew in her job hunt, she would most likely start out as

Lesson Learned Ch. 02

of people—Gina’s sister, Annie, for one—had definitely had more than enough to drink. I stood outside, glad for the chance to breathe without bumping into someone as we said our goodbyes. Gina came over while I stood on the sidewalk and took a deep breath of cool air. “I’m so glad you came, Iris. It feels like I haven’t seen you in forever.” I

Passion in the Vault

her bra clasp and let it drop to the floor, revealing her small but youthful breasts. Her areolas were dark but she had long nipples that were very excited. My mouth was drawn to her right nipple. Vanessa moaned as I gently tugged her nipple with my teeth. By this time she had removed my shirt and unzipping my pants. I sucked on her left nipple

The Sexy Girl-Next-Door: Part One

making their cocks hard for me became my favorite thing to do for pleasure. I already had a boyfriend, the blonde college boy lifeguard at my community swimming pool. He had seen me wearing some sexy little hot pants and come on to me, one day. The fact that he was handsome and all the girls wanted his cock made me proud to be the girl who was

First Time

said, ‘Let’s get to your room.’ I noded and we got out of the tub, not caring that we were soaking wet and had bubbles all over us. We quickly headed to my room and I jumped on the bed. Nikkki jumped on top of me, her legs straddling my thighs. Her tits pressed against mine, a feeling I cannot describe. She started to kiss me and I kissed back

There Is Nothing To Be seen

that was used in cleaning spark plugs of corrosion on a 1954 Studebaker... Colgate Toothpaste with peroxide.   "She ate my frigging shorts, Hurley. I was in the middle of a good dream, that's not natural is it?" "But she is a Venus fly trap!" "That doesn't give her an excuse for devouring my skivvies."  Before leaving the car wash, Dione had ate

Letters to my Mistress 1

deep inside you, i lick you and then as you beg me, put my fingers deep inside your open cunt, pushing them inside while you beg me to fuck you, we kiss, you tasting your cum on my lips and tongue and feeling my fingers push deeper and deeper inside you. you get on you knees and take my hard cock in your mouth, licking my balls and my arse with

My Wife's Christmas Affair

we had come to,” Christine continued. “Being the odd spouses out, we had talked and had a few drinks together. I liked him, and found him attractive, but never…” she sounded as if she were choosing her words carefully. Richard was good looking, or so I’ve been told by other female co-workers. He’s 6’2”, mid thirties with a square set jaw and

A surprised ass-fucking in panties

there are 2 fucking my hole and I can feel a wave of pre-orgasm wash over me and I instinctively reach down to my cock and as I grab hold of it through my Jeans I feel Emmy's hand on top of mine. "Let him go," Emmy says cheekily, "I want him." Emmy's hand is how gently tugging at my cock through my jeans and I can feel the lace move up and over

Massage Therapy

would drink the wine you had always hoped you would find. The meal would be simple and delicious leaving you feeling satisfied and not overfull. We would share a dessert that would make the trip back to this restaurant worth it for the just it alone. Our taste buds would open the doorway to other pleasures. All of this would unfold slowly. We

The Perfect Prescription Part II

and called back to me to get on my knees and to put my hands behind my back. When he came over to me, he placed a blindfold over my eyes. He walked away and quickly returned. He ran something over my shoulders, across the front of my neck and over my lips. It felt like several thick flexible sticks. “What–?” I asked. “Shhh,” he said and brought

A Super Hero’s Slut Ch. 03

government can put pressure on the African despots to get them to do what must be done to stop the poachers.’ ‘How can you do that?’ ‘You have to convince people that the animals are worth saving. To do that I have to show them how magnificent the animals are. One thing I am going to do is open a theme based restaurant where I will have wild

Helen, Roger, & Me Ch. 4

a little while later with a device that looked like a small leather parachute.I was told to stand and spread my legs. Roger then attached the parachute around by balls, it fastened with a velcro strap. It was pulled tight so that my balls were squeezed together. On the sides of the parachute were 4 cords that hung down to a small metal hook which

Jen's Wild Night Out

hair salon called “D S’s HAIR SALON”, and it was open. Jack went in. He was shocked by what he saw. “May I help you?” asked the 8 foot tall red demon barber.“Yes.” Said Jack “I need a haircut.” Jack looked at the demon. It had horns on its head and a tail. It was naked and had a huge erect warty penis. Jack wanted to suck the demon’s huge

A Mouthy Morning with my Dom

from the slits of the blinds. I yawn lazily and stretch out my arms and legs. Everything is so sore, deliciously sore, a sense of contentment and pleasure washes over me. Master worked me hard last night in the most wickedly sinful ways. When I pass my hands over my round butt cheeks, I can still feel the small pink welts from his leather belt.

The AC Technician

the radar, and the slightest thing can cause a state of arousal within me. It is both an enjoyable and frustrating period of time. An AC technician is supposed to come over at one today, to install a unit, in one of the rooms at the house. I wish I had scheduled this meeting a day later, as I’m tired from a busy night at work and really want to

How I Became a Hotwife Ch. 06 [Lesbian Babysitter]

that she would want to if given the chance or excuse to.  She slowly started to open up to me and on one afternoon, she told me her sob story. She said she had married young and did not even know what love was. She was knocked up when she was a teenager at seventeen. They got married but divorced after a bitter two years. I could see she was

Training a Jock Slut Chapter 2

It was a little something he picked up from the gay sex shop in the big city called BottomsUp. It was supposed to make certain body parts more sensitive to touch. He could not wait for his plan to unfold.After the hour-long session was up, the boys went back to change while Coach sat back in his desk. He could see Brody looking flush in the face.


she said to nobody in particular. As far as Natalie was concerned, it wasn’t fair that she was the only one that had been given detention. Okay, she had a reputation with the lecturers for being a bit disruptive but on this occasion, she was trying to hear what Miss Williams was saying. It was that cow Denise that had been sat behind her poking

Mother Care

he might improve in time; his speech was barely coherent, but that might get better, and he might even get back to being completely normal, but although he was now eighteen, his mental age was much younger, and there was nothing they could do about it. She'd received considerable financial compensation, so there was nothing to worry about on that

58 – Meaningless

Make like a tree, and leave. All that shit.’ ‘It won’t work like that. I’m too valuable of an asset for them to drop. Either they, or their competitors, will grab me before I’ve been gone twenty four hours.’ ‘Are you serious?’ ‘Yeah. I know a couple of girls that tried it. This isn’t exactly voluntary work.’ ‘So you’re honestly saying that your

Diary of a slave: Girlie Threesome

and trapped them behind her back so that she could not escape him. Her gags were audible as he thrust himself into her mouth again and again. Finally she stopped resisting, allowing him to hit the back of her throat so hard I thought she wouldn't be able to talk by the time we were done. When Master saw that she wouldn't struggle anymore, he

By the Light of the Moon

my pussy with a surprising amount of force, jackknifing his powerful body up to slam his rigid cock into me, until I was sure I was just going to melt into a puddle of satiated flesh. A groan slipped from him then, shortly before I felt him stop, and warmth touched my insides. He slumped back onto the bed, and I let my quivering body stay atop

Lessons in Love Ch. 03

She realized that he too must be a very skillful lover. She turned towards him, but with downcast eyes. ‘I am sorry Victor. I really should thank you for what you did just now for me. I was rather excited because I did not expect anybody else to come. ‘No miss Anne. I not angry. You so beautiful I enjoy the body.’ His English was even more

Carol Can’t Decide

had restarted that fall when I found myself alone again; Charles had band practice several times a week. Rob rode the bus with me that day, walked me home and persuaded his way in the house. I knew before he followed me into the bedroom that we would mess around, but today was different; I couldn’t get totally naked with him as I was having my

Welcome Home

juices, cleaning her up and he added another finger inside her. He could feel her muscles stretching and contracting, he could hear her moan and call his name over and over. Her legs tensed and he knew that she’s coming. His fingers moved faster inside her and his tongue played with her clit, pressing it hard, gently biting it bringing her over

Love Never Dies - Chapter 3

dabbed her mouth with a napkin and leaned back in her chair. She took a deep breath, her firm bosom rising within her silk, salmon blouse. She was still an attractive woman and subtle make-up highlighted her eyes and prominent cheek bones. Her brunette hair was glossy and flowed gracefully around her face and brushed her shoulders. “Richard, I

Lucy The Baby Sitter

dropped the rag. She put her hand on my dick again and started to stroke it again and in the matter of minutes my dick was hard again. “Now I want you to make me feel good.” She laid down and pulled off her panties. Then she opened her legs. She had a bald pussy I couldn’t believe that I was seeing a real pussy. “Get between my legs.” I seen this

Her Tongue Tasted of Rye Whisky and Cloves

first time I broke those solemn vows to love no other but my lovely, frigid, back-biting, bitch wife. I mostly remember that girl’s tongue. Her tongue tasted of rye whiskey and cloves, the flavor not unlike the woman. Rough but welcome. The waxy texture of her lipstick was smeared across my chin as we parted ways long enough for a sharp intake of

Stupid Cunt

were popping all throughout my body, and my member felt to be aching worse than ever. I glanced back at Shyla again and she was eyeballing me. She had her left hand caressing her pussy lips while the other had it's fingers thrusting in between them."Go ahead, stare at the cunt, Tony."I bit my lip, halted my thrusts and looked back at Jenna."I'm

Kara and Pete

wanted it. She wanted it deep like that, touching her inner being with its demanding force. Before long, she wailed, bucking and arching her back. Pete groaned loudly along with her. Their juices both sloshed but never met due to the rubber curtain. They both regained their composure. Pete relaxed inside her, and Kara felt a slight

Work Will Have to Wait

windows that looked out over the rose garden in the side yard of the house, opening each of the counterweighted windows easily and then walking back toward me, stopping to work her tiny toes into the thick silk carpet. “Ohhhh,” she let out a moan, “The feel of this thick silk rug, Eric, God.” Julie exhaled lazily, stretching her arms above her

Monika, Submissive Ch. 04

I could hear them giggling but not what either of them were saying. I turned to Barry raising an eyebrow."Nothing you can say or do Henry old friend, she has her instructions and that's that, you are now my charge and I think we had better eat too before the crowd starts coming. Did you have any breakfast before you left?""Just toast and tea

Two Boys, Two Basketballs and a Sauna

the pressure rise at the head of my rock-hard dick and begin to say “That feels so awesome,” but start to cum halfway through the sentence. I end up breathlessly replying, “That fee… fff… ahhhhhh” as my orgasm hits me. I tense up and shoot the first of several small jets of semen onto the sauna floor about a foot in front of me. Must have

The Big Day Ch. 03

quickly. The storm was getting closer, and realized I needed to move the patio and deck furniture so the storm wouldn’t blow them around. I grabbed the two pool loungers one at a time and took the down and around to underneath the pool deck. They liked to blow into the pool otherwise, and that wasn’t good. Then I grabbed the patio chairs, stacked


pregnant flows of expectation. It hovered before Heather MacDonald’s face, dancing to the variations in her voice, in the spell she was weaving in the summer evening air. The firefly’s light winked on and faded out in chemical lust. Heather MacDonald raised her hands out to her side. Her singing became louder, but only barely so. Soon another

Sarah left me 5

I really would like to have you fuck my arsehole, but only if you want to. Sarah chipped in, How could he not want to? Youre young, youre beautiful, your naked, and youre offering yourself. Sarah was right, of course. Ill get the lube. said Angie. I realised that I had no choice, not that I really wanted one. I went to Lilly and pulled her to her

Tales of Cera: Lords and Cats

mistakes, I apologize. Tales of Cera will be a series of stories that happen in the same world, but each story will focus on different people and even different periods of time. Some stories will refer to others and one or two may be crossovers, but no need to be worried. I will give an A/N if that is the case. For now, enjoy my first story in

My American Lady

leaving me wanting her to demand more and more. She forbad or demanded me to masturbate or orgasm. I had to email a report for her and was gently scolded for lack of detail. Somehow it felt good. Perhaps it felt even better than good. No, not perhaps, it DID feel better than that. Present I unpacked, placing my things in the drawers and

An Island Paradise

and was becoming a good friend. I had been on this Caribbean island for several days, and was still waiting for the parts to be flown in. Until then, each afternoon, Ver and I would get together at the local store and have a drink together. “Well, her name is Johnny, and you are sleeping with her?” I knew Ver had a local island woman he was

Eating Kirsten's... Cookies

doing and I wanted to save it for last. Back up the other cheek my tongue caressed, again licking around her rosebud. Once I reached the top, I looked up again."That was a very good sample but now I want the real chocolate.""Go right ahead, Sir. It's there waiting for you."Slowly I licked down the cleft between her cheeks until I felt the

Adventures at an Artists Colony Ch.2

her head and leaned into the screen door, her big tits flattened by the mesh, her nipples visible through the thin material of her blouse. The way her body was pressed against the screen door and how she looked at me was getting me really horny. The seam of her cut offs was tight against her crotch revealing the outline of her pussy. She twirled

I Will Not Be a Mistake

Cindy was a year younger than me and came from money. Her father was a rich lawyer with a private plane and varied real estate investments. I think he made more from his properties now than he did as a lawyer and that is saying a lot. Buying a million dollar yacht was just as easy for the Hamptons as it was for me to buy a pack of Pall Malls. So,

A Teachable Moment

seemed embarrassed, and reluctant to talk."It's a sex thing" she said softly."Julie, you can talk to me about anything. This is a private, closed door session. Nothing you say will leave this room."To reinforce that, I walked to the door and locked it.There was only awkward silence for a few minutes, but I waited for her to respond.Her face was

Breaking Bridezilla Ch. 01

back to the cabinet of goodies.Tony caught Mr. Perry's eye again. He could see the older man was impressed by his determination. He hung up the used paddle and reached for a riding crop, but then he stopped himself.Hell, he had his belt!Might as well get her used to that, he decided. Might as well use something he had on his person at all times

Master! Master! Part 5

concerning. At this point, it was more of an addiction. And while I had originally gotten the smaller vibrator because it was cheaper than the plug-in model, the cost of batteries was burning through the savings like thermite.One night, upon coming home, only Sonja and Chloe greeted me. Momo was absent. I sighed loudly and moved upstairs, finding

Hot Melt the Snow Ch. 02

a voice loud with pain "Yes, but don't move sir, don't move for a while. Please just stay like this or I feel I will die" Her hands were clutching the mattress hard. Zafar felt her take a deep breath and then once more pushed back on his cock. It slid a little further up her passage so that now about half of the shaft was buried in her rectum. He

A Brother's Best Friend

grabbed her wrist and held tight. "That's a good enough answer for me," Sam remarked with a shrug. He forced her to lie down and tied her arms down. Sarah wouldn't stop kicking and screaming. Sam had to struggle to get her powerful legs tied down. Gagging her was less of a challenge.Bound and gagged, Sarah was terrified. No one would ever hear

Settling Into the Cabin

small still filled out the tight shorts she wore quite well. Her breasts were on the smallish side, probably a large B-cup but Jimmy liked small breasts. Nadia’s most striking feature was her face though, it was almost heartbreakingly beautiful, she had sharp features, a pointed chin, a somewhat pointed nose, and the brightest, most intense green

Look, But Dont Touch

her panties off for easy access to her pussy without having to remove her garter, stockings, or boots. A deep blue corset covered her midsection, pushing her tits up and making them fuller than her already voluptuous tits were normally.She stopped in front of me, giving me time to take it all in. ‘You obviously approve considering that monster

Two week before Prom

escaped my lips.   Oh god!!! I thought to myself.   I so hope that she did not hear me.   I could hear mom talking to me in a distance.   All that I could do was respond with nodding of my head.   To be honest I did not really know what she was saying.   It just felt so good having moms soft hands palming my nipples.   There was a release,

Susie Ch. 22

‘We could cruise Hollywood Boulevard and look for her.’ Kaitlyn and I were enthusiastic. April was opposed to the idea, ‘too dangerous.’ When I told Corey, he wanted to come with us but I talked him out of it. The next Saturday night Kaitlyn, Judy and I drove to Hollywood and began cruising the Boulevard. ‘Is that her?’ Kaitlyn said only to see

Teresa’s Christmas Story

about Teresa. ‘She’s on desk duty now, pending an investigation.’ Malone said. ‘But I’ve already personally gotten calls from three Town & County Council members, Malinda Adams, Kelly Carnes, and J.P. Goldman. They’re asking why she hasn’t been suspended without pay and criminally charged yet. I don’t know why Goldman called, but I can hold them

The Prostitute Wives

be alone with Pam. ---------------------------------------------------- As Pam drove on the way to the city, they talked about how they must do some of the things they talked about in front of the boys. Tina sat as close to Pam as she could without drawing too much attention from other drivers. Of course, passing truck drivers were always

Just Construction Bums

country for varying lengths of time and has left me with little social life. My friends are those I have through my work. I drink only moderately, never to the point of drunkenness and never on the day before a workday. Over the years, I’ve learned that sex is available everywhere for a price and sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s just relief

Sistah, Sistah

understanding somehow. Judith had wanted it to be very clear to Delta that she did not belong on the streets or in this dingy little room. She was a bored housewife who worked part time to get out of the house. She had taken off from work in order to troll the streets that afternoon at her husband's request. It would have been clear to anyone

Waves and Dreams Ch. 01

the opposite end of the beach. Laney’s eyebrows rose. Normally guys around here tried to take a girl home as soon as they met her. Maybe this one was different, she thought to herself, scratching Rex behind the ears and turning to head back to her house. Even so, it’d just be a matter of time ’til he found out, and then, another one gone.

Unreserved seating

I made my way to my reserved seat, at the very end of the carriage, where to my delight, I discovered I’d have a traveling companion. Mine was the aisle seat, next to which, sat a young woman in her early twenties. Tall, slender and slightly bookish with rich, long auburn hair hung loose and straight about her bespectacled face. She was wearing

Cleaner Christmas

she was, what she looked like, how she was coping with two small children… ‘Coping?’ I snorted. ‘She’s not. Why? I don’t know. I only saw her for a few minutes and she looked dreadful. The state of her kitchen told me more about her than her own appearance. She’s lost it. I think she needs help and her so-called boyfriend Simon isn’t it.’ ‘We’ll

My hairy aunt Annette

of sun lotion and started to smear herself. She accidently got way more sunlotion than she needed and asked me to help her rub it of her leg. I got an amazing glimpse of her pubic hair pointing out from her white panties and I could see the shape of her lovely pussy behind the cloth of the panties. My dick pointed straight to the sky and I

A call on Saturday morning

long slow cum, the movement moving the weights in a slow swing her ass red and beautiful from the spanking he had given her. He waited on the timer she seemed total unawhere of him. She jumped at the buzz of the timer he wondered where she had been while she waited, she had made no more then a few soft whimpers and moans during the time. He

Fart-Sniffing Feminist

Mark nodded. ‘Some of the guys are involved with it, too.’ When her horrified look didn’t fade, he added, ‘I think you’ll really like it.’ ‘Mark,’ she said. ‘I never want to go back there again. The last time I was there, three of your friends just about raped me, while you watched and took video with your phone.’ He sighed again, this time

An Unusual Job – Botched

to be non-descript, good enough to have real locks and glass. Otherwise, The Tree, as the locals called it, was the kind of place any well-off caravaneer would spend his time in the capital. The Kae Solune let his vision slip ever so slightly out of focus for a moment. The place was not up-scale enough to have a staff mage or to pay for wards.

Daddy and I

house as mum left when I was younger. Dad and I began chatting and I asked him if he wanted to watch a movie tonight as we hadn't spent time together in a while because of daddy's hectic work schedule, he agreed and I finished my cereal and went upstairs and got ready to go out and buy a movie.As I walked to the movie store I noticed a new shop

After the Lecture

had no desire to field a bunch of ignorant comments from an angry and outraged mob, and his invitation for questions had been a mere formality. Already the chairman was gesturing for him to hurry off the dais before things grew ugly, and as he prepared to leave, his eye was caught by the form of an astonishingly lovely young lady who sat some

Light Control

buried up her ass. She had managed to roll me onto my side and I woke up to the wonderful feeling of her tits in my hand. I ended up fucking her again as I woke up before she cleaned my cock off with her mouth. We showered together and then set about the day. I had already gotten her straight A’s in all of her subjects for the rest of the

Awakenings 6

up of power and had departed as quickly as possible, the doctor and Natasha piling into the car as he sped away. Tahir was trying hard to hold his temper back, the power was almost suffocating him, unable to hold it any longer it erupted. Engulfing most of those left of the doctor's group, it was a massacre, most were there one moment then almost

Because of the Night Ch. 16

have my own reasons Sir Marcus.’ Glen raised his eyebrow as if to begin to question Lady Daire, but she caught his questioning gaze. ‘You’ll learn in due time Sir Glen. Rare is the opportunity to proceed into a situation and know the stumbling blocks that will be encountered.’ ‘Where is Taylor?’ asked Sir Glen finally. ‘She’s in the dungeons

Summer Afternoon’s Matinee

her right knee, then her left. She took an ice cube out of the drink to suck on herself, partly to keep her quiet, partly to imagine the sensations she could give. The feather brushed her knees, twice in succession, and she had a choice to make. Should this go farther? Music thundered from the sound system, flashes came intermittently from the

My First Oral

given head or been given head. I grew up with the strictest parents and the male anatomy was one area I feared to tread.After a lonely first week in college, I met a very handsome young man called Ty. He had hazel brown eyes guarded by bushy eyebrows. His lips were full and succulent and he had a toned and sexy body. His arms were large and

Harsh Domination Ch. 02

I was on fire, he hadn't even moved yet and I wanted to cum. From being fucked in the ass no less! Then he started moving. In and out. All the way out till the tip of his cock rested against my asshole, then all the way in so his hairy balls rested against my pussy. So slow. So torturous. So amazing. He soon found that my ass could take all of

The Layby

go, as did the man with his hand between her legs, they had to, the man behind them was pushing her forward so that she bent at the waist. I saw him take his willy, which was a rather solid willy by this time, I have to say, and push it inside her.There was no finesse, no savouring of the moment; certainly no love, not here, not tonight. With a

Sasha Ch. 15

obviously doesn’t agree with you.’ ‘Sasha, I don’t know what to say. This is so sudden. I’m not sure all the reasons I left aren’t still valid.’ ‘You left to punish yourself. You left because I reminded you of your failure. I was the reason you had to hurt Dylan, regardless of how good that reason was. I understand why you left, but I think it’s

The Engagement

cock from her hand. She brought her mouth up to the tip of his cock and began placing soft kissing on the head and then up and down his shaft. As she placed the head of his cock in her mouth he let out a soft moan. Tim watched as more and more of his 9 inch cock disappeared into her mouth. Heather had never really deep throated his cock before

Oliver returns from honeymoon

of what was to come. “Let’s go,” I said. “We don’t have much time.” Reluctantly, Oliver walked us to his car and opened the passenger door for me. The drive to my house was short and took around ten minutes. Once inside we ran straight upstairs to my room, undressing on the way. We’d left a trail of clothes on the stairs and landing. He shut

A Run for Her Money

up to meet his smoldering gaze. He closed the last of the distance between them, his body pressed against hers, she could feel every point on her body where they touched like it was on fire. He wrapped an arm around the small of her back holding her to him, and kissed her full on the mouth. Jenny's mouth opened in surprise, but Dean took it as an

Good vibrations

secrets. Kerry started to calm down as she reached into her bag & took out a box & handed it to me. I looked at it & then at Kerry, she was looking at me confused. I asked her if she knew what it was & she said she had no idea. she told me someone had left it as a gift at the party with no card.I smiled at her & told her it was a vibrator. being

A Guy and Girl's Adventure Ch.1

juicy she was wearing sweat pants with a tank top on. My shorts began to get bigger when she picked up the ball i sat down so she wouldn't notice she walked over towards me and sat down asking me "What you wanna do next'' i was thinking of a good game to get her to feel my dick some how.So i said lets play Basketball in my garage she said

Father's Day

young girl’s tight pussy he took his other finger and began circling her tight asshole. Meggie loved having her ass played with, something her mother was always happy to help her with. Alex must have seen this because she began sucking fasting and faster. She was taking Mark’s cock so deep, so fast that it was making her gag, which only made her


what I saw. As I told her yes, I freed my throbbing cock. Jan purred, telling me she loved my fucking cock. Jan's fingers worked over her clit, her body shaking some as she worked over her swollen little button. I walked closer, not hesitating, I took her legs, kissing them one by one, slowly making my way closer to her pussy. Jan told me she

The new librarian

has glass windows on both sides.  That is called the erotica side only.  The naughty section of the erotica books. There I can be someone I want to be and fantasy myself in every story. The head librarian was a mature lady we call,  Mrs  Perfect!  The uniform that covers the knees and show no cleavage at all.  Dark hair pulled back tight in a

Lactation Inspires Big-Cocked Political Bedfellows - Part Two: Father and Grandfather

mother and let her know that you and Ed got held up in town. It might take a while before everyone is satisfied here.”Both Dad and Jim fucked me two more times that day, and Ed was enjoying their thick loads of cum and sucking their cocks. After that, Dad became one of my regulars in my home, but of course I didn’t charge him. He likes drinking

To Catch a Merchant Princess Ch. 03

passages. Knowing that some servants were always awake and at work, Alicia exited the hidden passage and crossed the small room to the door. Once through that portal, she stood in the side of the estate grounds, set aside for the growing of vegetables and herbs. Though offering little cover to conceal her, this side of the grounds had few windows


bare underneath and forming a puddle on the vinyl upholstery of the bar stool.The thought gave him some discomfort and he crossed his legs as a waitress came over, throwing a huffy look at the group in the corner as though they might notice and be chided for their play. The waitress exhibited her best features for him. She felt the need to throw

Ms. Lander’s Chicken Plucker Field Trip

Just about everyone pinched their noses and let loose a big “P-U!” as they were exposed to it. “Yup, were certainly on a farm.” Ms. Lander said as she covered her nose.Cletus runs up to Ms. Lander then just about shakes her hand off when he greets her. He just can’t wait to show off his new automated chicken production facility it’s his pride and

Getting Devon Sawa's Autograph

of his cock slit as Devon unwillingly recounts the rape of his teen prick by the man in the stall. He gets up, notices his dick is covered in saliva, quickly puts on his briefs, and leaves the bathroom forgetting to take the condoms with him. The teen is afraid the man would return and want more. That he'd return and would fuck his virgin

Don’t Ever Give Up Ch. 08

open another drawer and haphazardly threw player files into a laptop case. He had everything he needed for Miami on his laptop, but he was trying to appear busy. ‘For example,’ she continued, ‘why I walked out on you the way I did.’ Tim stopped moving the files around in the cabinet and virtually froze in place. He rocked his head back slightly,

Tim, his mum and i

to continue stroking his cock, suddenly he groaned his legs tensed and he shot and amazing amount of cum, he shot four spurts into the air before his cock oozed out the remainder I continued to stroke squeezing out the last remaining drops. There then followed an amazing and an unbelievable weekend and an even more unbelievable confession which I

Anno Viventes Mortuae Ch. 01

with her, although we’ll probably bring a rifle for her. A sawed off shotgun is fine if you only have to fire once or twice at close range. We’ll take you out in the yard and let you shoot everything. Give you a taste of shooting and figure out what fits you. You’ll want these.’ She managed to catch the little plastic film case and opened it to

A Christmas Present For Mickie Jame

‘Well Trishy Claus whenever I see this girl all I want to do is kiss and lick her all over,’ Mickie says then whispers, ‘Does that make me a bad girl Trishy Claus.’ ‘I’m afraid Miss James these sort of thoughts make you a very naughty girl,’ Trish says. Mickie hangs her head in shame but you can hear her giggling. ‘Mickie James for thinking such

Dria's Revenge

his cheeks with red. Michael slowly grinned and gestured to his crotch."You know what to do." James undid Michael's jeans and let them slide down his muscular legs. Shame filled James as he began to stroke Michael through the fabric of his tight black shorts. Michael was partially hard and James slipped the underwear off of his old

Introducing Amy to the life style with a bbc

pumping my load into Amy,Then Jim replaces my cock soon as I slide it out and with a quick pounding he does the same and holds himself inside of Amys ass filling her with his cum.Soon as he pulls out Amy drops to the floor rolling over onto her back she looks up at us with a huge smile still trying to catch her breath. We get dressed and thank

Summer With Molly

in California and we have to move out there right away. Oh Jimmy, she sobbed, I have to go out there tomorrow with Mom and find a new house. Oh Jimmy I have to leave! she burst into sobs and wails that would shake most windows. I was dumb with shock. This couldnt be happening, not now, not when we finally found out how we felt about each other.

Harry Potter the King of the Wizarding World

bottled up since the day he first saw her on the train back when he was eleven. His best friend Hermione Granger had always had a certain look about her that had stirred Harry’s emotions even back then but these last few years her body had taken shape, her hair was no longer wild and untamed and these feelings that Harry had had started to

Taking Command

minutes—all of them. Then I’d like a formation of the entire company on the hour—everyone, even the walking wounded. Whatever uniform—or non-uniform—they happen to be in at the moment.’ ‘Yes, sir!’ the first sergeant replied, unable to suppress a quick smile. All of the officers were in formation within the designated time frame. They were all in

Teacher, Teacher chapter 7

to stroke her clit. All she could think of was eating Susan's pussy and getting herself off. * * * * * * * Sandy drove to the adult emporium where the glory hole was located. After today and all that had happened, her brain was starting to take over. The humiliation of sucking all the cocks and filling another cup was feeding her craving.

Office Blackmail, Chapter 4

to discover you and Lisa’s theft, I am going to make you my domestic slave. You are going to be responsible for the cleaning and care of the house here. Lisa will be my office slut, and you will be my home slut. ‘Yes Master,’ she said. ‘Your responsibilities will be to cook, clean, and care for the house and the bills that we incur. You will do

Tube Rendezvous

west. I check my mobile again, the text reads ‘10.31 Central line, 3rd carriage, OC, no undies ,) Bunty x’ I make my way to the corner of the packed tube, looking for the blonde haired woman, but no sign. At the next stop a sudden rush of people exiting and a new hoard entering. Suddenly I notice a shot of blonde hair moving towards me. The

Concert Fantasies

in the large warehouse that had been converted into a concert space. Up on stage, the Foals were doing a fantastic job playing with music, lights, and smoke. The crowd was eating it up, cheering and jumping in time with the beat. Large barn-style doors on either side and at the back of the Goat Farm concert space were open to the clear, cool

The Operator

more than just building a guy’s ego up, and the longer you could keep a guy online, the more you could make. Some guys were happy with just the sexy chat and the ego build up, but a lot of them wanted to have sex with the girl too (or pretend to anyway). And they wanted it to be graphic.This was not exactly what Carrie and Dan had done. He had

Flattery Gets You Everywhere (Part 2)

the sweet cum that was flooding out of her and enjoying the sensation of her having an orgasm on my face.  She groaned loudly and then pulled my sticky fingers off her hard nipple and into her mouth, sucking hard on the cum drenched digits and moaning loudly as she continued to cum on my tongue. I gently licked her pussy clean as her orgasm

My life with vampirism

was. We walked from the quad to my Cadillac and I offered to take her home and she agreed some what too eagerly, but I shrugged it off and as I reached for my keys I hear a gruff voice say "your sister was a good lay minshew!" and I whipped around to find Jordan Stetson, the schools poster boy towering over me. "why don’t you jum from your ego

Strip Searched by a COP

behing my holding my crotch. Then he reached into my pocket and pulled out the bag of weed i had on meHe then began to scream at me and instucted me to take off my shirt and i did. He then started to feel my abs and muscles. After that he undid my belt and let my pants fall to the grounded. He then said your packing alot of meat down their son,

The Unexpected Visitor

not.’ ‘Thank God for that. You gay?’ ‘No I am not gay and I have no intention of sexually molesting you. ‘I love the posh way you talk George, I think I could listen to you for ever.’ ‘Well you won’t be listening to me for ever. I’ll let you stop here for one night but you must move on tomorrow.’ ‘Great,’ she said, ‘where do I sleep?’ There were

Bringing Hole Home

some on her head. My hands are gentle as I massage it into her scalp, scrubbing her hair, and though her body is shivering with the cold, her sobs have subsided."It's going to be okay, Hole," I murmur to her softly. "You hate this now because it's different, but some people were born to submit. And you're one of them."I rinse her hair carefully

Olivia Caught Red Handed , Finale

on her oiled ass. She clenched her ass cheeks at the first touch of the wooden hairbrush. "I wouldn't do that when the spanking starts my dear - it's liable to make it hurt even more," he warned. Olivia tried to relax as he rubbed the hairbrush around. She thought he was preparing her ass for the feel of the brush, when in reality, he was getting

All Show No Go

I was hoping you’d say that,” I responded as I picked her up, walked over to the sheet I had laid down, placed her on it, and went after her panties. She was calling me all sorts of names as I took off her panties, leaving her clothed with only her skirt bunched up around her waist, and her 4 inch heels. As she was pushing on my shoulders with

Fuck My Arabian Slut Wife, Chapter III: Nescafe Goes Wild In America And Hubby Approves.

US! Nescafe was very excited to see Big Shane and Jack and I could see true happiness in her beautiful eyes! The weeks of intense and hard work that Nescafe spent at the gym with her Haitian coach paid off. She succeeded to transform her body radically! She was rewarded by an amazingly sexy and muscular back, a solid but yet sooo smooth massive

Harry potter And the Dark world ch 4

conflict to come.They agreed and would come with him.Lily wrote the letter and would begin packing next thing in the morning with his sisters while harry gathered his women.All would have gone well from their if harry hadn't mentioned the patil's and susan's pregnancies. "Their WHAT?"Feeling imminent doom from his family,Harry beat a hasty

Carefree Cove Ch. 04

she stroked him quickly and whispered: ‘I want your cum, baby. Cum in my mouth. I want to swallow your sperm. Give me your cum. Cum down my throat.’ Her tongue became a tornado as she took him back in her mouth and she sucked him relentlessly until he gave her the flood of sperm she wanted. Lingering, she licked him clean and sucked him dry, only

Mom & Dad were OK with it

old girl she did a good job of handling it. After about her third visit she told me she felt awkward being the only one dressed and said she had decided to go along with the rest of the family. Of course I was thrilled to hear this and eagerly looked forward to seeing her nude. We had played around a little bit at that point with her rubbing my

For Shame

her into the mattress, my now lubricated right found her clit. "Ugh, look at how much you like this. You're fucking soaked." I rubbed her clit into the convulsions of another orgasm. She screamed into the mattress prompting me to grab her hair and force her face out from against the bed. "No! I want to hear how much you love this." I forced her

French Holiday

as I return your kiss passionately. My teeth nibble your bottom lip, then my tongue licks your lip, soothing where I bit. Your tongue mates with mine and the thrusting of your tongue mimics the grinding of your hard cock against my mound. We separate slightly. I notice your dazed look that mirrors my own. My chest is rapidly rising and falling


butt cheeks. The entire elevator jerks suddenly as it begins its slow ascent. I teeter backwards and accidentally grind my ass against the man I didn’t even notice was behind me. I can feel his rod, obvious through the thin cotton of my dress. I take longer than necessary to move forwards again. As the levels slowly tick upwards, my hand

Cuckquean Diaries: Going Out

you." He's not cum yet but already she's cumming. Her dress has ridden up further, and I can see the muscle spasms in her tight toned abs as her cunt clenches around my husband's thick dick. He drives forward one last time and then he's cumming too. I can see her face as she feels him empty himself inside her. Feels his hot load filling her up to

Lingerie Shop

is ogling him and I giggle. "Stop that, Tina." Her face turns a light shade of red. "It's okay Mary, you may be married but you can still look." Giving her a wink. The waiter returns with our order, he smiles. He tells us if we need anything else to let him know. He turns and walks back to the counter as we stare at his cute arse. "Mary, are

Bonding Time

Sophie had on a green bikini, it clung tightly to her milky white skin, her bright red hair fell softly on her shoulders. I always told her she looked like a porcelain doll.“Evan stop it!” Sophie giggled as she pushed him aside. She took the pool stick and bent over to make her shot.“Need any help?” Evan came up behind her, pressing himself

Being Mr. Miller's Slut - Part 1

only three times before I felt his hot sticky cum flood my cunt. “Uggh…uggh tight…so good baby…YEAHHHHHhh..” and he spurted up in me before I even thought about coming. I just cried harder, knowing my problem wasn’t solved, something was wrong with me. Billy pulled out and wiped my tears. “It’s ok baby you’re my girl now, it’ll be better next

Four Doors Down

from her sleep. She pulled her robe over her naked body and dashed downstairs. As she approached the door she tried to make out who it was through the mottled glass. She didn’t recognise the figure there but un-hooked the latch anyway and opened the door a crack. “Hi, how can I help you?” she asked. As she peered outside she saw an older man with

My Playmate Sam 2

that she swallowed down and drained my cock completely, effectively sending me into the most blissful state I had ever felt."oh Sam I think I'll have to return the favor because that might have been twice as good," "believe me it was not even close, I've never gotten off that hard either""Well I'm free Saturday, want to go to a movie and maybe

Cuckolded on Video by My Black Boss and Others

he’s seen are boring with long fuck scenes where you can’t really see what’s going on, and we could make them much better by limiting them to from 10 to 15 minutes at the most, using a consistent format. Ideally, maybe the first minute could include the couple’s conversation establishing that he was her boss, and then a couple of minutes of them

How I Met ‘The Doctor’

not want anything , just a divorce. The next week I got served divorce papers and a restraining/ no contact order at open house. FUCK! I had to call her attorney to make arrangement to get MY clothes from MY house. I could not under stand what had gone so wrong with our marriage or when it had happened. I could not even contact her to try to find

Inhale, Exhale

began in the middle of my sophomore year. It was a dream come true for me; as a lowly freshman, I found him attractive but thought I stood no chance. Our hook-up sessions had never gone beyond hands and kissing. Our purely physical relations never went beyond friendship because it couldn’t. He had a sister in my grade and we both didn’t want that

Office Visit

young executive named Mark Ynares is riding down on the elevator. He is a tall, Italian man with good looks and a muscular physique. His immaculate blue Brioni suit complements his body well. Mark’s black smartphone starts ringing. He notices his girlfriend, Andrea, is calling him. “Hey, baby.” He answers. “Hi, handsome, do you have any plans

West meets East hospitality

lady’s wedding necklace) together with anklets that had individual toe rings. The more he thought about Rani, the closer his hard-on approached climax as the silky shalwar sent tingles down his spine. Rani was the head of the India branch of the corporation. She and her husband Rahul had become good friends with Charles of the London office. Rani

Rape Bait

down on the mattress. She had swallowed hard and said to herself, Damn, wouldnt you know it, the very first thing the Arab bastard is going to do is sodomize me with that damn orifice wrecker of his. This is not starting out to be my lucky day! But at least, once he has opened me up with that damn thing, it will turn out to be my lucky day. She

My friend's mom is my first crush.

started to penetrate into her hungry pussy after few minutes she told me to come in 69 position and she took my cock in one gulp and gave blowjob which made me go wild and I licked her pussy like a mad dog she enjoyed that act and she reciprocated my actsShe ordered me to sit and she sat on my cock facing her boobs over my face and she started

A day at the beach

although there are people strolling along the shore line, about 25 yards away from us.  We are just lazing about on a hot day watching the people. Most of the women are topless, displaying their charms, of all shapes and sizes, for all to see. Despite the fact that I cannot see her eyes through the sunglasses, I know that she is enjoying the site

I Found a DVD...part3

more closely at the screen.The video they were watching was me wanking to their video last time I was babysitting!My cheeks flushed, I felt hot all over with embarrassment.There I was on their telly with three fingers squelching in and out of my cunt.Just as I was letting all this sink in, Pete let out a gasp and a fountain of cum shot into the

In The Beginning Chapters 5,6 & 7

door I can pull the cart inside.""Oh thank you." The scantily clad amazon in shorts, blouse and tennis shoes moves out of sight with the door leaving Mike to pull the luggage inside. She reaches an arm to rescue her purse from the top of the load as it moves through the doorway then peers around the doorjamb at Mike with a big smile."Hi, I'm

Country Love Ch. 09

earlobe. She whispered in his ear,’ I want you now. This is such a perfect moment,’ and like that a switch was turned. Ronnie turned her so she was straddling his lap. His forehead rested on her forehead. He inhaled as he looked down at he beautiful body. Her smooth skin was kissed by the sun and looked even more tan in contrast to her white bra


John saw Concertina and then he threw his cigarette butt into the wine glass that was on the table beside the piano. He straightened his posture and fiddled with his tie and then he put his hands in his pockets. Concertina made her way towards the middle of the room. She wined her way past the smell of imported hair oil. Along the way, Concertina

A Long Night

all the grace of a stalking panther I sit beside you, gazing into your eyes. What do I see there? Pain? Fear? No, I see calm acceptance and quiet defiance. Even in the face of such peril you defy me, challenging my superiority with every glance, dominating me from thine captivity. My hand moves of it's own accord to your left cheek, to stroke you

A Lusty Date

hot tongue.“What on earth am I going to do with you, barb,” Mistress almost cooed as she began to berate her slave girl.“I....I,” I began to stammer.“Shut up slut, I don’t care to listen to your jabbering,” Mistress Heather nearly shouted. I immediately fell silent. I could sense Mistress Heather reveling in her control over me. “Look at me when

Texas Heat

Lifting her shirt up to expose her breasts, he watched as her nipples contracted and hardened in the cool air of the fan. Easing her legs open, he knelt between them looking at her sex, taking a moment to appreciate its musky aroma. His cock twitched again and started to leak pre-cum onto his boxers, deftly he released it from its containment.

Botique Hotel

causing her to stare at her feet and blush furiously. - I want to go back and show her my present! - I'm not sure how she'd take that.- She'd like it. We could play with her!- Not tonight, dear girl. Maybe tomorrow. Up the stairs, along the long hall and into the room, I remove the plug (you pout) and tell you to kneel on the floor of the

Everything Has a Price Ch. 13

way she pleases.9. Mistress may terminate this contract at any time without reason. 10. Slave may terminate this contract only by use of the safeword (Vanilla-Life), but by doing so he accepts that Mistress will enter into no further chastity play, will take part in no further S&M play and will no longer shave her pussy. Futhermore, slave will

Bar talk

a conflict unless there is a serious need for it. However, I have temper, I get angry a bit too quickly, and I get physical too easily also. I have slapped his face several times, even punched him. On one particular occasion, I kicked him in the nuts and that's when I realized it couldn't go on like that. "My god..." "Yes. It wasn't healthy. He

Brock's first night in jail part one

felt his butt being invaded by Winston's finger but didn't have any will left. He realised he was completely broken and he sobbed. Winston's finger felt like sandpaper tearing at his innocence and his body tightened instinctively but Winston was soon down to the knuckle.Now a broken slut, Brock started to flick his tongue out and taste Daquan's

The Dirty Old Resident

reaching back grabbing her ass with the other. MMmmmmmm thats it bitch, make Papa Paul cum. He giggles, Meranda keeps riding as hard as she can. their bodies colliding echoing the room. Her round ass jiggles as she slams and her big breasts jiggles as she goes up and down. Paul moans and says disgusting things for about another 20 minutes before

Generation Gap in Poetical Prose

As her lovely head went back and she looked to the sky, My fingers and thumbs held her tight, And squeezed until her sensual lips spread. I kissed her petal pink, I tongued her bud very wet, Until my mouth was covered With the pollen of her wantonness. She trembled– she shook, She arched her willowy back, She sighed, she moaned As gooseflesh

Forever Again Ch. 05

from soap, oak from the firewood and something else that Vala couldn’t place, a vaguely flowery, almost sweet smell that was under all the others. All common smells but somehow they instantly came together in Vala’s mind as uniquely representing this young woman. Branwen’s scent. Vala drew in a breath through her nose, savoring and the heat in

A Day of Delights

laying me back on the bed, face down this time. I allow myself to relax for a moment, somewhat soothed by your ministrations but at the same time, something inside me is not fooled and remains on edge.You gently stretch my body back out into a wide 'X' shape and I know better than to resist. It's when you're quietly gentle like this that I know

Learning her Lesson

pj bottoms."All of it Caitlin" He commanded.Her hands trembling she removed her lacy white bra, and matching panties.Standing before him nude Caitlin's mind was spinning. Dear god what was he going to do to her? "Kneel down and lay across the table" Drake spoke startling her from her musings.She looked at him, and at the table, slowly she lowered

My Life and Other Pleasures

She suggested. While we were in the shower together she told me that I should trim my pubes. “I wouldn’t know how.” I told her. “I’ll help you with it. Guys don’t like a hairy mess.” She said while rubbing a soapy sponge over my breasts. Once out of the shower, I laid back on the bed and Jennifer sat up between my legs with a pair of scissors.

Once & Again

his ministrations on my pussy up to my face so that I could kiss him deeply and taste myself on his lips. My tongue twirled with his as our hands roamed over each others bodies. I skimmed my hands down his sides until I was gripping his ass, pulling him closer to me. I could feel his hard cock resting on my belly. I pulled him further up my body

It Started at the Drive-In

of my car getting the best blow job of my life by my girlfriend's sister, the same sister that is sound asleep next to me. June stopped kissing my shaft and began to gently slide it in and out of her mouth. She used her small tongue to run circles around the head when she wasn't sucking. June allowed her teeth to gently scrape the side of rod as

Her First Threesome

and fucking. Linda’s fingers clamped lightly on Sandy’s nipples... at first, anyway. She soon noticed that the harder she pinched the faster Sandy licked, and god, she loved it, a tongue in her pussy and a dick in her mouth both at the same time. Kevin pounded her mouth like a jackhammer, his balls slapping and bouncing off her eyes and nose as

Judy at the Self Storage Place

up in my apartment over the office,” Judy replied. “Do you need to see it?” “If you don’t mind,” I replied. Judy led me up some stairs and I followed. She had a cute ass and her size three jeans fit very nice and snug on her. She opened the door to her small apartment. “Sorry for the mess,” she said, as she stepped into the tiny kitchen area.

The Island Chapter 1

in her seat, Her nipples strained against the thin fabric of the chemise as she leaned forward to savor the delicacy. As the waiter cleared away the last of the plates and placed the espresso on the table, she leaned forward, again testing the strength of the fabric. "Fuck me," she whispered. Signing the check, I quickly rose from the table,

Diane educates a young man

yes Charles thats good isn’t it. You want my pussy don’t you. You want to suck and fuck me hard you wicked young man.’ Charles grunted his approval but didn’t pause from sucking the large breast placed in his face. Reaching round he gripped her ass cheeks as she bouced on his cock, rising nearly withdrawing before slamming down deeply onto him.

Something about Elle Ch. 03

about you,’ said Annie, holding out her hand. Elle smiled. ‘Where I come from males shake hands. Women hug lightly or hug and kiss if they’re friends. Let’s skip the preliminaries huh?’ Kate and Elle hugged and lightly kissed each other on the cheek watched by Annie who was waiting for her turn impatiently. ‘Ohmigod you are so beautiful,’ said

A Mysterious Meeting With Master

as she kisses slowly inside my thighs working her way to my pussy..."oh mistress I so want and need to taste you"...don't talk just do it...slipping one finger inside my little ones pussy fingering her deep exploring every spot inside her. Licking clit sucking it into my mouth nibbling it gently. Her back arches off the bed...fingering her faster

Exploring Thy Sister-In-Law

on.Smiling she said, "Let's see what that tongue of yours can do."I didn't need anymore of a reason to start as I laid between her legs and slowly began to tease her. I began by running my tongue around and across her pussy lips, as she begged me to suck her clit. I was happy to oblige her, as I began to nibble and circle her clit and lick deeply

the payback on the bet

the first time as I stood up to look over the cubicles to see her getting up and almost running for the bathroom. In less than 10 minutes I got an e-mail telling me she came while locked in a stal in the bathroom. At out 10 o'clock break we both headed outside for a cigarette and I'm guessing that after her last orgasm she way dying fro one. I

Jordans First Kiss

morning I woke up and did my usual morning routine. I undressed,took a shower then dried off, got dressed and headed of to school.I arrived at school about 5 minutes later so I hurried inside. I missed homeroom so I went strait to 1st period, math.I sat down and began the problems on the board.About five minutes later, I saw Principal Halkins

Hot Wives Investment Club Ch. 05

I am?’ ‘They do, and they showed it when they came down here while you were in the hospital last summer. They love you, and they love you for who you are as an individual and as their daughter. But they’re not ready for your girlfriend. I replied, knowing that I was probably the only person in the world who could tell Cindy this truth without

An Amy Fantasy Ch. 3: Facing Demons

the cheek, welcoming him to the family as they were getting back in the car to leave. As they drove away Marc told Amy what her mother had said to him. “Ya she’s a soft touch for a handsome guy”, Amy joked, “plus she likes older men and your almost five years older than mom. I’ll bet that gray in your beard really turned her on”. “Cut it out

Late Practice

deeper tore Savanna’s ass more and more. He tucked his forearms against the backs of Savanna’s knees, pinning her yet allowing his hands to be free. He slowly wrapped his big hands around the young girl’s throat. His hands felt like vice grips as the closed around Savanna’s throat. With her hands pinned on the outside of her thighs, there was

College Days by Greg

to her and the girl replied something back also in Spanish. I was pretty nervous and my dick started to wilt. Theresa noticed, and shook it by the base where she had a couple finger grip on it. “Is ok, don’t worry,” Theresa said, to me. “She sees many mister’s dicks.” That helped somewhat, but I was still unnerved by having her

Skimming off the Top Ch. 05

it fixed?’ ‘I’m going to try, but since it’s Sunday, there is not much I can do today.’ ‘You could have Alex look at. He’s pretty good with that sort of things.’ ‘You don’t think he would mind?’ ‘Let me ask him.’ Alexis covered the mouthpiece with her hand, but Sara could still hear her scream across the hall to Alex’s room. Sara waited for a few

The Holiday

The girls exchanged a look, he was hot. They talked for a long time taking it in turns to buy drinks before Gary asked Vikki if she would like to head to the dance floor. Steph said that it was fine, she didn’t mind, so Vikki went with Gary. He clearly had a great body as Vikki felt her body rub against his as they moved closer and closer

The Drifter Chapter Six

Joshua Trees, sagebrush and odd shaped cactus. Dusty bronze colored hills rose from the flat land. They created deep valleys and basins that looked like dried up lake beds. The sun was hot and the blue sky was cloudless. Large birds circled high above us and I wondered if they were eagles or hawks. I looked out at the mountains that seemed to be

Professer Thorton Part 1

he moved behind me and ordered me to place my elbows on his desk. Immediately I obeyed, I no longer pretended to be the shy, concerned student who had entered his office. I was now a lust filled vixen; bent over his desk, telling him how naughty I had been and begging to be spanked."You are going to get a lot more than just a spanking,” he said

Meeting Melanie

that image out of my mind so I shelved in the back of my mind in order to save the image for a wank some time in the future. I positioned myself so that the tip of my cock rubbed up between her pussy lips. I’d have liked to think it would have found it’s own way into her but I reached down and positioned my now throbbing bell end at the entrance

Caroline Ch. 14.01

merchant now.’ She took her mouth from my erection and looked up at me, ‘I don’t mind, I want you in my mouth, to taste you.’ ‘I want that too,’ I said, ‘but first I want to make love to you properly and to take il tuo privato. If you want, I’ll cum in your mouth after that but you have to stop now.’ Shesmiled her sexy smile and using her tongue

Masterful Passion's

her aching pussy. Finding it warm and wet he lets out a murmur of pleasure.He works his finger inside her harder. She is almost over the edge with all the teasing going on. Knowing she's getting close he pulls his finger out.Taking the ties off her arms he then attaches a collar around her neck. Pulling the nipple clamps she lets out a whimper of

Carol - Part Ten

Oh God. Yes. Yes. Fuck Yes.” I continued to finger her love hole until she directed me to slow down; not stop, just slow down. I watched as Carol slowly rolled her fingers over her clit, rolled a nipple between her thumb and finger, and enjoyed the pleasure that was flowing through her body. I was hard again, and as I watched Carol experience

Sister Fun (Pt2)

Mike’s hands grasp your hair and hold your head there as he starts to thrust his hips. Before he can lose control you pull away pushing him back with a hand making him lay down, you move and straddle him waist staring at him as you lower yourself down on to his hard cock, feeling the tip touch your burn wet pussy you stop for a second and hear

The Cuckolded Reviewer – Part IV

do you think about this for him?’ look in her eye. It was agonising. I felt heavy in my gut but at the same time my cock was straining to break free from its restraint. With a couple of pairs of stockings to accompany her lingerie and night wear I took the items to the pay counter. Trish stood by my side as I paid for them. I couldn’t help

Cheer Raider & SABRE Panther Episode 3

Sugarshine replied, still in her head."Weapons?" Jennifer said incredulously. "Cheerleaders don't have weapons! We have pom-poms!" At that, puffs of flame appeared around her hands and formed into a pair of red, orange, and yellow pom-poms. She yelped in surprise and jerked back. The movement created more wisps of fire around them. She stared in

Marta's Day Dream Pt. 02

the cheek unmistakable in her voice as she nestled herself back into his embrace. "I just liked that you were holding me."He had laughed, in spite of himself. Oh, he was going to enjoy taming this girl! His cock had twitched slightly in his trousers as he even thought of it. Taming her just the right amount would mean life would never be dull. So

Emma’s New Beginning Ch. 02

romance. Sighing she opened her eyes to find James directly in front of her, his hair as wild as ever, wearing a wicked glint in his eye and Emma smugly smiled at him before grabbing her drink and heading to where he stood in a snug black t-shirt and worn jeans, like something out of one of the alpha male romances she hoarded secretly. ‘Hi James,

Auction Ch. 15

knew he wouldn't allow her both ... did she really want all that attention if it meant losing what was rightfully hers? She'd decided almost from the minute she'd entered his service that she'd win him for herself. Was she willing to forgo that for the delights she'd seen this evening?After a moment of silence, with their eyes locked and the wet

Twin Japanese Nieces Pt27

a cab, I said as I threw my stuff in through the cab door and sat down. Good, she replied, because your office called and they need to speak with you. Ok, I said after I told the cabbie where I needed to go. Ill give them a call right now. Ill see you in about an hour and a half. I cant wait, she responded before she hung up the phone. I decided

Majgen Ch. 015

his feelings of hate towards the chained enemy to grow freely, he estimated feelings of hate would increase the likelihood the yijejo would again consider him a more important target than his student. Baglian’s strategy worked. The yijejo turned its full attention away from Majgen and back to the Femaron, even though the Femaron’s attacks were

Eladrin Princess

Shanoa had feasted with and what they dreamed to do next. Erevan wanted to open an academy of his own for gifted magic wielders, Shanoa wanted to see the world visit all the distant places in her books. She told Erevan she was to be wed to the prince once she was in control of her magic and had reached her one hundredth and tenth birthday. "So

Curiosity Almost Killed the Cat

for the tiniest pair of breasts he remembered seeing, other than his daughter's when she received her nightly baths."You sought me out, dear. I know you did. Every fiber of your being betrayed your intentions. The shifting of your hips as I watched you walk into my trap turned me on. Maybe one day I'd like to thank your mother for creating such a

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Her Drink Your Lemonade

anyone that I been with before. For my part I was probably the least structured person that she'd ever been with and though she was already quite ready to walk through them, sexually I opened a lot of new doors for her. If there was one thing about Han that stood out, both in terms of her looks and our time together it was her mouth. Han had

Second Chance Ch. 03

go back to our normal lives what strings would be attached?’ she asked him. ‘I want you. I am not sure that once this is over that I can offer you what you deserve and want.’ He told her honestly. ‘Wait, so you want to just get into my pants, right? Then what? Move on to your next conquest? Just let me know what you are wanting or willing to be

A Midsummer Day’s Dream

back at her. His eyes focussed on hers as their bodies reached their peaks together. He didn’t need to tell her but he wanted to give her something to celebrate an amazing moment. ‘Now’. His single word said everything as he twitched and spurted in her helplessly contracting body. He groaned his satisfaction as she squeaked, breathlessly elated,

High Fashion Queen

to ‘go out’ and do something with him felt great. We had almost reached my car when three guys exited their vehicle and started walking towards us. As they got closer, I recognized one of the guys as Ryan from our trigonometry class. This should be interesting. “Hi Sara, what are you and your friend up to?” Ryan said, as he smiled at us, while

Our Stories: Junior Prom

With that, she took me by the arm and led me to the enclosed porch at the back of her house. It was mostly glass windows, but it was after midnight in our small town so we weren’t worried about getting caught. I kissed her as soon as we got outside. She grabbed my cock through my pants and then started to undo my fly. Sheri opened my belt and

New Family Secrets

to shake with her orgasm. This brought me right to the edge so i pulled out of her mouth with a wet plop and took aim at those moca colored tits and stroked my dick until i started to cum splattering the sticky warm goo all over her perfect tits and the last couple shots on her face. I told her to hold still while i got my cell phone out and took

One Last Orgy

hand. A few seconds later she squirted in my mouth. I’m coming! Oh my god! I’m coming! A few minutes later her breathing returned to normal and she smiled at me. “You are a natural,” she said, “But you are still a virgin.” “Well, I guess we should do something about that. Times almost up and I think Aaron is just about to make Anna a woman.” I


the muscles contract - trying to make sure I don't cum."Get those fingers out and suck them clean bitch" He demands, and I pull my fingers out of my gaping pussy and starting sucking them clean. I know Master is close – he always loves watching me suck my own juice."That's it you nasty whore – taste yourself, suck up your pussy juice. Just like

Anal Sex Helps You Find Love

guy I hooked up with. Just the ones I liked.Afterwards, Tyrell stuffed his big dick in my pussy. I squealed as he pounded into my tight snatch with his big cock. He fucked me good. After doing me for a while, he asked me if I had ever been fucked in the ass. I'm a big and tall black girl with a thick body and a big booty. I guess females who look

The Taoist, Chapter Two

of them before leaving.Tad’s eyes watered and his throated burned after several bites.Fen giggled, “I should have warned you, my husband likes spicy hot.”“I do too, but I was surprised at the heat level.”“Dr. Dow, time is precious. It’s my understanding that you had sexual relations with Mrs. Mali Chun. It that correct?”“Yes,” Tad said without

The Belfast Crab

so, not wanting to let such a hard cock go to waste, she dismounted, grabbed her purse and produced some KY jelly. If possible, it made me even harder as she applied it. Then, she mounted me, cowgirl style, but surprised me by sliding my rigid cock into her ass and with that, she introduced me to the joys of anal. Eventually, bouncing up and down

Summer in the City - Part 2

more relaxed than Jon and me. He and I were trying to relax too, like Steph and Britt, but I could tell he was just as amazed as me about how we must be the two luckiest guys on the planet. If a renegade meteor struck the planet in a few minutes I couldn't think of any place I would rather be!Steph was laying back on her chair next to me. She had

The Cuckolding of Neil Dodds - Part 7

then came back later. He paid the bill and took them home. Undressed his wife and tucked them both up in bed and left them together for the night.” “Bloody hell!” Claire gave him a gentle squeeze. She wondered whether to tell him more. “And... and he told you all this?” Claire nodded. “He told me a bit about his life. He does this sort of

Getting Out Of The Rut Chapter 15

could get stuck in and never get out. Best not to go there.Carol insisted on seeing Andrea's crazy mirrored office and the two of them disappeared to tidy up their business stuff while I had a second cup of coffee. It was tempting to want to see two naked women from every side imaginable, but I resisted. I sat there musing for a while and then

W.G.M.G.S., Inc. Ch. 1

her lips. She couldn’t believe this woman was touching her, she’d read about women doing women, but had never had the chance to try it, she spread her legs to give the woman more room to play. Adrienne seeing the girl spread her legs knew this was a sign of approval, she pressed harder into the girls slit, feeling the familiar bump of her young

Denial Slut Learns to Cuck Ch. 11

my safety.Other than that safety process, I was told that we would be holding an event at our home dungeon, and that there were very strict rules in place for attendees to further ensure my safety. We also had a couple close friends with lots of experience in the scene and emergency safety if needed. That's all I was given! I tried to ask Sir for

A Couples Play Day

to see anyone approaching. It was a warm day so she lowered all of the windows to allow some air to flow through the car. She unbuttoned and unzipped her small skirt raising her ass up and sliding it down her legs to the floorboard. She pulled both of the chains attached to her folds from beneath her stretched pussy lips and felt the wetness

The English School 1: Caught Sneaking Out

her and rested a cool hand on each warm bumcheek. She ran her hands over them, and finally pinched the trembling girl. “She’s very warm, ready for the cane, I’d say. Make sure she feels it, Mr. Cooper.” With a deep breath, she withdrew, stalking quickly to the umbrella stand in the corner where there were several canes. Selecting a thin pliable

Karl and Laci Have Phone Sex

had a Jacuzzi in each of the suites. But as luck would have it, an unavoidable weekend business trip out of town came up a few days before we were going to meet. Normally, I would take Laci along on those trips, but this one didn’t work out. We could cancel the reservation, but who knew when we might get together again? Or, we could keep the

Abducted At Home Ch.03

and lifting his left leg he caressed her right nipple with the sole of his bare foot. She gasped at the first contact and gasped again as he trapped the erect nipple between his toes and squeezed. He then lifted his right foot up and took her left nipple between his toes. 'I'm stroking my cock with my hands and stroking your nipples with my toes,

Apartment Eight Has A Golden Rival

shocked and quiet, occasionally clearing his throat and simply nodding when offered another slice. He still avoided eye contact for the most part. This was all fine with her; she didn’t feel much like chit-chatting herself. She was more attentive to the sounds coming from across the hallway outside her apartment, or the lack thereof.There were

Secret Lives Part Two. Chapter one.

searching for more and was thrilled to discover not a single silicone boob or ten-inch dick to be seen. The reality of it was what was getting her so excited. As she scrolled through image after image she eventually found several home-made videos of regular, ordinary people having all kinds of sex. She found herself getting wetter and wetter, her

Lusting for Co-worker Pt. 04

at me hungrily. My gaze never left his as I took off my shirt and my bra, then I slipped out of my skirt and got out of my panties. He flashed me a smile and unzipped his pants freeing his large thick penis. It was curved and I couldn't wait to have him inside me. I straddled him and slowly eased my wet pussy down on his shaft. I let out a long