crazy on my futon couch. Ben was a just under six feet tall and had dusty blond hair that was kind of disheveled and came just over his ears. He was thin and lanky and I could tell he was strong by the way he held me. I could feel his energy, but it was his imagination, not only when he played the piano, but how we played teasing games when we


cropgently tapping her thigh."I died when I was eight years old. I was clinically dead for fifteen minutes. You can look it up. I'm inthe medical books. When I came to, I could see into another world... or diminsion. I don't know. That's how Iknow about the key and the codes. I've never been to that house before in my life.""Are you telling us

The Training of a Slave Ch. 02

him feel as if this would not be the last time he would be in this room. Together the two men walked back up the maze of hallways and corridors through the chateau. Silence held over both of them, the sounds of their footsteps, and the footsteps of the men not far behind them carrying the young unconscious blonde, the only sounds between them. He

Apocolypse chapther 5+6

you enjoy it and let me know if you like the story. Chapter 5 Days go by as the younger 2 boys, the dog, and I manage to get by on what provisions we have. Josiah seems to be getting stronger and gaining more energy by the day. Chris fashioned him a make shift set of crutches so that he can get around on his bad ankle. The first couple days were

The Beloved Children

it had emerged. Immediately revealing itself as one of them, with its gently ridged skull, murky colourless immature skin and small stub of tail. **** Inside his office, the Meegahn sat behind his desk, and there was another old male, one she didn’t recognize, an extremely elderly one, whose resting skin colour was almost brown with age but who

A Traveling Salesman Pt. 02

tip of the dildo in her, she grunted, I don't do that said Jan. I want your ass I said, Jan pulled her cheeks apart, I turned the dildo on, Jan pushed it up her ass, I pushed it farther in. Ow, I pushed it farther in and she winced, I am not sure why, I enjoyed using Jan. I finished with her ass and pulled the toy out, Jan said thank you, it felt

Mom’s Tiny Tits

pussy and it was tighter and wetter too. Mom had her pussy shaved bald too. As I continued to manhandle her pussy Mom began to relax and open up more. Then she even started to talk to me about sex as I felt her up. Mom started to tell me what I was doing wrong and what felt good to her, just like my stepmother had. I only did it to see if she


fiercely, causing her sexy breasts to swing back and forth uncontrollably.   As I my erect shaft continued ramming her soaked pussy, I ran my hand up her back and grabbed a handful of her hair.   I then shoved my cock hard into her hole as I yanked on her hair, pulling her head back.   Her upper body almost curved into a C as Felicia screamed

The slender woman

it fall to the ground. She stand before him eagerly awaiting, his touch .he brings his large hand to her breast, touching lightly with his finger tips he follows the out line of her black lacey bra.Allowing his hand to brush across her nipples. Her nipples react favorably and quickly hardens bringing his mouth to her neck he kisses her. Placing

Sisters make good

them I never knew existed. It made the love between us stronger than ever.Two months later a similar thing happened but this absolutely astounded me. Y came in again and said she would like me to go with her again. Sally seemed more excited than before so I said ok.As I began fucking Y, Sally began to touch Y on the tits. Y had magnificent tits

Reading the Defense Ch. 04

off of a vase caught her attention, Samantha wandered over to the island in the center of the kitchen to see what it was. A giant smile cut across her face as she saw a bundle of hydrangeas on the granite counter top, a handwritten note rest perfectly under the squared glass vase. Have fun with Camille. Wait for me after the game. With the pad

A Girl Like Me

I wanted this man. I wanted this man with the ocean blue eyes to fuck me till I bled.I stood physically and emotionally naked in front of him. I was exhilarated, terrified, livid, starving, nauseous, giddy, self conscious, apprehensive, deluded...and a hundred other emotions I can't even name. He pulled me down to the floor and told me to lay on

A Lesson for Her: Lesson 06

and plunges himself deep inside her. With his cock to the hilt, she lets out a scream, then a moan. He thrust and fucks her violently as he pulls her by the ponytail. She struggles against the ropes. With her struggle, he fucks her harder."I want to come!" She exclaims."You can come." He grunts at her.As he pulls her hard by the hair, she begins

Galactic Vendetta Chapter 03

checked out everything cute and furry in the shop. She seemed very fond of one kitten in particular. The site of her cuddling with it, made him wish he could free her.He was only, going to let her look at the animals but seeing her with the kitten he made him decide to buy it for her. The way she acted when he told her made him feel better, than


down at the floor she’d installed while pregnant and the gaps at the bottom of the walls where preterm labor prevented her from laying quarter round.  Leaves curled up dead there, blown in from the open space under the front door.  My daughter plays here.Defeat sat heavy on her shoulders.The single pane windows shook as the train up the road

A Family At Odds Chapter 3

had a affect on me as I just kept going faster. Candy was moaning 'Yes' loudly. I felt her pussy walls clamp down on my shaft." Oh shit.....Im cumminggg." Candy yelled moaning tilting her head back Candy did as she squirted all over my cock and balls. Savannah leaded down and kissed Candy on the lips then broke the kiss and looked up at me."

Lessons from Mom

since he wasn't developed enough yet to ejaculate.I couldn't wait to get home and tell my mother everything that had happened between Jerry and me. It had been a long time since we had been intimate since Mother thought I was getting too old for sex games or "learning opportunities," as she called them.I felt a little bit bad that I had lied to

"RUNAWAY" Chapter 5 "Meeting The Belt"

apparent." She felt ashamed as indeed her nipples were puffing and hardening and hardened even more when he first pulled one nipple into his lips and a few minutes later the other.What shocked her even more at one point he took the fork he had been feeding her with and poked the prongs of the fork into her right nipple. He did this several

Enemies On The Mat, Lovers Off

gently. I accepted their kiss willingly, my eyes closing; I didn’t care. When they released me, I let my eyes slide slowly open and stood back, taking in before me a rather damp looking Lucy in a t-shirt and her underwear. It was clinging to her. I swear, she looked so much sexier this time than the last time we were together in the showers. A

One Thing Leads to Another: Rumbl

hand on the throttle and made the engine thunder ferociously, increasing the intense vibrations shooting up into Christine's cunt. "Damn ooooh..." Christine let out a throaty moan encouraging the man with the shaved head to increase the engine's roar. She felt several different hands greedily groping her ass and breasts as she rode. They lifted

Daughter of the Winds

Wind.’ Her voice sounded like music and seemed to come from everywhere at once. ‘Who are you?’ Jenny, caught in the cool depths of the woman’s eyes, stammered out, ‘My n-name is Jenny. Jenny Daley.’ ‘Ah,’ Elissa smiled, ‘that’s a very nice name. It’s good to meet you Jenny Daley.’ She extended her hand, and Jenny took it, feeling a warm, tingling

A Guy and His...? 68 Confrontation

at the doctor. "We have to go doctor, I'm afraid something may be wrong with the baby princess Amira carries." Hime's eyes went wide as Jake took hold of the doctor's sleeve both vanishing.Appearing inside the royal palace, King Al-Mazhab was about to speak when he saw to look of concern on Jake and the doctor's face's. Even as they were rushing

Girlfriend Problems

so licking, sucking, and teasing every part of her smooth and delicious body. After three orgasms and finally sated, she allowed me to mount and ride until I climaxed. The first time I managed to last a good half-a-minute, a record for me. The combination of oral skills and fancy dates had an effect. Kathy enjoyed my tongue and she liked the

It Takes Two

fizzing through her body.Slowly, Johnson withdrew his cock from the glory hole. It was still hard, slick with saliva and semen, and as Libby watched, a last gobbet of spunk bubbled out of the tip and dripped onto the floor.**Soft heat pulsed into my mouth and throat, accompanied by the astringent taste and smell of spunk as another man’s glue

Father, Daughter And Daughter's Girlfriend Bonding - Take 2

around to stare at the visitor neither knew was there previously. Meg blushed red with embarrassment as she stood there with her hand buried deep under her skirt and with her fingers deep inside her wet cunt. Her other hand was also caressing her tits through her white school blouse."What the fuck are you doing Meg" her father shouted. "Sorry

The Crush

but healed as he took her hand instead of hugging her. ‘Hi Victoria. I didn’t see your name on the list so I thought you wouldn’t be here,’ he was curious as to her presence, and felt he deserved an explanation since her arrival was now playing on his emotions. ‘I live here.’ She laughed at herself, and his heart felt like it was cracking as he

Page's Training Ch. 09

than I expected. The man behind me quickly came and pulled out, his cum didn't even have time to drip before someone else replaced him in my ass. Bobby held steady until I put his hands on my breasts and leaned over to kiss him. Wherever he'd been trying to disconnect himself, he came crashing back and buried his seed deep inside my cunt.I stayed

Karen and I, parts 1-3

right too. About halfway home I felt that all too familiar rush in the spine and right there in the street I came so hard in the panties that I almost passed out from the intensity. I closed my eyes and unable to control myself let out a long loud groan. I was seeing stars implode all around me. It was the singularly most intense orgasm I had

Oddball 3

up with him a little out of breath. “What did you mean don't worry about next time?”Aries wasn't sure if she wanted clarification or was really that ditzy but he hated to explain it either way, “Look Autumn you know I like you.” Autumn opened her mouth but had no room to interject... “Don't even lie and say you didn't. We both know its obvious

Jake and Hunter

friend. Nah&hellip, Must have been an airplane. Said Jake, with his hands behind his head, looking at where Hunter was pointing. Ya know&hellip, You can be a real pain sometimes, Jay. Sorry&hellip, Look, maybe it was an UFO. Gimme a break! Ugh, fine! It was a shooting star, then. I heard I could make a wish when I see a shooting star in the sky.

In the Wrong Place but at the Right Time

I want to come right then and there. I kick the shorts aside. “Do you like it?” I ask. “Oh yeah,” she says with a shiver. “Now do exactly what I say, understand?” “Yes Sir!” I slide the other ottoman over in front of her and lay on my belly, me feet towards her. My cock and shaved balls are just off the edge facing her. “Now start

Married Guy Fucks Me.... Hard

of our speedos.  The ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos of mine that the Married Guy was wearing were not doing a very good job at restraining his cock."Have you made many anal experiences?"  I asked."I have twice with girls but the wife isn't into it so I'd say I'm inexperienced at anal."As I took a couple of steps towards the Married Guy I nearly

Master's Pet Ch. 04

voice is enough to make me want to fuck him. Her Master had trained her well, and he knew that she loved feeling this way."But tell me; surely this isn't the delightful slut you have been telling me about? She is far too pretty for you. How's about I trade you Sam for her?"A mix of emotions tumbled inside her. The blatant admiration thrilled her,

A Good Man 9

moment to partly heal it, Tom watched Malamon carefully so he didn't get too close. Malamon was actually worried, his powers were over half gone, he's tried to reopen them but somehow that little prick had sealed them after he's removed them. Fearing he might lose he rested a moment feeling his power barely recover, watching Tom as close as Tom

Loves Dream

demons who strip us of our dignity, rob us of our strength, and play against our hearts and emotions rendering us bitter and angry. They have told me of your many trials and about the enemies which have placed themselves just outside your gates and who have taken from you the few remaining treasures you have held deep within the secure and

My Brother Wants My Ass

but don't cum.” Angie glared at me in a look of pure hatred. My brother bent me over the bed and without warning slammed his cock inside me. I was soaking wet but he was thick. It took my tight pussy a minute to adjust. I moaned in pleasure. He fucked me hard and ruthlessly. He treated me like a slut. Sweat rolled off of him and dripped onto my

Aussie Holiday

places I wanted to see. I had been saving up for over five years, so I could afford to go anywhere I wished to. It’s a toss up from, Hawaii, the Virgin Islands, England, or Australia. It’s hard to decide so I tabled the subject for now, I could choose later when I am at home. When I got home from work there was an email from my friend Bob in

The incest video interviews chapter 11

She pulled me closer to her, and she made me feel good."So, do you both like to eat each other out?" Bree wondered."Yes, it's what brought us together, so it's our thing really. After we did about twenty times, we both knew we definitely had something together," Katie replied.We both nodded, and asked more questions. The whole time, my mom and I

Aid In Africa : Part three : Mandy

than him. To be enslaved was humiliating yes, but to enslave was pure pleasure; the two girls were just realizing this darker side of desire as their friend fell to their level and eventually even further. But she'd have company, realized Mgwabe all of a sudden.Last night, as Trish sucked him off and Emily curled up in Abdul's lap, Trish had made

New job, new start; not for fiona 2

scan around for one but had no idea what they even looked like or even where she should look, she just hoped that she wasn’t in view of any of them. Once her big breasts were exposed Steve whipped his camera from his back pocket and began snapping away. More photos to add to the dirt Steve had on Fiona. He took several snaps of her then motioned

Captured During War-Chapter 1

hand to relief the burning pain on scalp. I was now at eye level to him. I weeped and pleaded,“ Please don’t kill me... Please...” Crystals of tears continued to roll down my cheeks. Using his other hand, he took his rifle and tossed it onto my bed. Instantaneously, using the same hand, he grabbed my wrist tightly together and held it behind my

Alexandras Dildo and her Little Brother 4

He had already turned the taps on and was thoroughly washing his dick off with all the spit and cum on it as I quickly sat on the toilet and took a piss.Andrew stormed out of the shower and ran up to me as he pushed my legs apart while I was peeing and started to rub my pussy spreading the urine everywhere.What the hell are you doing!! I screamed

Afternoon sex with a sexy redhead

perfect visual access down the front of her dress. He brushed a locket of red hair out of her face and kissed her pouty sweet lips. He followed her into the bedroom as she asked him to unzip the back of her dress. The black lace of her bra barely peeked out under her hair as she shimmyed out of the dress to reveal a pair of black lace thigh highs

The Knight and the Acolyte Book 6, Chapter 3: Alchemical Solutions

his pierced face.“Faoril,” he growled as he lowered himself to me, his woolly hair brushing my face as he buried his lips into my neck.I groaned as he sucked at my flesh. His mouth was hungry. I shuddered beneath him, undulating, my pussy on fire. His hands stroked my sides, teasing me. I moaned, pressing my thighs together, relieving the itch at

Two Women Wrestle With One Another Until One Of Them Is Forced to Orgasm

as they already accomplished a number of risky things including sky diving along with bungee cord jumping. They had climbed some of the biggest mountains and rode some of the wildest roller coasters. If it wasn’t high risk or out of the norm they weren’t interested. They plain and simple loved living life on the edge. One day a bored Tim had

Divine Retribution

word, over and over. Now she's louder. Bastard. Bastard. Bastard. Drawing out the 's' in a toxic hiss. So that's it. A grudge fuck. The ultimate. Ok, he can cope now. Can't he?She slides over him, like a hot, oily cylinder moving up and down on his helpless, motionless piston. Leaning back. He can feel the front of her inside wall rubbing against

Village of Lust - Chapter 1: Unexpected Encounters

from the hallway "I'm giving Jason a longer neck""Honestly" retorted her mother as she advanced on AmandaWith a swift whack around the ear; Amanda let go with a yelp"I know for a fact that you both still have homework to do. And you Amanda, you have that application letter to write""If you want a hand hunny just ask,” said Gregory "I don't have


I have ever gotten. It’s a shame her talents were going to waste. At this point you’d have to be dumb or in denial to not know what Mrs. P was doing on the phone. She could deep throat my whole cock for almost 2 minutes straight. She was a certified pro.“Are you sucking someone’s dick Candice?” Mr. P said sadly.“Why does it mater to you Dave?”

Swim Coach (chapter 5)

because Beth called me on it after practice. I told her that nothing was wrong but I could tell she didn’t believe me. I really felt the need to talk to Matt so I did something that I can’t imagine myself doing now. I looked up Matt’s name in the phonebook and got his address and phone number. He didn’t live too far from school, but it was in

The Professional Woman, Part One: Ups and Downs

"Thank you," I smiled as they gave me another date. It would be close, but I could make it work.Mark walked into the lobby. I glanced up as I watched him walk towards my office. "Give us the room," I said to Ginger and Lucy.They walked passed him as he entered. "Hi girls," he said as they passed. They didn't say anything, they knew all about our


to pound his cock into my mouth. "What do you think you're doing?" My master asks, and I freeze. I didn't even realize I wouldn't be allowed to touch myself. His right hand drags me by my hair to my knees and holds me there. He rips off my blindfold. "I want you to see your punishment coming." A ball gag is placed in my mouth and he positions

The Succubae Seduction 2: The Twins, Chapter 3

washed over him, he started firing deep into the succubus, horrified to be caught by the woman he’d been moping over just a few short hours ago. * * * *“I’m sorry, Sheldon, but how was I supposed to know you would be in the front room?” Shelly demanded of her brother.“You’re the one that set us up,” Eldon shot back. He was angrier with

Tales of the eKids Chapter 03

They had never considered a girl-to-girl relationship before, but when sharing Eamon it was unavoidable. Elle was glad it was unavoidable. Eamon’s dick was so big she needed both hands plus her mouth to properly service it. Emmy’s finger on her clit, imaginary but oh-so-real, was just what she needed. Her hips were moving with the ever more

First time cuckold

all over my wife, caressing her beautiful breasts, licking her and making love to her. We were only in the lounge for a few minutes before I saw the lights through the curtain and a heard a car pull on to the driveway. Jo opened the front door slightly and waited for Chris to approach. A moment later they came into the lounge and stood before me.

Bound and Teased

lean against the wall, you pull out that huge cock and can't help but stroke it to the sight of me, sitting there, whimpering in the dark, scared and nervous. And that's when you see me fully when the brightest crack of lightning awakens the darkened room, standing directly across of me you see my legs spread tied to the legs of the chair, you

what a surprise

. When she finally came down from her bliss I reached my hand down to her crotch again it was sopping wet " you need me to clean you up" I said as she removed my hand and again said "no" kissed me deeply then slid back down putting her mouth back on my cock and started stroking it ." I am  gonna cum" I said again  , she didn't remove her mouth

Jay and Amy part 2

twins. Both muscular and hot and mouth watering. Before the brothers even get a chance to get their breath back, a short nice looking Asian lady with short curly black hair walks in. Hey boys whats funn…oh hi there&hellip,. it seems like she stops to thinks and then OMG!! Youre Amy! Jays girlfriend! Im Daisy, the boys mother. I vouch for him on


untied from the bench I literally collapsed in a heap on the floor. Everybody took a rest for a while, the only exception being when someone wanted a piss and I was either hosed down or f***ed to take it down my throat as I slowly brought myself to my senses. I heard one of them ask Nick `how about taking this cunt down to Johns?’ `Fuck yeah why


feels her cheeks squeezed and melts into the embrace.Jess begins to remove Amanda's t-shirt, breaking the kiss when she lifts it over her head. "You're so beautiful Manda," as she quickly removes her onesie too. The pair, now naked except for Jess' thigh-highs and Amanda's white ankle socks, fall onto the bed. Laying side by side Jess lifts her

Nana and Troy

“Now Troy, you have been working so hard all day, I think that you should have a good feed before going to do any study.” They spoke together throughout the meal, learning more about each other. Nana learned that Troy lived in Bed and Breakfast accommodation on the other side of town. He didn’t have any relatives and was a loner. Troy learned

SaM's Place - Chapter 14 of 15 Psycho Bitch (Reposted to correct problems)

out, I grabbed his arm. "Have you ever missed that one chance we had to make love in the hideout under the stage?" I asked. "Now is our one and only chance." He may or may not have ever had the chance to nail Penny under the stage, but the second half of the drug had kicked in and as they say, "A stiff prick has no conscience." A few minutes

Dynamics of a Human Heart Ch. 05

on the torch, girl.’ She fumbled for a moment before finding the switch, the button clicked and an explosion of florescent light blinded her. ‘Ow!’ Miranda rubbed at her eyes. ‘Right, sorry, forgot to warn you: it’s a mite bright.’ ‘Great,’ Miranda replied. Blinking back tears, she cast the beam of light about and frowned at what she saw. They

The Meeting (Pilot)

more like a clumsy fool trying to be sultry and sexy. She shrugged at her reflection, taking a quick glance of her tall body, her breasts, full and perky, hiding beneath a soft knitted jumper, her skirt, pulled up to her waist, her legs slightly crossed as she twisted them. She frowned as she surveyed her body, ‘Curvy is definitely the right

Sodomizing Suzanne

that this was some “college liberal feminazi SJW cunt who’s been a constant pain in my ass for months”. After that the relies got much more vicious, like shaving her head bald, destroying all of her clothes and tying her up naked outside, or pouring hot sauce into her asshole, clamping a car battery to her tits, abducting and keeping her as a sex

A Family At Odds Chapter 9

running my fingers through her hair Megan turned over on her stomach and propped herself on her elbows." Oh that, After getting your first cum load this morning I came home and told her the details. She got horny and needed to get off, but she wanted more and after 45 minutes my knees started to hurt and that when you joined in." Megan

Controlled Ch: 01 - Happy Birthday

tight unremovable briefs held his penis close to his body. He helped wash some soap from her waist, as she did the same to him."Can you believe we're all finally eighteen. I thought this day would never come," said Emma smiling as she left the showers and dried herself off. Zac joined her and agreed with her. "Are you nervous about the new

Reflections on Love

fell; a siren’s slutty call. You were contrite and begged, so I forgave; your bedroom background, you claimed, not a tutorial in living in love.My forgiveness had, you said, de-iced your heart. And now you knew love, you need never have even a smidgen of desire for anyone else.Replenished trust begat deeper love. And with that deep love came

Hostile Takeover Ch. 04

off the chastity belt, "Now on your knees cunt and wait for my next instruction.""Yes Mistress.""Join your sister slave," 'Barry ordered Donna."As for you fake man", Cecile yanked on the cock ring driving David to the floor. "Crawl like the worm you are."Davey with his arms restrained, because moving on his knees."No idiot, on your belly. Not a

Jess, Ch 2: The surprise next door

schoolgirl outfit. She looked to be almost 30, and way too old for school, but Jess massaged her breasts as she watched the girl suck a cock. Jess wanted a cock in her mouth too. As the girl started riding the cock, Jess made her move. "That's terrible!" she cried out. Jim spun his chair around, pulling the towel around him to try to cover his


as before, his hand flows down her form to rest on that fabric barrier, and suddenly he pats her there so hard it could be considered a light spank.An almost silent "oh" of surprise escapes her lips, and she wiggles her bottom almost invitingly. He is not discouraged. Again he spanks her, much harder this time. She gasps and almost whimpers but

Hairy Pecker & the Sorcerer’s Cock Ch. 03

unloads about a gallon of hot, sticky goo deep into her bowels. Herman shakes his head in disgust as he finds himself back at his own dining room table. He was just about to stuff the other half of the brussel sprout into his mouth when he heard a slight noise in the fireplace. Pansy must have heard it too as she immediately turned towards the

Don’t Ever Give Up Ch. 07

weekend we’ll be moving all your crap, instead of J.T.’s.’ ‘I hope so,’ Julia answered. ‘Oh, I almost forgot. I talked to my real dad about an hour ago. He usually calls me every day during the holidays. Anyway, I told him I was going to this party tonight, and apparently, my half-sister is, oo.’ ‘Who?’ ‘Ashley, the one who works over at the

Telling Mom Im A Crossdresser Part 8: Bus Drivers and Cops

doing it, which I have to admit did not take long.One night I came home late from my part time job I had at a local restaurant and took the bus home. I didn’t have a car because I hadn’t decided on what car I wanted to get yet and what I could afford. I was sitting at the back of the bus and saw how there wasn’t any other person on the bus

Collared & Leashed

than the time before. You were sucking my cock with everything you had left in you. I could see tears in your eyes from some slight choking of my cock but I continued. I pulled all of my cock out except the head as my cum coated your mouth and tongue, instructing you to swallow it all because you deserved it. You thanked me as I reached down,

Ch. 01: Who Do You Belong To?

of material she called panties down her tight ass. Once again she was wet. Frowning she sat perched on the toilet seat as she wiped away the moisture that had accumulated during her last class. Mr. Torres had been the Teacher for her last class. He had repeatedly asked his students to call him Ben but she couldn’t bring herself to do that. His


thighs. The angle of his penetration changed and the head now pressed against the upper lining of his rectal sheath. It started a slow back and forth dragging motion until .. something electric bolted throughout Jamie's body. An intense jolt of pure joy surged throughout Jamie's rectal sheath and across his loins.Jamie raised his head up and

The Wedding Ch. 23

pouring fuel on the fires of passion already flaming inside both of them. Heidi’s arms wrapped around Tim and she hugged him while her hips rocked forward, seeking more contact with him. Her stiff nipples teased his chest. He picked her off her feet and laid her on the bed. Tim shed what remained of his clothes and joined Heidi, moving between

A Family Man: Awakenings

seen plenty of them on tv and in magazines from the porn stashes of former fosters, but it meant little at this moment. Electricity shot through me as her lips pressed into mine. As if knowing my plight, my lovely teacher helped guide me through this process. I felt and heard her moan as she worked her tongue from her mouth between my lips. I

Venus Goddess of Love

bookshop in a lane that branched off from the High Street. It seemed to specialise in occult subjects. In the window were a few dusty books and a copy of the figurine. Every working day at lunch time I took a brief walk round the nearby shops, so I decided that today I would go and have a look at Venus. I showered, dressed and hastened off to

Farmsworth Estate Ch. 03

body. Her tight wet hole gobbled up the dildo, inch after inch slowly sliding into her. Mr Thomas kept his eyes on Milly's face to make she sure wasn't discomforted from the sudden intrusion.The dildo filled her completely at 6 and a half inches when Mr Thomas stopped. He didn't want to push her too far, not doubt she could take a little more but

The Party: Formal Ending

you stop.*CRACK* I cry out as the belt lashes across my warm butt. I should have known better than to think it would be that easy!“Yes, little girl. Cry out so that everyone in the other room can hear a naughty girl getting what’s due! I’m sure they’re enjoying it, whispering amongst themselves what a dirty girl you are…” After another 9 lashes

Jay's New Pets

grab his attention and he would flop on the execution. The first time this happened was when he finally realized what the third girl by the couch was doing. Apparently, it was her job to suck the balls of whomever was fucking the girls on the couch. She would also lap up any stray cum that was deposited outside the women's bodies. She was licking

The Male Escort Ch. 02

to fix me up. Of course, as I mentioned I did go on some dates but nothing clicked. I never led woman on and I treated them all with respect. One day I got a call from my mom saying they took grandma to the hospital. Her diabetes was acting up. When I arrived at the hospital, grandma said she was glad to see me. She told me they had to get her

A Birthday Gift From My Wife pt. 3

into me to give me a kiss on my neck, disguising the fact that she was stifling a moan as I had turned the setting on the vibrator suddenly to 5 for a split second. “You are a horrible man, dear husband.” She whispers in my ear. “I would only be horrible if you didn’t enjoy my torturing so much, dearest wife.” I whispered back, and stole a quick

Ana going again to an adult theatre

grabbing my wife`s hips in his hands and then I knew he was filling her cunt with his load of semen… Everything was lasted less than ten minutes, both men had had their glorious fucking moment with my sweet wife in just ten minutes… I saw them moving back to their seats. Anita straightened herself, and I waited just another minute for going back

Junior Sex Club 7

to find myselfstaring at Mindy's hairless puss, "having fun?" "Hi, honey," I gasped, the exertion getting to me as I pounded mylong prick into the tight wet sheath, "sure am...How about you?" "Well, nothing's happened to me...yet," she giggled. "That's about to change, sweetheart," there was a man behindMindy...I looked up to see that

Disciplined at Work Yet Again

Susan, the month is up. How are you getting on with David?” Lesley and Susan were chatting in Lesley’s office over a cup of coffee. “I’ve spanked him so many times I can’t remember. The toe rag deserved every one though.” “You have at least enjoyed spanking him though.” She smiled. Susan licked her lips smiled sexily at Lesley and said, “Not

Feeding an addiction Part 2: Ch 9

her and we could talk as she cooked.Sue hadn’t taken a change of clothing so she was wearing the same outfit as the night before. The sheer red blouse and blue mini-skirt must have fitted right in at the club but they looked out of place as she prepared breakfast. I could see she’d not bothered with a bra, her full boobs clearly visible through

last days

round the back of the hut he saw July standing there naked he looked at her taking in the sight of her body said ” fucking hell” went over to July and started rubbing her boobs, July reached down slid her hand inside Mark’s shorts and held his 4 inch erection then knelt down pulled Mark’s shorts down and took his penis into her mouth and started

It’s Sin to Kill a Tomboy

she hit one of his legs time after time until there was a loud crack. “Damn it bitch, you broke a leg.” She smashed the bat down on one of his hands then. At that point she reached under him and unbuttoned his pants, unhooked his belt and pulled down his zipper.“Let's see how you like it up the ass Heckler.” Pulling his pants off his ass checks

A Christmas Miracle

wife or no, it was the middle of the night, on his holiday weekend, in his living room. ‘Well, stopping by unannounced and at such an hour, you should at least be polite,’ he said curtly. She considered, then nodded. It felt good to agree. Felt right. ‘You’re right, of course Cole. Shall I call you Cole, or Mister….?’ ‘Cole is fine, Joy.’ She

Remembering Skye

know what He is up to. He walks back into the room and i can see that someone was at the door. i'm not sure what He has in mind at this moment but i know that He won't keep me waiting for long to find out. He told her to kneel up beside me on the bed. He then look at me and began to speak, "minx, this is skye. she is the new pet I have been

Helping out a friend 2- another business trip.. a mile high

Passengers. This is the Captain, I'm sorry to say we have entered some heavy turbulence. Please ensure you seatbelts are fastened, trays and luggage properly stowed. Flight attendants, please check the cabin and take your seats as quickly as possible."Fuck, I was still rock hard and wanting to fuck Ginny. HyunJin was already dressed and ushering

The Neighbor

I don’t want him to blow yet.” Katlynn stopped sucking and Marilee moved her back and climbed on top of me, guiding my cock in her wet pussy. She said, “Katlynn, unless you want to hear me moan and watch me ride him, you better go.”Katlynn left the room and Marilee proceeded to bounce hard up and down on me, her boobs bouncing side to side till I

Jill's Shopping Adventure

stockings stretched up out of knee high leather boots which stood atop high spiked heels making the woman look as if she towered over Jill. Was it that or just the air of confidence that permeated from the woman, Jill wondered?"Yes." Jill asked as she came to a stop in front of the woman."I've come to pick up some items, for my friend. But, I am

Swati Ch. 02

her as she felt my cock hardening inside her. But I refused to decouple and started twitching my hips again. ‘Are you mad? Kirti will be here any moment!’ She said, almost in panic. ‘Help me to do it quickly then.’ I said. She had loosened the grip of her legs around me. Raising myself on my elbows, I pushed my hands under her and grabbed her

New job, new start, not for Fiona: 6

red flesh before walking round in front of her on the opposite side of the pallet. Well address the situation about your friend later but at the moment we have more pressing matters to attend to Fiona, you see my role in this unfortunate situation you find yourself in has run its course. Fiona had no idea where Steve was going with this and felt

The Great River (Part Three)

the way it twitched against her tongue and the way he groaned with pleasure. She slid her mouth down his cock slowly, taking more and more into her mouth, until she felt his tip brush against the back of her mouth, causing her to retreat. Talan place one of his hands at the back of her head, tangling his fingers in her long black hair as it

Older Couple and the Grocery Cart

She came closer and looked at Tim's red bottom, rubbing it and examining. Tim was relieved for the break. "Nope," she said, "not enough, Frank. Go ahead."Oh, no, Tim couldn't believe his ears. Mr. Walker continued spanking and the break only made the pain more intense. Time was crying and howling as the spanks came over and over. Mr. Walker was

Revolutionary Magic 103 Wolf Quest

and knowledge that she never realized she could. Worn between the need to travel and the need for food, her humanity became an ever thinner thread. Until -- finally -- it snapped.It was a yearling melk calf who triggered the break. He had blundered into a hollow of soft snow and paniced, trapping himself in a living grave. Masjena the human saw

Here With Me

on your clitoris as I press down and rub your g-spot hard. You explode, your body jerking and pushing hard against me. You cry out and I feel your wetness against my face as I lick and suck on your clitoris. Your body shakes until you collapse down on to the bed. I push your legs apart and lick up all of your wetness as I rub your back. I slowly

Mandi Part 1

especially chunky, weird girls.To my guessing, this girl was about 54 with longer, blondish hair. She has a gorgeous face, bigger breasts for her size, slim waist, and a curvy ass. Her legs were kind of on the shorter side and her feet were pretty with little pink toenails to accentuate them. She wore a lowcut Hollister shirt that showed off how

Becoming His

won't be forced to do anything against your will. You can say stop at any time. Do you have any objection to those terms?"Lisa's gaze dropped to his lips mere inches from hers. It was hard to appear calm when her heart was pounding. If he had any idea how intimately she had dreamed about him touching her, he would probably laugh himself

instant messager

a esay in school) so please dont hate it Before we begin i just want to say i wrote this story with my phone using predicted text so there might be some odd words here and there it all started one day when i was really bored i was trolling though the endless internet when i came across miniclip a game website i decided to play a multiplayer hand


19 year old lesbian friendArthurs friend ANGIE was sitting on Karin's face as the old hag licked the young pussy, Arthur filmed the spectacle Karin was at the end of her scene today . Angie arrived 2 hours earlier & had put the 56 year old through her paces .Collared, leashed & wearing 7inch thigh hooker boots Karin's tits & nose were now

A Journey’s End

poor Phoebe for something that went wrong.’ I replied. Phoebe stuck out her lower lip and lowered her head when I said that. ‘Don’t worry Phoebe you won’t get blamed for anything while I’m here.’ I said to her. ‘Thank you Henry.’ Phoebe said smiling. Just then I turned around and sniffed the air. I closed my hands into fists and began to growl.

Trying on more than clothes in the fitting room.

unsnapped her bra with one hand.  A trick I practiced religiously in college.  I took her left breast into my mouth and started lightly sucking on it, nibbling on her nipple every now and then.  I was lightly pinching her other nipple and rolling it around in my hand.  She tilted her head back and moaned with pleasure.  Her chest was slightly

Up the mountain

almost in sync, my pussy was stretched beyond belief and could feel him perpetrating my womb, the one in front did not take it lightly either he had one hand on my head shoving his dick straight down my throat, as it went on they went faster got harder and bigger, the first one to go balls deep was the one invading my pussy, when his balls

Unwanted attention - Chapter 2

you ?” I just stood there and started to cry. It took her 10 minutes to calm me down enough to understand what I was saying: “ I… I was.. Oh God… I was raped.” And then started crying even harder. Hearing the noise, my dad woke up and came down stairs: “What is going on, why is she crying? What happened?” My mom just said: She was….

The village

then without care added another finger. He continued till he had all four fingers in the hole and broke the skin protecting it. The men had no care of the pain as the women were here to breed. Tasha needed to be readied to accept the cock of the man chosen for her. The man would not have to waste time with a virgin. Next the uncle with the

Finding Myself at USF Ch. 9

are serious issues for newbies to Florida. I noticed you looked that way when you first came over to Cooper Hall, but I was hoping your time in the air conditioning would have changed that."I just nodded, not willing to say what it was that had actually drained me of my energy and fluids, nor that those same fluids were leaking copiously from my

Short, Sexy and sweet: 3- Less words, more action

decided to have a quick shower, she got clean, washing all the cum out of her pussy, which was now asleep, but she still wanted more of her son, she got out and got dressed into a pair of plain pants and a pink top.Beth wrote a note to Jericho, just in case he woke up and grabbed her car keys and drove off.To be continued Where did Beth go? It

how i love my baby sis-part 1

my tongue inside the one place I never expected to go. She arched her back and pulled my hair moaning my name. I slowly tongue fucked my baby sister for a while before taking it out and replacing it with my finger. I then began slowly flicking her clit with my tongue. I continued this for several minutes, at one point adding another one until I

Builders Slut Ch. 01

today, a cock hungry slut for two guys who thinks of little else all day other than how I am going to be allowed to please them. The story is a true one, based on my own recollections and I have been told to write these stories by one of the guys you will shortly meet. The names are all changed but other than that, all of this has really happened

It Started in the Steam Room, Part V

other nipple in my mouth and gently sucked it. “Ohhhhh,” she said. “Keep doing that.” She took the vibrator from me and moved it slowly down her body. I turned slightly so I could keep working on her nipples while watching what she did with it. She seemed to be teasing herself; she moved it closer and closer to her clit, but took her time

Nina’s Joke Backfires

It would only be another moment but just then Megan passed her bedroom door and Nina realised it wasn’t Megan in the bathroom. Then who was she wondered? There was only her Mum in the house. Then it hit her. Mum was about to wash her hair. At first she laughed. That would be even better, and after all it was Megan’s shampoo so Megan will get the

Spending the Night

about 5'10" and was, needless to say, one big guy. His younger brother, Ty, was also there, talking to my girlfriend. I steped out of her mother's van and was welcomed with a heavy-hitting tackle/hug from Mary and a punch in the shoulder from Chris.I barely felt Chris's hit, because my attention was taken by Mary. Her 37C tits threatened to bust

Joanna Make up your mind: Liana's A Porntar Part2

girl to signal them to come out of the bathroom. Once I did that three guys in presidents mask came out. It was oblivious that Reagan was Troy. Berto my Mexican friend who was pretty built was about 5'5, medium complexion, and was Nixon. Dante my black friend was 6'2 and light skin black guy, and ripped but skinny , and was Kennedy. She didn't


painting easel with the paintbrush held in his left hand.You see, John is a painter, an artist, and I am his muse. We have lived together ever since it was legally OK to do so, which would be about seven years ago. I am now twenty five years old, committed to my fifty year old man. I hold quite a good job at a publishing company. John, of course,

Theme Park Quicky

her hand around my hardening shaft. “I need this in me so bad” she whispered in my ear. “Yes baby I want to give it to you right now” I replied. Amber turned around, got the lube out of her small purse, and put a generous amount on my rock hard cock. She then turned and pulled her shorts down. She was facing the sink and I could see a sexy grin

Gazebos and Vermouth - Part 2

on the sidewalk but that wouldn't stop me. It only encouraged me. I took a deep breath and let the head come to my ass-hole. I was stretching my sphincter with each breath. I was screaming out with some erotic hurt but on a mental high plain. My erotic mind pictured Cali as she was grinding into my ass. As I raised and lowered my ass on

Gentle Baby Girl

her ear and breathed on it and thought I heard a sigh escape her lips. My hand reached her tiny budding breast and found the pink nipple stiff. She shuddered again and I cupped it in my hand, a barely conical mound of flesh. I rubbed her chest some more and got her arms away from her body, exploring the other nipple and reaching higher to

Becoming the Man He was Meant to Be Pt. 01

bush of hair and fully exposed asses seemingly calling to him. He had of course seen other men naked in his life, mostly at the Downtown Athletic club in the locker room after exercising. Though he was naturally fit, membership in such clubs was a tool of business. He had never given much conscious thought to the naked men he had seen in the

My Horny Optician

hold up stocking tops finished off in her high heels. She smiled at Tom.“This is a thorough examination, as I mentioned earlier Tom,” she started, “So I am going to have to test instantaneous vision.”Tom looked at her in disbelief. He was breathing heavier now, his eyes wandered from her luscious breasts to her legs to her hidden pussy that he

Maryanne's Story - Waterskiing

Davey would bring home guys from work or wherever to fuck her. It started with just one guy and soon groups of four or five guys would be taking turns with her. And she loved it. Just like you know who. Why ME, of course!!!And that lead to her comment the other day about her husband’s softball team. It seems that many of the guys on the team

Sandy and Frank Ch. 12

acting so normal, almost as if they had been together for years, not actually only a limited number of episodes over eleven months. They came in chatting away about, of all things, Cervantes and Don Quixote and the role of Sancho Panza! Hardly the erotic conversations a couple would be expected to have on only their second night together.

Early Morning Surprise

much in a whisper? I drop my eyes and focus on your fully erect cock that is nudging my cheek. I remove my hand from my pussy and lick a long line from my wrist to the tips of my fingers. After repeating this with my left hand, I touch you for the first time. Slowly begin to stroke you fully from base to tip. I then lower my face to your balls

A Chance Encounter

I followed it to the front door and let K9 out to do his business and went and put the kettle on. I smoked a cigarette while the water was coming to the boil and Sally must have heard the front door open and came into the dining room in her bath robe and gave me a kiss. ‘Sleep well?’ I asked, returned the kiss. ‘Like a log. That bed’s

Hot Tub Adventures

a year. My name is Donna and I’m losing my mind. I’m constantly masturbating and I'm in need of a vibrator. I’m not sure what style to buy. I've been looking on a few of the erotic websites. I’m trying to figure out, which one would give me the best satisfying experience. I’d heard about the Hitachi magic wand. I knew that was the cream of the

Culture Shock Ch. 20

be defined as ceasing to observe this contract in any way.   It is binding only insofar as it is accepted to be.    Gary Paul Duke (known in this contract as ‘the Dominant’), hereby offers Elaine Milanovic (known in this contract as ‘the Submissive’), his guidance and dominance over her, for the period beginning on Friday the 5th of May 2006, up

Life of an Indian Woman Ch. 05

and started to stroke it lightly. "Aunty, it really feels nice when you are stroking my cock, please a little faster, please and cup my balls." He said kissing her. "Let's go to the bedroom," she said to him and they went. There they lay in bed in each other arms. Soon she opened his shilwar and he opened her shilwar. Now they were naked but not

He Learns about Miriam's Discipline Ch. 02

teacher," Miriam explained to Tom.Signaled by Miriam, Tom then left the room, much to Brad's relief, since even though he knew that Tom was in fact being disciplined by being put in schoolboy costume, it was still terribly embarrassing to Brad for him to see Brad dressed as a schoolgirl with panties down and the thermometer sticking out of his

My Camping Trip

edible and decided to check them out.I reassured the girls that they were safe. The cat was probably frightened into the next county by their screams. They managed a sigh of relief. Both thanked me for coming to see what was going on. In the light of my flashlight, I discovered a ripped open ice chest. The girls remembered they had left some


sending wave after wave of cum inside of her. Just after the girl fainted. John ran out of the shop trying to hide his face as much as possible. He imagined what the poor father would feel like when he returned to his shop and found his teenage daughter lying on the floor naked, her pussy swollen blood on the floor from when her cherry popped.

Fresh Men: Chapters 2-3

sneered.“Fine, it's a bet then. Whoever gets more guys gets to...” Nicky trailed off as he tried to think of a prize.“Nah, I got it. Whoever gets fewer has to make a sex tape and put it online.” “Deal.”“Deal.”“No one is off limits?” Tyler asked, extending hand to complete the bet.“No one is off limi- actually, yes. He's straight, so it won't

My girlfriend likes to show her pussy

end of these stories. Or, you can even give them a “homework” assignment of sorts and ask them to send you an email containing one of these stories for when you get home so you can handle things yourself while thinking about her within the story line of what she has sent you. I want you to picture my girlfriend, whether necessary or not. She is

Old Head:

muffled groans and moans as he tried desperately to continue. He lifted up, looking completely exhausted, his pants, shirt and hand was absolutely fucking covered in cum. This guy just came a gallon while eating my pussy. I offered him my own thongs to use to clean up, not that they were much help but I think the gesture turned him on. He cleaned

danny phantom ghost boy series by jayrich

also get Premier Interviews with the Ghost-Boy himself, and special members will get Autographed Merchandise.” Tucker smiles to himself as he finishes typing it in. “Special of course meaning those who put out a little extra for me. Oh, yeah. I got a good feeling about this Ghost-Boy Blog.” Suddenly, a familiar voice shocks the hell out of

House Staff Are Sexual Predators Ch. 08

going to eat mine again. Douglas’s going to fuck both of us with that hot cock of his. He’s going to fuck our mouths and our pussies. He’s going to cum all over our faces. He can cum a lot.’ Loraine’s head bobbed up and down the length of Douglas’s cock. She sucked him deep into her throat, moaning and gurgling around his thickness. She pulled

The Best Man for Me

I dug my nails deep into his ass urging him even deeper. I stiffened and shook all along my body. My toes curled, head snapped back, and my eyes rolled into my head. My pussy clapped onto his swelling cock and convulsed, as I screamed, “Now! Now! Come with me!” Ryan’s whole body went rigid and he shoved himself deep within me as his cock sprayed

Rhythm and the Blue Line Ch 39

to avoid waking Lara and went for a walk. After close to an hour, she still was not ready to return to the hotel. She found a diner a block away and went in and ordered some coffee. When her phone rang, she grabbed for it. ‘Hello.’ ‘Hi, Ryan? This is Bax. Chuck Baxter.’ ‘Hi, Bax. How are you?’ Her stomach tied in knots, why would Bax call unless

A Gift From His Father Ch. 08

quickly getting used to being pampered and being asked what they liked. Although they had heard of Sushi, they never had an opportunity to try it. John helped by suggesting several of his favorites, such as the house Signature Sushi Rolls, the Spicy Albacore, Traditional Pressed Mackerel, and a Rainbow Roll which is assorted fish over California

Sex with my granny

a ladies pussy before. but after a few minutes I started to get the hang of it because she grabbed my head with her hand and pushed it closer as I licked away and she was now moaning really loud. god that feels so good she yelled. by now she was wet as hell.I could tell she had a orgasm b/c my tongue had tasted her pussy juices. it actually

The Coming

her. There was no other way. He would help her if she served him. ‘I’ll serve you…’ Sara whispered. ‘Obey me and she will be yours…’ The voice was louder and the tentacle fucked her faster. Sara was breathing hard and deep. Her whole body was now undulating up and down, following the tentacle’s lead. She was so excited. She sensed her orgasm

The Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want: part 5

the day," I laughed, "And you didn't mind doing it?"She seemed surprised I'd asked her that. "No, of course not. That's what loving someone is all about, right?" she replied, "Give and take. Obviously, there would be times when I had to think of other things but, for the most part, I was happy to let him do those things to me as I was doing those

Bonfire Desires

way down to her ass, and he smirked at her sharp intake of breath. "You're redeeming yourself," she whispered, her breath hot against his ear. Her mouth lingered for a second, her lips lightly brushing his ears, and then kissing his neck, pressing into his soft skin as if pleading with his body to release himself to her."Watch yourself, you're

Boss Lady Pt. 03

approvingly, much to my relief."Go clean up the stove, then get your food dish."I dashed about at the stove, happy to have gotten through the crisis. Then, I brought my food dish to the table. I placed it on the floor at Ms Jenna's feet. I stayed by the bowl on all fours, waiting. Soon, bits of food dropped into my dish, and I quietly lapped them

Me and Mom Part 1

she seat on the end of the sofa-bed leaning back against the arm. One foot was on the floor, and the other was on the sofa-bed with her knee bent. This caused the T-shirt to slide up several inches. I could see her pubic mound, the furrow between her pussy lips. It was impossible not to look. At the same time, I am not sure if I was scared,

The Brass Ring

a genius!’ ‘Stop it, Bernie! You flatterer!’ They walked a short ways when Adele spotted a coffee stand. ‘Let’s get some coffee and talk. My treat,’ she said. ‘OK, Marie. What do you want to know?’ ‘I don’t know much about him. So far, he seems like a terrific guy but I still don’t feel I know him as well as I want or need to.’ ‘I think it would

No strings attached part 2 (months later)

desperate for sexual attention and she was the only one available. I didn’t care about her though. She just satisfied my sexual frustrations and that was all I wanted. ‘I’m so glad we’re back together!’ Chaz said whilst we were in bed. ‘Yeah. Whatever.’ I answered. ‘Don’t you? We make a great couple. Why don’t you move in with me?’ ‘I’m only with

A Surprise for Daddy

not sure, won't it hurt?"Well do you remember the first time I put my finger inside your princess parts? That hurt a little didn't it? But after a while you enjoyed my fingers and cock inside you, yes?""That'sh true. OK den, let'sh try it!""Good girl!" His cock painfully hard now at the thought of fucking that impossibly tight little ass.Rolling

Midnight Ch. 07

his finger deep inside. At the same time he shuffled around and his tongue found my aching clitoris. A second finger joined the one already invading my soaking pussy as he continued to lick and tease my clit. He flicked it with the tip of his tongue and then lapped at it like a dog, alternating between the two motions, even as he continued to

My Remarkable Trip

them, now I thought to myself, yea why not, so I shed all the clothing that I had on and headed toward the lake, and plunged into the water. We had swam for about five hours and we all had started to get cold, so we decided to sun ourselves on the lake shore. Now the sun was warm, and Alvin and Jayson had drifted off to sleep, that left Eric me

Black Tie Affair

to me to see you undressing me with your eyes. I lick my lips slowly indicating the desire I have to suck your manhood dry. We move across the room toward one another but get stopped by party-goers who want to tell us the latest gossip. Again I look up and see the fire in your eyes. You look at me with the desire of a wild beast. I slip away from

Devil's Island CH 7

Sue chuckled."I am not thirsty.""If you say so. They should be along pretty soon unless they get tied up on the way and forget you are out here.""God No.""Here they come. I better get the hounds, I know you are dying for a fuck."Sue hurried off to get the hounds again. Alex, Master, and Gina returned totheir places."Ok bitch. Let's see if you can

Dreams Really Do Come True

The anticipation of that first moist touch is as exciting as it is frustrating. She could feel the heat radiating the closer she got. Aurora slid her finger along her wet slit, moaning with desire. She wanted nothing more than to slip that finger deep inside of her and bring herself to a mind-blowing orgasm. Only one thing prevented her, an order

Photo Explorations: Twice the Fun

they seemed to be more a filler to distract me as anything serious. It didn't work."You know, time and again you ask models to undress but never once return the favor. You never thought we might appreciate the view as much as you do? No. You probably don't, or else you wouldn't wear these baggy pants to conceal it."By that point, Kali knelt down

Was It A Dream?

time do you plan on me getting off?"I handed you a key, and purred, "Meet me there around seven. I want to be with you, even if it’s for a few minutes darling."I kiss you softly turn and walk away, feeling your gaze watching me, making my skin boil with lust.I glanced your way, noticing that you are staring at me as I exited, and smiled, "Baby

TGIF, Not Hardly

cocksucker, no, say that you’re MY little ass licking cocksucker. Say it now and then beat it or I’ll beat you first.”I mumbled “I’m your little ass licking cocksucker, Mr. Cartwell.”“Louder, say it again.”“I’m your little ass licking cocksucker, Mr. Cartwell.”“Okay, you sure as hell are, now get the fuck outta here an' keep yer mouth shut until

Keeping it in Friends and Family

to rest and think. What I had watch and taped would play an important role in the next few days. I had to carefully play my cards right to have both ladies. So the following day I sent an email to Mary asking her to come to my place to have sex. She wrote back telling me to fuck off and that her husband would be over to set me straight when he

Owning Aunt Bridgette: Chapter 4

her. As miserable as she wanted to be, she had to admit to herself it was the most powerful orgasm she’d ever had.“Thank you, Sir,” she whispered. “Thank you for allowing me to be your worthless piece of shit slave. I understand now, Sir. I’ll obey you whether I want to or not because what you want is the only thing that matters. Your cock is

Sex With Shinora

woman. While rubbing my ass, she periodically inserted her long index finger in my ass and pumped me softly. That felt so good. Getting both penile and anal pleasure from Shinora was nothing short of sexual, sensual paradise. Shinora continued to suck my dick while fingering my asshole. Shinora began to suck harder and faster. I felt my body

A Morning Walk - An Evening Affair.

part of her. I tucked a pillow under her to support and expose both of her pleasure pits. I licked my finger and obeyed her demand. She moaned softly as I rimmed her little brown button hole and then slowly inserted my wet finger into her ass up to the first joint and began to finger her ass in the same way I was fingering her vagina. I had both

Closing Time--My First Erotic Story

my tongue around, his hips starting to grind slightly. I slide my mouth up and down him slowly at first, massaging his tightening nuts, then start going faster. He grabs a fistful of my long hair to guide my speed, starts pushing me down on his cock harder, faster. Feeling how much he's tensing his legs and abs and knowing he is close to cumming,

Phone AD

to earth message on wanting to talk with me.She sounded nice and real not like some women who only tease on the line or the ones that just want to be no fun and complain.So I got her number and called her,and it was sweet from the start. Very pleasent voice and down to earth,but not boring and she tells me she's a white woman 38years old plumper

Whoring Her Mother Ch. 03

staircase to a lavish bedroom. The lights in the bedroom had been dimmed and reclining on the bed, in a light mauve bra and panty set, was a slender, strawberry blonde that Lucia assumed was Kimberly. She wasn’t as curvy or voluptuous as her mother, but they both shared the dazzling green eyes. Kimberly had a beautiful face and a wide, lovely

His fantasy come true

gasp and said that it was ok, she knew it was gonna hurt a little but she would be fine. So Jake then slowly pushed himself in until he heard a little cry. Afraid that he did some damage he stopped, but Emma covered Lillys cries by sitting on top of her face and having her lick her pussy. He couldnt believe how warm and tight she felt. Fucking

Great Hotel Service

offered the usual sun, sea, and great food that we are used to. However one of the days on the holiday did offer up something a little different.Towards the end of our trip we travelled to Split where we had reserved a room at a small hotel within the old town hustle and bustle. We arrived around midday and found that the hotel was largely empty

Divorce Settlement Ch. 02

but if my enthusiasm held out, maybe longer.By this time we were back at the headquarters, but we didn't get out of the car. She parked and watched me intently. I was still hot, and I knew she was getting off on watching me play with myself. I took a chance and brought my hand to her face. She sucked a huge wad of cum from my fingers, and her own

My Mystery Man

when I was awakened by the sound of crackling thunder. It was about 3:00 a.m. and I wasn’t very sleepy since I was startled. I got out of my queen sized bed, wearing my playboy t-shirt and a pair of sexy Hello Kitty shorts. My long brown hair was in a pony-tail on my head, and in the small light of moon in my dark room, my skin shown silver. I

Samantha and Bruce-chapter two of two

I said. "You say a mistress?" she said. "Yes." She leaned back in her seat. "Bruce, I'm going to say something you might not like. Over the past year, I've become emotionally involved with Michael. I'm afraid he wouldn't approve of my seeing you too, I mean even if we didn't remarry," she said. "But, he hasn't married you," I offered, “even

The Internet Date

chilling grin, giving Kira the impression that he had no intentions of having this date. Im feeling just fine… The man said in an overly malicious voice. … But you wont be. Before Kira had the time to respond, a sharp syringe was plummeting towards her at an alarming speed. There was no time for reaction, only time for fear to become all

My College Days As The Intern: Part 3

around 9 to chatAnd that I would have to be the aggressive one in order for him to invite me back to their place (which is literally around the corner from my house)She will tell him she won't be back until 2 o'clock but will show up around 1 p.m.Before we hung up she gave me her number but I had to ask her something important because who

Captain Cotton Top Ch. 01

For this Captain’s pale eyes lacked the dark blue steel of a naval master’s gaze and only a watery squint served him now as he searched the yellowed chart for a sure path to rest. More by habit than need, Capt took his eyes off the chart and reached up to tension the foresail line. Some people chewed the ends of their fingernails while they

A Spider’s Web Ch. 06

of the skin with the cum, but she didn’t hate it like the cum hot off the presses, so to speak. Delighted, she explored further, treating it more like a science experiment than a blow job. Her hand gave way for more room so she could lick and clean the shaft, growing braver with her actions and soon she had taken the head into her mouth, sucking

Isabella's Reversion Pt. 02

above standards. The air is at 72 degrees. May I assist you?" "Yes dark slow playlist at a low volume." "Your wish is always my need, my love." Music began playing just in the server room. "She follows you around the house with infared sensors, but they are set not to detect small animals. I can even use my phone to issue commands remotely." "Ok,

Glorious breasts

and nibbling the nipples and also screwing her on her side. My back was aching a little now and I pulled her legs on my shoulders again and drove my cock deep into her pussy again. She yelped with the sudden thrust of my cock inside her pussy as my cock hit her hard inside again. She was holding me by my shoulders; I was supporting her ass cheeks

A Gothic Love

very attractive. He was glad that he had stopped to pick her up, especially since it seemed that he was the only other car on the highway. Besides, she could have ended up with some pervert that would take advantage of her and… He suddenly jerked the wheel hard to the right. ‘Sorry about that,’ he stammered. ‘I don’t usually drift like that.’ She

Virtual Slavery Ch. 03

to life beside you, but with charm and intelligence. And smiling eyes. Weathered from flying and sailing, not horses. It was all perfect. I have never known anything like it, and if Winston has–I know he loved Julie, his last wife, to the day she died, and perhaps beyond–he has been sensitive enough not to say so. Until then, I had never wanted a

The True Story of My Cheating Life - Part 1

though I was hardly sexually attracted to him, I was now his girl.I wasn’t in love but liked his company a lot. I also can’t neglect the fact that he was a rich boy. Always gifting my with anything I wanted or needed and taking me to his family’s mansion and trips to fancy places with his folks. It wasn’t particularly a bad spot to be in.Bruno

Watching Sue story 4

I saw the size of Carls cock. It was huge and not even fully erect, he walked towards the head of the bed, this monster of a cock in his hand and watched as his friend went down on Sue.Alec stopped his oral assault and positioned himself to fuck her. Sue was well lubricated by now and although he had a good size cock he slipped easily inside

Another Good Hard Lesson

had been thinking this all day, over and over again as he prepared for his English class later that afternoon with the sixth formers. With Alex. Unbidden, the memories of what they’d done a couple of days before came flooding back to him yet again, her soft, pert breasts under his hands, her wicked mouth around his cock, her tight pussy gushing

The Triad and the Kidnapped Virgins 2: Fucked by the Warg

The distraction wasn't needed, but I didn't care. I was being fucked by this amazing lover. My body spasmed and shuddered as pleasure washed over and over through me.“So good! Fuck me! I love it! Make me cum over and over!”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Aoifa“Looks like she's enjoying herself, husband of mine,” I purred as Seamus lounged against

An unexpected shag.. With my Sister! Part 4

this was really awkward.Luckily the conversation stopped pretty much from their to Helen and my liking.Then being a friday, we have a family night sort of thing, where we get a film to watch and junk food and enjoy a movie together. It was my mums choice tonight and she put on a movie called 'Serendipity' about two strangers meeting by chance.

Cyber to Real

paths had collided and both felt they had met their soulmate. Beginning as friends, things had inevitably progressed to talk of a more erotic nature, until they were so at ease with each other that they felt they could share their most hidden fantasies. Elise could feel the dampness between her legs as she recalled some of their conversations…

May I Please You, Sir?

inches from me and every part of my being yearned to lean forward and close the gap but I had not been given permission to touch. I heard a whimper fly through the air between us and realized it had come from me. "Hush." I fell silent and waited for Sir to give me instruction.Sir touched my chin and lift it higher as he took another step forward.


moist kisses to my neck, lips, biceps and chest before reaching my perky lips once again to tease me with her strong energetic tongue that sweeps across mine and over my clean teeth as she presses her body against mine in an awkward way, positioning ourselves on our side. "Umm, you're rock hard…baby." She said as her entire poised hand of ice


sexy underwear from ex-girlfriends who left stuff behind, and from a few rare shopping trips where I built up the nerve to buy things for myself. After a few years, I had some really hot lingerie and clothes. I had a little collection of thongs, bras, stockings, shoes, skirts. I bought my own makeup and learned how to put it on. I bought a wig,

A Story of Love Ch. 03

I am very good at what I’m doing.’ Parker said with a smile brimming from confidence. ‘So. Do you always move this quickly?’ ‘If I’m lucky.’ Parker retorted and placed another kiss on the younger woman’s lips. ‘And I was lucky today.’ Parker went on. ‘I still can’t believe you moved so quickly. Lucky you caught me with that book huh?’ ‘Yes. Some


a tremendous loss to the men of the world to have her out of circulation. But, actually to some degree it wouldn’t be. Since both June and Nicole were bi-sexual with a very strong lesbian leanings. June had no intention of ever giving up her once a month fucking with Blaine, and Nicole had a former husband who served her in the same way.When

The Twilight Saga :New Moon : Bella gets raped.

back for 3 seconds when Jared came over and told me to suck his cock while Paul was still brutally fucking me. While I sucked him off, Embry was rubbing my tits and fingering my clit which was driving me even more crazy. I had multiple orgasms while my pussy was tightening up on Pauls cock driving him insane he came deep inside my cunt. While i

A Family Betrayal Chapter 20

as she smiles.“ What baby?” My love asks as I just shake my head“ Nothing except how did I get so lucky to have you in my heart?” I ask as she smiles“ Baby I’m the one who is the lucky one. I am just happy you are back to being the man I found myself falling in love with all those years ago. Before my father corrupted us all.” She tells me as I

Master Dom Ch. 02: Next Morning

this isn't the time to say no. He mercilessly finger-fucked me as I screamed in pleasure and pain, forcing myself not to let go even a drop drip from my ass. It felt like an eternity but it was about 18 minutes of two different pressures on both my holes. He told me to wait as I licked his fingers clean and he went to wash his hands. Only after

A Mostly Unpleasant Surprise - Part 3

the spasms as he shot off in my cunt. It felt different from that angle, with him hitting different spots, but he came with such strength that I could still feel him hitting as deep as ever with each and every pulse. He finally finished after a nice, long time, and I carefully rolled off, holding my pussy with my hand to keep it from getting all

Christines Valuable Lesson

next to him in the bed. Christine. She was curvy as hell. Gorgeous legs that went on forever. Her pouty lips rivaled those of Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johansson. Just the epitome of perfection. Christine had just one flaw … she was a bitch. Time and time again, he forgave her, because she was a damn good fuck. And right now, her legs were

Rekindled Ch. 01

six feet tall. My eyes sought out his face, and my blood ran like ice. I knew that face, better than I knew my own name anymore. It was the only thing that had flooded my mind, clung to my dreams. He crossed the entire room in two steps, and was on His knees beside me in an instant. A knife was in His hand, and though I flinched away, the blade

Menage a quatre

everyone must be naked in our home. Since then we've found ways to fuck that involve all three of us.”“I don't get it. Reg and Maria weren't here last night when you brought me here. Where were they?”“Maria lives in the unit next door on the same level, at least that is what we tell our parents and that is where she collects her mail, but most

Dilemma Continued Ch. 01

was the only one that I was having sex with and that when the child was born blood and DNA tests would show he was the father. He just bent over, opened his desk drawer and took out a check book. He looked straight at me and said how much is it going to cost me never to hear of this again. I couldn’t believe the words. The shock to my mind was


It involved saunas, open legs and open mouths too. She was very effective in their uses.She asked what we would be interested in and the three of us decided that we would like a modern home with four bedrooms. One master with a full bathroom connected, another sort of master, also with a connected bathroom and two generic ones with a common


step back and crossed her arms over her body. "I want this, this new set of feelings- you can see that already." He took a deeper breath, to rush on with it. "Yes, I mean, I am ready, I don't know for what, but I know I need to try, to see if I can be something else. I don't even know your name, what do I- what should I call you? Ma'am, or


winds began to blow harder as Lori neared her climax. Her moans and movements became spasmodic as she felt a sweet tingling sensation culminating in that electrifying sensation when the blood stream becomes saturated by a powerful aphrodisiac and the body appears to be floating on a cloud.She gamely continued with her task inside Caly, whose


a white blouse and her white bra was quite clearly visible. I could see that they housed a really nice pair of tits and my heart began to leap. I was emotionally in a fragile condition. I had been teaching at another school where I had had a girlfriend. We had broken up after two years and I felt vulnerable and unsure of myself. Catherine with

Preparing a Friend for her Husband

enema's tonight with a reason for each. First is cleanse for pleasure, removing any waste, second is for fun to test your want, the third you will hold and deposit somewhere semi-public, to be clean for your husband. Now I insert the tube that will give you the supply. I have a plug for it that will keep it in place. As you feel the enema

Sharon and Her Brother Judge Cooke Series # 9

I wanted to taste his cum. After a few more minutes, Judge Cooke told Sharon to get back to bed. I wanted to scream, NO. Just as I started to say it, I felt Judge Cook flip me over and pull me to my knees. Sharon's brother started playing with my clit, as Judge Cooke licked the crack of my little butt, He then moved his tongue and licked his cum

The Operative: FIle 02

But he was also an asshole. He passed his first day of interrogation simply giving me his name, rank and serial number, no matter how I enticed him.At the same time, I was having trouble with Agent William Pierce, a matchless face who brilliantly turned aside my every inquiry with a flirtatious wit, always affixing me with the incandescent depths

Secret Lives: Chapter 16

of my fantasies. Suddenly my trips to and from work became something I was looking forward to as much as earning some money at my job. It started with this sleazy old guy who just used to sit there staring at me. I guess he was kind of creepy but something about the intensity of his stare just got to me. I wasn’t attracted to him at all but it

Hildr - The Valkyrie

three to one. They came within one hundred yards of each other, stopping and shouting their battle cries. As the sun rose above the horizon, the two forces advanced toward one another at a full run. The sound of swords clashing filled the air. The rays of light being reflected off the blades at times made it hard to see the battle. Men cried out


around my cheek, his other one forming a symetrical hold on my face.The darkness in the kitchen was so dense I couldn't make out any features in his face, but of course I knew him just by his delicious scent that reminded me of all the memories we had as highschool sweethearts. It smelled like a mixture of cinnemon and mint and cigarettes. It was

Embrace the wild side

as she hurried down the long corridor that led to the female staff locker room. “Shit,” she murmured to herself, as she dashed over to her locker. She grabbed the bright red shirt and unflattering trousers, that she had to wear each day, and threw them down onto a nearby bench as she began undressing. Grabbing the hem of her vest top, she quickly

The Touch Ch. 18

in check. I don’t know what I had expected but it certainly was not that she would strip off in front of me. She saw me staring in surprise. ‘Oh, get a move on!’ She chided me, ‘If you are going to be shy, I shall be very disappointed with you!’ I pulled my shirt over my head and as I emerged I saw that she had pushed off her britches and panties

His Mind over her Will

sitting on the rocking chair that she had read so many Harlequins on. "Strip!" the one word sending cold shivers through out her body the spine felt like pudding, the dam of her lust felt like the Niagara Falls dropping down and rushing around the rapids, with each article she dropped at her ankles a freedom seemed to wash over her and the cool

Making a Scene

the greed and they continue to suck and lick and moan and ride on to the end. Slowly, the haze of lust drifts away and they find themselves twined together, each resting their head on the others’ leg, looking lustfully at the sex before them. --- "Well crap," he said, "I forgot to hit record." "I had the remote," she admitted. "We'll just have to


why?’ ‘My breasts, dear b*****r, my breasts. Do you have ANY idea how SORE my breasts would be if they get SUNBURNT?’ ‘Stroppy cow,’ I thought, ‘And rag week has already gone.’ I knew s*s was on the pill. Every month was predictable and she just wouldn’t have planned the holiday without careful calculation. ‘Can’t you do that yourself?’ I

Jackie gets drugged (Chapter three)

her legs as far apart as they would go. Looking down to see my cock buried in her tight little pussy was something that I had dreamed about sense the day that i saw her fresh young cunt that day in the pool. I slowly started to pull my cock out of her pussy until just the head of it was resting on her little girl lips. My cock was now shining in

Razor Ch. 02

being a very unfamous reader.’ She coughed once more and fell silent for a few seconds. ‘But being good at everything just wasn’t good enough. I was still just a girl. And trying to show one parent that I existed, that I counted made the other parent react, because ‘excelling’ and ‘seeking attention’ was also a sin…’ She looked at me again, and I

The watcher Mark

bunching it round her waist, Mark saw she had no panties on and started to undo his jeans as Sara lay on an old mattress and parted her legs looking at Marks 7 inch erection as she did, Mark knelt between Sara’s legs then slowly pushed inside the waiting love hole, as he did Sara moaned and said ” all the way ” Mark pushed in deep and slowly

Daddy's Present

pleasure, now and forever." As he spoke, he put his arms around me from behind.We had spoken about collared women at length months before, and about the deep bond that needed to exist between a submissive and her Daddy before the time was right. I had confessed that I did now know if I was ready at the time. He had smiled and told me that no, I

Mia - Chapter 10: Spring Break (Part I)

out the muscle that was desperate for her attention. She stepped around him and washed down his back, trailing very lightly down his spine, grinning to herself as he twisted under her touch. Jesse’s eyes shot open when he felt Mia glide the puff over his buttocks and pushed it slightly between the crack. “Woah!” he yelled as he almost jumped out

Blackmailed Forger

of factly and his demeanor puzzled Peggy. He had never touched her but she had known this day would come eventually. She stood rather defeated and began to slowly unbutton her blouse. It took a while to get to the last button but she finally did and pulled the material away revealing her bra covered breasts and flat stomach. "Don't stop," he

Red Doors Ch. 09

a nice luncheon for the first time we didn’t speak of work. I saw Thomas as a relaxed man. Making me laugh at the interpretations of the surroundings. His wit was very well honed. Seeing this side of him caused me to become more tuned into him. His many layers fascinated me. The sounds of chimes brought me out of my thoughts. ‘Welcome Hunter and

Sister in laws lust part 1

my cock and i gasp and ram my finger deeper in her. and then we started to head inside my place oblivious to anyone who saw us. we got inside and headed to a chair where i sit down and she straddles me and i immediately take her shirt off and push her off and within about five seconds im completely naked and head towards my room and lie down and

Wife Strips for My Boss

here. He's never seen you before, so just play along.”Before she could reply I heard supposed say, “Hey Johnny boy, what you doing here? I thought I saw you before so I came over here to make sure.”My name is John; my boss’s name is Lance. He is an obnoxious older Italian guy. He is about my height but is a bit more built; he works out to stay in

Black Puma – Cat’s Claw Part Two — A Ton of Bricks by Millie Dynamite

God in heaven, yes,” she screamed. Bucking her body against the ebony goddess, in a futile attempt to throw her off her. Her protest ceased as she resigned herself to being dominated. The force Shawanda exerted over her aroused Lacey. Her ragged breathing quickened, her heart raced, feeling Shawanda’s power engulf her.She had tried so hard not to

Fantasy 4

"Yes, but I haven't had a good fucking from you in a long time. My cuntneeds to feel you stretching it open. I need to feel your hot sperm deep in me."She moaned. "Please, FUCK ME, now!" I rammed my hard cock into her pussy in one stroke. She moaned as the head of my cock hit her cervix. "Oh, Yes, That what I need. I love the feel

The Dark Lady Ch. 11

Gathered in Kim’s conference room, everyone looked a bit wild from excitement. She went around with hugs and words for each person. I was last, and hoisted her in my arms. The room clapped. I said, ‘That was an incredible performance tonight, everybody. Now we have to shift gears and prepare for the presentations in the morning. I propose that

Jack and the Rollercoaster Ch. 05

more. It was good as we found a lot to talk about. We argued about politics, we agreed on the need to preserve the countryside, and we discussed attitudes and the bigotry that still existed in the world. I asked questions and challenged some of her attitudes, she didn’t take umbrage, rather the opposite, pleased to defend herself. However it was

Lady Arndale

massaged her clit, rocking the table back and forth. As I wriggled my tongue in her arsehole she let out a huge cry, more plant pots hit the ground and my Lady came. I lingered in her arsehole as her body straightened at the waves of pleasure riding over her. She shuddered and slumped forward. My own cock was straining at my shorts, but she

Tisdale High - Chapter 2

ten seconds. Her wraith-like voice slowly faded to a whimper. As I looked up from the eleven year-old’s incredibly sweaty body, I noticed every girl in the room was staring at us with either hungry, impressed, or excited eyes. A few moments later, I noticed Danica’s eyes fading and her eyelids closing as the child fell asleep for a well

Being taught 2

the look of anticipation on his face as he reached up and yanked the beads from her ass quickly. She screamed at the top of her lungs and could feel the wetness on her thighs knowing as he ripped her ass open she squirted and came like she never had before.“Reach back and pull those ass cheeks wide for me cunt” he growls as he spanks her ass

Every Way The Wind Blows

of the children. He found a seat on the wooden plank walkway that reached out several feet into the river. The worn old rope with a treble knot in the end of it hung from the giant Alder tree that was the anchor for the makeshift dock. No children were swinging from the rope today, no screeching and laughing and running. No joy. He sipped his

Reading the Defense Ch. 03

a driveway wide enough drive to support four sports cars, something Ernie would never have if his wife had been asked a question regarding automobiles. Camille Devlin, a gorgeous woman in her own right, dressed in bargain clothes with a real fashion sense. She wore a cream linen dress which accented her darker skin to perfection. Shocking the

Diavolo Ch. 11

against his kiss, she slipped her fingers into the waistband of his pants to press her fingers into the cool supple flesh of his backside. Abigail widened her legs, pressing her sex tighter against his rigid flesh. The thought that this man was to be her husband, had her heart banging hard against her ribs. He’d be her first, her only. ‘Gabriel,

Sharing my Wife: A Weekened with Eric and Ginger

orgasm, I was sure I wouldn’t be able to come again for another week. Ginger rolled me off of her and turned toward me. I couldn’t help but tell her, “That was incredible!” Ginger giggled and asked, “What was?” I felt the sweat on her body and said, “Whatever it was that made you so wet and sweaty like that.” Then I couldn’t help myself, I

Becoming Hers

she wanted to experience the pleasure of domination. The allure of complete submission was a novel idea to some, but to others it was their life’s purpose. Michelle had experienced both types of individuals, and had to know in which category Ms. Jackson belonged. “I want to write…” “WHY are you here, girl?” Michelle watched Lauren drop her

The Master of Beaulac

made the wall. It was a sight more arousing than anything he had seen before, making him lick his lips, impatient to continue, greedy for more. Fredric came behind her and ran his fingers down her spine. She shivered beneath the touch. Caressing over the red marks he'd made on her bottom, his hand slipped between her legs and cupped her mound,

Nothing is Ever What It Seems Ch. 03

When she first found out about Jack’s cheating, each one broke a little part of her. She cried herself to sleep, blaming herself for not satisfying him enough to the point where he had to seek pleasure elsewhere. It didn’t help the fact he didn’t even bother to hide it. It seemed time and time again, Jack would test where her bottom line lies…

Dream Date

hopes he can feel her outer muscles gripping his hard shaft, drawing it in deeper and deeper inside her. He can feel his hard knob pressing deep, into her very depths, surrounded by her womanhood. They continue to kiss as his hands caress her body. He feels her hips pushing up to meet each of his deep thrusts. She moans softly each time the head

Realising Im a Lesbian.

here I said winking. I stepped through her door. I stepped out of my trainers and realised that I was considerably taller then her, around 4-5 inches. She walked through to the front room, and pressed play on the DVD player. She sat down on the settee, I slid down in front of it, onto the floor, and I didnt even feel good enough to sit next to

A middle aged fat lady and her husband as she enjoys their canine

as she was doing and watched her asshe reached down and took his cock from her pussy. Shethen took him and helped him mount me as I felt hispaws on my wide hips. I was so wet!“Now, Tommy, take his cock and put it in her. Let herfeel his lovely cock in her wet pussy.” Marie said,“See how bad she is wanting it?”I felt Tommy as he took the doggie

In the shower she was taken

he wanted one way or another but I still had it in my head that I would not cum for this man. The next thing I know, he spun me around and pushed me to my knees and said Suck it slut! I didnt hesitate as I was afraid this man truly would cut me if I did. I grabbed his cock and ran my tongue up the length of it judging its size. I knew this man

Threesome in paradise

behind me. We were at a resort in Fiji, having dinner at one of their restaurants. ‘She just eyefucked you,’ he replied, now looking down at the table trying not to make it obvious. ‘Who?’ I wondered excitedly. My husband always pointed out people that checked me out, whether it was men or women. He was proud of the fact that he had a wife that

Princess & The Stud Ch. 03

of the company. Katie was too impulsive and green to take over at the moment and grandmother’s health wasn’t what it used to be. A normal day would have been spent volunteering. She would be walking shelter animals, organizing fundraisers or charity events. While she had no drive or talent for business, she strangely excelled in working in the

loving my ass for the first time.

feel free to leave (constructive) feedback. I am still new to writing and am learning! We have just made love for the first time, after months of cyber chatting and cyber sex. Our hearts are still pounding, as we lie there, sated. Neither of us wants to be the first to speak but the silence is comfortable. Oddly familiar. Your hand has gone to my

An Education: A Coming of Age Story

fearing going too deep.“Oowweee,” squealed Alley with delight.Alley was enjoying this. She closed her eyes and whimpered like a puppy. Her hands roamed her body, caressing her tits and fingering her clit. Ken’s confidence grew and he started taking longer strokes, pulling all the way out, then slowly pushing in until he bottomed out, but making


there was a violent shaking of her person, her hands death-gripping my arms as her mouth slung open and a pleasureable scream emitted from her throat.I knew a great deal about my coworker, but the fact that she was a squirter seemed to elude my knowledge.I was met with that reality as she gushed generously all over my face, the warmth of her

Jacinta's Story Ch. 13

and dirty plates, until her waist bumps up against the edge of the table."Beg me to fill your ass cunt...." She moans helplessly. She feels her hair gripped on the top of her head, and her head pulled back, arched painfully. "I said...beg me to fill your ass, cunt.""Uhhh....Uhhh..." she moans, her body contorted painfully,

Another day at the Office

BABY DEEPER! JAIDEN BABY FUCK ME HARDER NOW! MAKE ME SWEAT AND BEG FOR MORE. I BEG YOU! GRAB MY BOOBS! TOUCH MY ASS! FUCK ME !" I went for around 6 minutes and then as I was about to cum. I pulled my cock out her ass, walked around to her. Pushed it in her mouth and made her suck on it until I came. I pulled it out. She sighed as she leaned

Alexis and Amber Come To Play

with both your juices! Oh my god yes! I can feel it! I can really feel your semen moving through your shaft! Amber’s eyes pop open as she feels your gravy shoot down her throat! Oh damn, she looks super cute in this moment doesn’t she? Is she… oh my god, yes, she’s swallowing it! A final slurp and she swallows hard, taking in all your flavor. She

Welcome Home Ch. 01

Trent 6:58pm: Yes? No? Maybe so? It shouldn’t be so hard to just act normal around someone you’ve known since you were 14, right? Their friendship started so easily, it flowed organically, never forced. Even when they didn’t talk for a couple of years at a time, they simply picked up where they left off. Still, the thought of seeing Trent again

Kate's an Asshole

older than Mike and though he wasn't technically Kate's equal he'd never talked down to him the way she did most of the employees. "You gotta stand up to her though. I mean this isn't good for anything."Mike looked down for a moment grabbing for the rest of his papers and remained squatting down as he sorted them out. "I know I know. It's just I

Heaven Scent

one or two sexy tops, then asked the assistant if she had anything sexier, that she could let Tom and I see. “I’m afraid not,” she replied, “but there is a wholesaler, just a couple of streets from here, who specialise in sexy glamour wear.”   The wholesaler had a sign up saying, “Trade Only” “Oh well, guess we have had it,” I said

The Hitchhiker

her nicely tanned body. This attractive young girl quickly sat up, pulled her vest closed and stared at me.Lowering the window, I asked, "Are you in need of assistance?"She stood and walked over, I watched as her hips swayed from side to side. I could feel a slight stirring in my trousers as she stood next to my car."Yes, I could use your

Like Daughter, like Mother

Jane eyed it appreciatively, and reached out to stroke it, her slim fingers playing up and down my length. “Nice!”, she said as she leant down to lick across my slit. I started ot move towards her but she halted be with a very abrupt “No!, it’s my pleasure. You fucked my Mum and I’m going to find out what she got”. “Err…OK….”, I mumbled, and lay

A Submissive Journey Ch. 02

her Master's breathing grow rapid, tears poured from her almond eyes as she whimpered ... "Please, my Master, let me cummm, I can't hold on any longer!"William laughed wickedly, cruelly, rose and grabbed her hair in His hand ..."NO!" He slammed her down hard, the dildo ripping into her visciously. He took the ice, pushed it deep into her hungry

I Masturbate To Be Seen - A Development

fucked Mabel. I fucked Joan and, like Mabel, she had several orgasms before she was satisfied. The three of us fucked like that for several evenings. Sometimes I did Joan first and Mabel at other times. Then, one evening, Joan said that she and Mabel had been on the "pill" for several days and we could now have flesh to flesh sex whenever we

The Island, Chapter 35

and was jutting out harder than ever, pink and proud, ready to rock and roll. You may be ready, Janie said. But you know what you have to do to get your lover ready, too. She leaned back, spreading her legs wide and instantly drawing his gaze to her crotch. First, why dont you get in there real close and just explore my pussy. You need to know

On The Way Home

spurting into my mouth I realized he’d had the door open again while he was thrusting his cock into my face, to the delight of everyone watching and, when I thought about it, to my own delight too. I swallowed and sucked out every drop for my own pleasure and that of our audience and lovingly tongued and played with his spent penis, getting into

Solomon's Daughters: Patricia's Chapter

and have as much knowledge or more then the professors of my other remaining classes," Anthony said. "That is impossible," the dean said in Egyptian. "No it is not," Anthony answered in flawless Egyptian. The dean, whose degree had been languages, began to query Anthony in different languages and was answered each time flawlessly the language he

My Brother is my fantasy

her, sticking his strong tongue in,and exploring her mouth. “When your ready then”, and he winked at her, then got up and went to his room. Laying there licking her lips, tasting her brother, she started to regret rejecting him, but felt empowered by the thrill of the tease. A few minutes later she got up to go talk to her brother, he was in his

Beeba! Ch. 03

and gently bit into his smooth solid heel.Aureilia looked over to see Darla manipulating the big toe of the red-haired stud. Darla looked over to Aureilia at the same time, and motioned for her to come and "partake of the succulent semen" which would soon spurt forth from the male. Aureilia looked puzzled. "It's okay," Darla explained. "We can

The Art Class

my shoulder. "When you paint erotica or anything else come to that, you expose yourself, your desire or your loathing; your lust or your hatred. If you’re exposing yourself through your work, then you might as well expose yourself through your words.""Yes," I said quietly, "Yes, I am wet." The truth was that I wasn’t sure if it was Teri or the

Fucking My Best Friend

one of the drinks the guys that had been leering sent over. She was sure it had something in it that would make for a fun night. She handed the one that looked like it had the least amount of alcohol in it to Sarah.“Harlyn, this one tastes a little funny.” She giggled but continued to drink.As she thought about the things she wanted to do to

The Italian Sugar Daddy……Happy Birthday

and when he came home there was so much going on for the weekend he just couldn’t get away. A few nights ago, I got a text from the Italian asking if he could see me. I always enjoy “seeing” the Italian. Not only because he’s a generous sugar daddy and a wonderful lover, but conversations with him is stimulating and I have a great time just being

My Niece Allison - Part III - Tutoring Allison

a bit of an exhaling noise. My heart rate skyrocketed! Allison returned the glass of wine I had handed her, then with a slow sexy strut, she walked up to me and whispered in my ear. “You remember the last time I stayed over? You said you would show me what fucking with reckless abandonment was like another time... Well tonight is that night. And

A Slackers Tale Ch. 05

how to ask, how to find out.. "when we met for the first time today you seemed to know...before you even saw the pictures," he gestured toward his laptop, "that I would submit to you. I mean...that you could control the situation. You didn't know me, I could have been some sort of..." Pia laughed as she leant forward, ruffled his hair and stroked

The store Party - The next day

you were there for a while, but when we left you weren't. You car was still there though?”“I guess I had too much to drink. Nancy let me lay down in her room for a while.”“I guess that explains why your hands were so free!” She giggled.Thinking quickly, she must have been talking about Nelly and Nancy.“Oh no! Do I owe you and apology?” I

Moms friend BARBRA >:)

"What are we doing" asked, "wrestling " she answerd back. I was shocked. She stood there in a fighting position. "Come on show me what you got " I just started to laugh then she ran and tackled me down. I got back up then we came at each other like lions for a deer. I tackled her down and say on her butt , then I had an idea. "Round two" she

Denial Slut Learns to Cuck Ch. 12

with excitement as Sir secured me snugly to the table. He then placed headphones over my ears and blindfold over my eyes. Sensory deprivation was going to add a whole other level. Sitting down to enjoy the view, I heard Sir's voice but had no clue what he was saying. Next I knew was there jumping as something velvety was so lightly dragged across

My BFB 2

everyone here, but that didn’t stop our flirting. I watched him as he walked out of the view of his father and grabbed his junk. He pointed at his crotch with his other hand and mouthed, “You want this.” And shook his head yes. I grinned at him and looked away before someone caught me staring. Stephen came and plopped down next to me just as

Much Needed Vacation

scrapes my intestines. I begin to hope he will hurry up and cum just so I can get his dick out of my ass and some relief from the pressure. About that time I feel him shove into me deeper than ever and hold there as he pumps his cum deep inside my ass. I feel him leave the bed and am grateful for a reprieve. A few seconds later he hold a damp

Jessica Part 4 Pleasure and Pain

to, and the more I wanted to, the harder my cock got, and that just made it harder to drive and concentrate. As before I stopped at the station off the highway and called both houses, mine so my wife wouldn’t worry, and Jess’ to let her know I’d be staying over again. She sounded like she almost came just from anticipation. I drove that last

Coed Love Story Ch. 04

waxed pussy, before Ivy flashed the riding crop she was brandishing in her hands. The toy's own pussy tingled in anticipation, already moist with the desire to serve and please. Without letting the toy get up, Ivy slid the riding crop across the toy's back, starting at her ass crack, going up to her neck. She hit her back almost lazily, slowly

Our New Friends From Canada

And here she was, ready to let all these guys have sex with her. Maggie was having a wonderful time with them. They all wanted to dance with her, so she had hardly any time to sit and enjoy all the attention she was getting. They all held her close when they danced, but none of them was fondling her or anything crude and I think that made her

The Dark Man

her go and Crystal was surprised to find herself sucking in a deep mouthful of cool air. As she breathed in the dark man stepped back an inch, and started fumbling with his zip. She was looking down as he removed his cock from his jeans. There were two differences between his and Jacks. First off, obviously, the dark man had a dark cock. And

Mistress of the Harcore Fuck

was at sex. She started moving back and forth on Calvin riding him from his belly button to his lower thighs. She moved back and forth like she was doing the crab walk forward and backwards. Next, the woman got off Calvin’s hard on and slid with her soaking pussy back on his massive 6 inch cock. Her huge ass was cupping his nuts and he loved

Family orgy in the park

It was the first time I had tastedthat much of my cum and there was not much to do butswallow it down. “I always wanted to do that.” Sam said leaning in tolick some of the spunk that had spilled out of my mouthand then kiss me again. “I figure if we are going to benasty enough to fuck around together we should be ableto do anything else we have

Joan part 3

around. Joan looked at the completion and pulled her T shirt completely off. She looked magnificent. She got a lot more beads. The men in the room were yelling Show me your tits. Joans nipples were hard and flush with excitement. She pinched her nipples and they got even more engorged. A few of the other women took their T shirts off. The crowd

Who's in Charge? Pt. 05

never could. But now that she could share him, she felt more connected with her daughter for some reason. No it wasn't really the motherly thing to do, but it was helping her. She now felt like they were in it together, instead of just waiting and hoping for them to end. She now felt that if things failed for Beverly and Simon, that she herself

Guy at the bar

girl who is ready for another night on the town, I whisper aloud, “Will he ever come along?” The thought stays with me as I close my front door, ready to meet up with the girls for the night. Walking to the bar, we hear men whistling and howling at us, we giggle as we walk past. At the bar we waste no time getting to the dance floor. “Looking

A Soldier’s Tale Ch. 05

the bayonet out, lashing and kicking out at him, even as I felt his dying breath on my face. ‘Hurry up for christs sake’ whispered Pete. ‘Are you having a wank or something under there?’ I rolled out from under the tanker, almost loosing my footing as I slipped on the guys intestines. ‘Sometimes Pete, your frigging humour really really stinks’


his arms while she cried on his shoulder; he could feel her body tremble. He guided her into the living room and yelled for Jason. Jason dashed down in just his briefs and assessed the situation quickly."If you guys can't help me, I'm lost," cried Jan. "I don't have anywhere or anyone I can turn to."Jason picked up the phone and punched in some

Me, My Girlfriend and Her Best Friend: Part One

honey.? I was taking a big gamble. As far as I knew, neither Belinda nor Marcela had ever kissed another girl before. God bless Truth or Dare. I took a deep breath and went for it. ?I dare you two to kiss.?They both stood still and quiet just looking back and forth from me to each other. Finally, Belinda broke the silence. ?I?m not putting

Anniversary Weekend At A Nude Resort

at a nude resort. I was nervous and excited at the same time. A few weeks earlier, my husband had asked me if I would be interested in staying at a nude resort. I had never thought about it, but decided that it might be kind of fun. After extensive internet research, my husband booked us two nights at an “anything goes” resort in Palm Springs.On

Office Play Ch. 07

on the tall, triangular horse. Michael had spent all the past week rounding the top and sandpapering it so that it was smooth, to keep it from really injuring her. Not that she'd enjoy it too much. He placed her on top of it, one leg on either side, the rounded top spreading her pussy lips apart and pressing in directly onto it. Quickly she

Just For Him

the couch before returning to my cushion to wait. Watching as you take your seat I see you notice the table has moved but you don’t say a word. My nerves are all on edge and I can feel my heart pounding in my chest which is nothing new to me, you always do this to me but it does make it difficult to focus. Unfolding my legs I set my feet on the

Tropical Island Vacation – Chapter 7

into her mouth and dripping off her chin, decorating her tits. They both remain silent and motionless for a minute or so, with their arms hanging limp at their sides, trying to catch their breath. Talia and I don’t know what to do, so we sit staring at them. Finally, Lynnette turns her head to us, and her cum drenched face breaks into a broad

Erotic Dream Cream Catcher Ch. 04

to reveal ourselves. We laughed we had sent our regrets, sent our contribution. We dressed so nobody could tell we had done anything but perhaps found a quiet corner. We stepped back onto the ball room floor, to be able to make an exit perfectly timed. We ran to our car the driver drove us off as midnight struck. ~~~~ In the Society pages there

The first time I masturbated to nude ladies

myself disappointed, I wanted to see some tits. Although, one word from that message gave me an idea. The word was, ‘subscribe.’ I knew Alex had a few subscriptions to adult magazines like, Playboy, and Penthouse. Well, if I craved to see some boobs, maybe paper would be better. Sense Alex was gone, I decided to sneak into his room. I tip toed

Sister's Fate - Emily's Ordeal

her brother came in her mouth. Again the taste of her pussy mixed with their semen. She swallowed and then Derek appeared with his huge cock. She protested that she couldn’t fit that in her mouth and they all laughed, Emily had no idea. Derek grabbed her hair and proceeded to fuck her face hard. Each thrust into her mouth deeper as she gagged on

Educating Marri Ch. 11-12

harder into my jaw. I was sucking furiously at her, but I couldn’t get a good seal because of the damned gag, but she didn’t seem to care. I licked faster and faster, matching her pace. ‘Della?’ Lori asked again. ‘Soon,’ she grunted. ‘Oh God, soon.’ Lori swung the flogger again and it actually made me lick faster, not from pain, but from

Millville Ch. 07: THE CLUB

not alone. There's more people into this stuff than we ever imagined." "That's for sure. Does knowing what went on last year make you want to go to this year's Gala?" "It kinda does. I'll talk with Bob after golf Saturday. Find out more about the club. We may not ever want to join the club, but other than the ticket price we've nothing to lose.

Express Service

– we have not exchanged so much as a ‘hello’, but simply the way she is pressing herself up against me. Working undercover I tunnel south across the soft flat abdomen and down what appears to be a short pleated skirt. Reaching the hem I slip my hand between the legs and immediately feel my way higher until I reach some remarkably warm areas.

The Andersons-Book 1: Lindsey Cums to Visit; Part 3

at the edges of her eyes and hands, her skin advertises her veteran status in beauty through faint freckling that forms around her chest and shoulders. Her abs are solid, her breasts perky, her legs lean and firm. She’s is so breathtaking that it’s only on my second once over that I realise the huge black dildo strapped to her waist. “Take her

My Friend Corey

he held my hair for me while I threw up in his car. He never got mad at me, ever. Even when I messed up bad. And I loved him for that. It was Friday, May 30th. Our last day of high school. When the summer was over we would go off to college. We were both going to Washington College, in Maryland. It wasn't far from where we lived in

Breaking The Norm Ch. 3

curled three times over if they could. She was hitting the spot ten times over, and when she honed in on the head of my stick she used her tongue to stroke the underside making me quiver and squirm I started to feel like be a prisoner in my own home wasn't half bad at all if could get grade A dick service like this. She deep throated me while

Unexpected Love

their apartment to the one and only class they had together.‘I know. That prof. we had last term for Statistics was awful!’Haley shook her head as a group of guys whistled at her while they walked down the hall. Jenna felt a pang of jealousy. Her best friend was pretty enough to be a model. Actually, she had been for a few years during their

War Cry (Part 1)

battle was over… The summer morning mist still covered the batter ground where so many had fallen. I stood alone, the low mist covering the ground and shrouding the bodies of so many of my fallen soldiers. The air was heavy with the smell of battle, a musky aroma that caught in the back of my throat. My nostrils flared slightly as the metallic

My First Oral

ass which I got from my Latin grandmother. Nobody believed that, at 19 years of age, I had never masturbated, given head or been given head. I grew up with the strictest parents and the male anatomy was one area I feared to tread.After a lonely first week in college, I met a very handsome young man called Ty. He had hazel brown eyes guarded by

Shayla and Jade

so tired shes gone to bed. We both made our way through to the lounge and sat next to each other on the sofa. So what have you being doing to my little sister to tire her out so much? she asked, with a glint in her eye. I blew out breath whilst I tried to think of something to say. Its alright Jade said Shes told me everything. My face went red,

The Pink Pony

guess her weight. So she told him to guess her age. He guessed 14 so she won a prize. It was nothing special, just a plaster of Paris horse painted pink. It was flat on one side and three dimensional on the other, like it was one of a pair of bookends. She always wondered who had won the other pink horse. She had kept it for years afterwards. She