In Hand

skin, lifting a long line of goosebumps from her shoulder to knee. Swallowing hard, she tried to relax into the position he’d left her in, bent over the couch, hands flat on the cushions, standing on tip toe with her ass high in the air. Her dark hair spilled over on to the cushion on either side of her face, leaving her back bare. She was a ball

Friends with benefits

much as I enjoyed writing it. Please feel free to comment, and please give constructive criticism. Thank you. Jane is a 16-year-old girl who is very confident with her body and knows how to mess with boys’ heads at school. She’s about 5’2′ tall and has well-shaped legs to complement her sexy, curvy body even at her age, a set of C cup tits and a

Passing Grade

and lifted it up, again kissing her. ‘You’re a vision, Julia. I can’t put you into words.’ ‘That’s quite a predicament for someone who writes for a living,’ she said lightly, breaking a tension we both felt. I had already shrugged out of my suit jacket and slipped out of my shoes and socks, and now we moved toward the bed which I had turned down

An Inconspicuous Couple

a great fuck.’ And Amber repeated what she’d said, that it took two working well together to achieve good sex. Jeff said he’d begin work next Monday, that he’d been appointed senior engineer at the city’s water treatment plant. ‘Oh that’s an important position.’ Looking surprised, Jeff said his ex-wife had been dissatisfied he worked in water

Chloes Story, Part 2

Mr. Damon and Mr. Compton would then pour themselves brandy and we’d all just relax and compliment ourselves on how hard we work. The first time they offered me a glass, I refused, but at their insistence I later accepted. In the days following it became a sort of ritual, and one I looked forward to. The day of the bond sale was the most hectic

OFFICE FUN 1: Beginning

he had not only done well in his career but very well. I ended up with a supportive alimony, child support, college fund for the girls, and the older car with the house.I mused to myself, lost for a few moments in the red liquid in my stemmed glass. After the girls left for college, I sold the house and downsized to a townhome. Four months

Legal Briefs, Chapter 2

over her slit drove her crazy, especially when I punctuated them by poking my tongue into her hole like a little cock. I even licked and tongued her crinkled tight asshole, a trick she had never had before but one that sent her into a higher orbit than ever! I could have stayed right there, loving on her hot pussy forever, but there was another

Katie Gets an A

because of her work schedule and well it was spring and some days it was just to beautiful to be indoors and in class. Two days earlier she had stopped in to talk to Professor D (as all the students called him) and when he had checked her work and grades he had informed her there was no way to pass the class at this point and no way to make up

Helena (Part 4) – Yoga and Sex

left off. “I could spend hours telling you about my ‘training’ and all sorts of stories about my work for Agence Internationale. However, we can save that for other evenings. I have a feeling that your little friend” – and she rubbed my crotch with her toes for emphasis – “would get overly excited if we went down that part of Memory Lane. “So, I

My Favourite Word

and the delicious smell of semen and want thickening the room air, making (it seems to me) even the ceiling fan shudder with the effort of cutting through the remains of our love. Irrumatio. It is you collapsing on top of me, spent, then looking into my eyes as your cock softens and escapes the grasp of my clutching cunt. It is you stroking my

the secret interfaith.

I will require much more of your company in the future, as you have a great deal more to learn about Islam, don't you agree?"Squealing with girlish delight, Amber lept high and threw her arms around the neck of the smiling Imam, showering his wrinkled old face with kisses, thanking him again and again for his kindness. As she swept out the

C-FAST part 2

she had finished, she held a mirror in front of Pete’s face and he found himself looking at a sexy girl. “That can’t be me,” he thought. “Surely I won’t have to look like that for the rest of my time here.” The rest of the guys were not so successful at applying the make-up to themselves, and their faces looked quite grotesque.“Use the facial

Raider and the Lost Lamp Ch. 03

Clara said, quietly, as her expression began to show a hint of disappointment. She wiggled her fingers in Jeff’s direction, and an expensive-looking slim leather briefcase appeared on the bed beside him. ‘What’s this?’ he asked. ‘Your stock portfolio,’ Clara answered. ‘You now have a net worth of three thousand million pounds.’ Jeff whistled in

Hornet’s Nest Ch. 03

I have ‘gold digger’ written on my forehead or something? He pissed me off in an instant. Takes one to know one, huh? ‘Stop starting on me,’ was my dull reply. He looked just as annoyed as I was. ‘This isn’t starting on you. I’m being fucking serious. Don’t screw David around.’ ‘I’m not-‘ ‘This is my brother, my family you’re fucking with. Do you

The Fall of Paradise: Chapter 3

trees. With a sigh Avriel bent and cleaned her sword on the kilt of a fallen Lios. She then sent Sidbot (Sidney controlled robot) to collect all their weapons and anything else they might have of use. After that was done Avriel and Sidbot dragged the bodies out to the tree line and returned to the cave. Closing the door behind her, Avriel leaned

The Widow Ch. 02

raising her arms above her head, arching her body. Joanne found her friend’s movement incredibly erotic. Uttering a soft moan, she reached out and touched the flat area just under Fran’s breasts. Her friend’s skin was incredibly soft and warm and somehow touching her was different than touching a man. She was amazed how silky smooth Fran’s skin

Brenda's Birhtday

from this. Henry went out to do the shopping for all the food they would need and the children were gone to college on the east coast.Brenda never left this place in the desert because it was comfortable and she always had enough reading to keep her entertained and Henry was a sexual legend in his ability to please the women in his life. Brenda

Caribbean Cruise Ch. 08

mattered but his cock inside her… It was the ultimate aphrodesiac for him, knowing that his actions were driving another human being to such incredible heights of sexual ecstasy. Pulling his cum-slick fingers out of her vagina at last, Rick moved in and shoved his cock right into Billie’s pussy in one fluid motion. He was still standing, as too


others but as with most places like that we knew maybe nine and we were the only ones the other knew well. We only saw each other at work, we did not socialize. She had a partner and I had a partner. Well, I no longer had a partner, one evening he became physically abusive and I ended up breaking his jaw and a couple or ribs when I fought back.

The Circus At Night

is a dream. This does not make sense. I thought to myself. I neared the booth and peered inside. It was wrapped in a thin coat of dust. Out of a fog I could see a metal gate. Inscribed upon the gate were the words, Der Zirkus der Nacht. The gate creaked open from a sudden burst of wind. With the wind came the scent of candy apples and popcorn. I


on the seeds he had planted inside Luna, but there were contraceptive spells just in case. They weren’t technically taught, but you could find them in the right library books, and every female student ended up learning them through gossip. “You know, you’re very good at sex, Harry” she remarked while fixing her clothes. Harry stood up, and put

Getting off at the exit– Part 2

tugged at the bottom of her shirt, and as her arms slowly came up, I pulled it up until it was at her neck. Then in one fluid motion, it came off. ‘Black bra?’ I thought. ‘Interesting.’ Only for a minute, of course. Then my thoughts turned to the two heavenly bodies that it concealed so well, yet so poorly at the same time. Snapping open the

The Power Within - Part 4

remained completely relaxed, this made Colleen very excited. Then, came her legs. By now, she was hot and sweating . Her vagina was leaking. She hoped Gavin wouldn’t notice. He worked upwards, relaxing her feet by working tension out even from her toes. As he rubbed her calves, Gavin noticed how toned she was, muscular but not masculine.

Muscle Coach

was too tight for his massive wanker. I couldn’t bare the pain and asked Coach to stop. Coach spanked me and shoved it right back in. “Please don’t stop, Coach.” I said in a breathy groan of pain. Coach slid his hand into my mouth fish-hooking me as he slammed and pounded me into pieces. Coach made some awesome sex noises. Full of deep heavy

The Devils Pact Ghost of Paris Chapter 11: Lazy Saturday Morning

was like a slab of cement, poking into the soft ass of my bedmate, when I was wakened by the rising sun. It was Saturday, and I was feeling lazy. But the sun was too damned bright and my pecker was too damned insistent. And the girls ass felt too damn amazing.Her name was Mindy Taylor. The first girl I fucked after making my Pact and becoming the

Inevitable Rape

I discovered that she was also a sexual dynamo. I looked forward to my honeymoon with growing eagerness. Pam's belly began showing after the fourth month. By the sixth month, she looked very pregnant and her tits swelled up nicely. She proudly displayed her bulging belly and kids at school were forever copping a feel, ostensibly to feel the baby

She’d Left No Forwarding Address

decided she had to fuck him. They had driven together to visit a customer a couple of hours away from the office. He had asked if she minded driving so that he could go over a presentation he would be making later in the day. As she had pulled her tight but conservative wool skirt up to more adroitly accommodate the clutch on her recently

Dinner with the in-laws

as she slowly walks up the driveway to her in-laws house. Her husband, Eric, holds her waist as they approach the door, ‘Why am I always dragged to these things? You know your parents hate me,’ she adds as he knocks, both waiting for someone to open it. ‘They don’t hate you,’ he comments with a sigh, ‘They just hate how you dress,’ she looks down

Commanders Pet Part IV

begins rolling my right nipple. I expect her touch to be rough, but its smooth. Her manipulation sends lightning bolts of desire to my neither regions. Without warning, her tender touch is replaced with coool metal. I gasp at the pressure and coldness. She moves to the other nipple, makes it erect and then clamps the same metal implement there

I was a foot fetish voyeur

were dying for some tongue action, I thought.After I was done imagining her adorable wrinkles crossing her feet from side to side at a slight angle starting at her lovely arch, I could feel my dick getting thicker as I envisioned the dozens of wrinkles pop to life as I bend her foot so that her sexy little toes were now pointed. I pictured

The Third Time with Mom is More Than a Charm

continue and take this a bit further to see the reaction. “I’m serious, Mom. You still look gorgeous! You always have been attractive and that hasn’t changed.” My comment was definitely more than any average son would say to his mother. It was also quite more than I had offered in years. Mom wasn't exactly sure how to respond. She was definitely

Pleasure or Pain

night, one by one, they each take their turn. Most of the men realizing how much pain it causes when the cock is struck decide for that. most of the women do your ass. anyway around it, you are in pain but there is a mixture of pleasure that goes with it. The warmth that is spreading over your body is very comforting to you. a smile crosses

Harry Potter - Hermione enjoys the Weasley Twins

His palm lay over her cheek, his thumb caressing her temple as he took advantage of her parted lips and let his tongue glide into her mouth.Hermione gave a shuddering sigh, meeting his advance with the tip of her tongue, pushing off the back of the couch a little. Immediately there were hands on her shoulders, sliding down her arms, that she

A Nice Young Surprise

about licking a 14 year old pussy. It seemed fresher, tighter and sweeter than almost anything else.I forced Katie's head back to my cock so that we were in a 69 position as her mother licked and stroked my balls. After about 3 minutes, Katie's entire body went completely stiff with her first orgasm. Her juices shot out of her young pussy and

My Punishment

legs and start cleaning. I can hear you going through the toy box. "Stay on your hands and knees, Slut." Mistress moved out from under me. Next, I know, my body is being pushed to the bed, my still-bound hands put behind my head. My hips are pulled up, the back strap on the belt is released and I feel a tongue on my ass hole. I can't hold back a

fucking my friend's stepmom

on her clit. She even started to squirt! I gave her 3 orgasms until she told me that she couldn't take anymore, and she lay limp on the bed, falling asleep. I pushed back her beautiful hair and stared at her erect nipples, and couldn't resist the urge to suck and play with them. I took my hardened dick and stuffed inside of her wet pussy.

First Saturdays - edited and cleaned up

and lather/rinse/repeat (as they used to say on the shampoo bottle.)As for visual aids, those were limited. My dad, like most dads, had a small stash of playboys and penthouses that he kept either in a dresser drawer, or between the mattresses (yes, I found them rather quickly). However, he kept close tabs on them. I’d sneak a peak when I could

Going Away

10C and a dancer’s body. I was feeling pretty horny and was sliding my hand up her shirt to her bra-less tits and rubbing them, getting her nipples hard, as well as sliding them in her pants and stroking her pussy on her bed. At first she tried to stop me, ‘Stop it, everyone’s home’ she says ‘So, no one is coming in’ I reply as I slide her top

sex in collage

then undid my corset and ripped off my top. Letting my boobs free, his hands gently messaging them. “I want you” I told him. He smiled which was hard to let from the lack of light. “not yet” he whispered. Which only made me want him more. His hand moved under my arse and he picked me up like a weighed nothing, he slid down onto the floor with me

Amber’s Tale Ch. 02

why I had never been there. Jessie and her family were gracious when we and another carload of Danny survivors arrived. Jessie’s eyes were red and she seemed tired. Truthfully, it was hard to tell how she seemed as I didn’t really know her that well at this point, although over the summer she would work at the country club and we became pretty

That Story about LARPing

on her wrist. ‘Okay, I’m armored up! Let’s fight! Let’s do this! Goblins look out, I’m going to use my magic on you.’ One of them snorted. ‘You’re going to heal us to death?’ he asked. ‘I’ll get your weapon and stab you with it.’ she boasted. ‘Like you’re trained in Goblin Weapons.’ the goblin grinned. ‘You’d be at a negative five for using

Jane Takes Charge

one hundred John, for being disobedient.” “Yes Miss D,” John replied, still being so submissive. Jane watched John’s face as the hairbrush pounded away on his bottom. John was struggling to cope but still accepted every spank, his face scrunching up as the constant spank after spank had his bottom turning bright red, and his gasps got louder,

Fantasies Fulfilled

when she returned home. Then I laughed to myself, and realized that they were no threat to me. I watched as one man took her in his arms and kissed her and lifted her up so she could wrap her naked legs around his body, his stiffened cock thrust between her legs and showing between her buttocks as though she were riding on it. He lay her down on

my first night as a black mans bitch

he just held my head there and started to fuck my face. i was helpless to resist. i just sat there and let him use me as he forced more of his cock down my throat. He finally grabed my head and forced me to take all 9 inches as he let loose a volly of cum that nearly drowned me. He held me in place as i was forced to swallow shot after shot of

Something For Him

couch wondering if you have figured out my secret but your face gives nothing away. Leaning over I make sure you have a clear view down my shirt as I flip on the soft light of the table lamp. Lingering for a moment I feel your warm breath on my breasts sending a shiver down my spine before straightening again. “I have a surprise for you.” I state

Bad Teacher Ch. 10

kisses down until reached her tits. I now traced a spiral on her right breast, starting with the outside and working in to the center, slowly making each circle a little smaller than the one before it, until I circled faster and faster around her aureole. Carmen’s nipples were taunt, waiting for me to give them some much needed attention. I

Sharing A Gloryhole With My Wife

to tell her,but couldn’t find a way to bring it up. It occurred tome that whenever we watched a porn flick, she made thesame remark, “They always shows girl-on-girl, but nevershow guys sucking other guys.” So I just needed to makemy move after our next porno!We went to the local porn theatre, wearing our usual,easy-access clothing. During an

real sister & brother

is burning….my pussy is hot for your cock…..fuck me the way you fucked Aarti bhabi, fuck me the way the brother fucks his sister in the magazine in your cupboard. I want you bhaiya…be a sister fucker tonight….Bhaiya your sister wants you to be a BHENCHOD. ..I want you as I have wanted your juju…I love you bhai!!!! All thoughts of incest were lost

Long Arm of Discipline-Part 7

her to.” He quipped back. “Is she home waiting up for you, ready to satisfy your carnal needs?” Troy probed again. “Try not to be too jealous.” Liu said as he got up from the chair. As he walked back to his desk, one of the officers stopped him in the hall. “Detective Chang, there’s a Kaitlyn Baker here to see you.” He said. Liu looked at his

Fucking Friends

bed. Before he could climb on top of her, she stopped him at the edge of the bed and wrapped her lips around his throbbing dick.He may have been in control downstairs, but now, she was in control again. He nearly came in her mouth as soon as she touched him. He let her tongue and lips do all the tricks she wanted. Sadly, he never tried to throat

Confessions of a BoyToy: Part 13, Say It Aint So

exploded into a million pieces before the truck pinned the remaining wreckage against the overpass support column. Not that there is any consolation. The trucker died at the scene too." he said, still visibly shaken and choking back his emotions. "The mind numbing erie silence that followed the crash was deafening." he said as his eyes glazed

Charlene’s Not So Non-Nude Angels Ch. 02

own. The room was spacious but dominated by a large white sofa which faced a desk on which was a huge TV screen. At first the three models thought they were alone in the room before they heard the sound of heels approaching from a large alcove. They turned to see the woman who had invited them all here, Charlene Nicholson. ‘Good morning ladies,’

Charlie’s Guide to Life Ch. 01

place. Stevie and I had been roommates for the past 4 months. ‘Now, what I want from you…I want you to give this a shot. I want you to stop being afraid of getting hurt. Never finding love is just as bad as being hurt a few times. I just want you to give this guy ONE shot. Just really try and be open. It’s been six months. You’ve taken your

Home For A Purpose

bursting for the loo. If you want to carry on chatting you can come with me.’ Anne headed to the bathroom, leaving the door open behind her and Barnaby followed. She pulled down her panties, lifted her skirt, sat on the toilet and started peeing a massive torrent which amazed Barnaby as he sat on the edge of the bath. ‘That feels good! I’ve not

A chance at a new sex life; Part 9

but I need a real one now. I want you to fuck me, fuck me please! Make me cum!”Holding her by the hips with her knees still by my side we start the motion. Stacey’s uses my chest to lift herself up and slam down again. As I use the small space, I have with my hips of the bed to pump up into her. Our pace quickens now and we go at a much faster

Finally meeting

begging for his touch. He seemed content with playing with my chest all night. With the thought of that, I just couldn’t stand it anymore. Small whispers and pleads were coming from my mouth, ones I wasn’t quiet sure if he heard or not. He inched his way up, back to my lips kissing them lightly before picking me up and carrying me to the bed

Solace & Rosanna Ch. 22

thought how ironic it was that she was so fond of the color black. Now that it was all she could see, she hung her head in dismay. It also did not escape her that she was being held up by her rival, but this fact seemed completely insignificant in the face of her despair. As they entered the cab for the short ride, Solace tried to get L. D. to

Cafe Lawyer Ch. 01

I was going to berate her. What had she gone through, I wondered. ‘That’s OK. The girls watch it for me. I thought that you…’ I became quiet. There was no sense in making her more uncomfortable than necessary. It seemed that her loving husband had been having an affair with his sister-in-law and it only became obvious when some video of an Easter

Unhinged Desire: Part 3

lowering his head, they moved closer until their lips were mere inches apart, she looked into Danny’s eyes and slowly closed the gap until their lips met. They kissed passionately (it made me a little hot!), Danny’s hands were caressing every inch of Emily’s body, every sultry curve and with each frisk Emily’s kissing became more enthusiastic,

The First Time I Had Sex

want to hurt you." I assured him it was okay and to continue. He kissed me again, ramming his cock into my pussy all the way, and I screamed into his mouth. A tear rolled down my cheek as he apologized and asked me if I was okay. The pain seemed to go away and turn into pleasure as I said to him, "Josh, please fuck me now!" He started to pound

My first time giving a blowjob

hell one weekend so I invited my friend, Thomas (fake name to protect identity) over. He was fairly tall for his age, very slim, blonde and slightly tanned.By this time, I already knew I was bi-sexual and he happened to be one of the guys I quite fancied. He however, was straight.While he was over at my house we did the usual things; played xbox,


of the rumor and it led to a guy by the name of Dominic.   When we met Dominic, both Jenna and I were impressed with his good looks.    I figured that he knew who Barry might have cheated with.   He did…and WOW…what a surprise.   Barry had cheated on me with Dominic.   Dominic seemed to feel badly that Barry had cheated but insisted that the

Property of Devil's Outlaws (Part 2)

his massive cock into her raw, swollen anus. As painful as getting her cunt stuffed was, getting her asshole buggered was far worse. It truly felt like the hole was completely torn and bleeding all over the place, which unfortunately for Hannah, wasn’t too far from the truth. Nevertheless, that was not going to stop these men from continuing

The Invisible Man

ever. He massaged her pussy and now swollen clit through the panties. Her screams turned to whimpers then moans. Her panties quickly became wet. Her protests and futile struggle were a turn on. The panties were ripped right off and the dress slid up her thighs. Her little hip bones could be felt by her sides. Andrews gigantic wet throbbing cock

My wife and I do it with our babysitter again

got onto her knees in front of me. Kelly nodded, and I slowly inserted my cock into Kelly's pussy. I loosened it up a little, but it was still tight. Once again, it felt like heaven. Kelly was eyeballing me the whole time, and then she got onto her knees. She got right in front of Jenny's face. My heaven just got a little more heavenly. Then I

Spanking is the best medicine.

pull my pyjama bottoms down. You know that though, that’s why you take my wrist and guide me to your side. When your hands move to my waist to pull my bottoms down I whimper and try to stop you. It doesn’t work though, you just brush my hands away and with one tug my bottoms are pooled around my ankles. Naked from the waist down you pull me

A Lazy Sunday Afternoon

the large head of his cock hit the back of my throat so I relaxed and pushed it further into my throat. I was using my neck muscles to massage his cock deep in my throat. Chance put his head back and just enjoyed the sucking he was getting. His eyes were closed and I continued to stroke and suck his cock. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. I love

A old evil awakens . part 3

out a plan how he will transform laura into a brainless toy he commands his slaves to put on clothes after a few minutes they are fully dressed hiding there lingerie under there clothes " okay slaves you will act normal we will go to the neighbors house when we enter we wait for Laura and then I will start to control them and enslave her in front

The Mighty Mac

the remainder of his cock.  He shifted in his seat giving me some room and I started to pump him along his thigh. His skin was so hot, stiff, and throbbing. "What's the matter?" I whispered, "you don't think you can drive and cum in my mouth at the same time?" He glanced over at me and I felt him pulse in my hand. I reached over with my free hand

Mauled By Bears, Mauling Pits

MY ASS, SIR!”His authority was scaring me, and turning me on harder than ever. The combination of the weed and the fumes from the men’s pits had me extremely light-headed, and my sex hormones had long since raged out of control. I wanted these two men to RAPE me…Chuck lightly smacked me across the face and smiled. “Yeah, that’s exactly what I

My Cheating Wife

over holding herself up with her hands while her feet were back and spread. She started to explain why she had been there but I shut her off. I reached my hand up under her black satin dress and found that she was not wearing any panties. Her inner thighs were damp and slimy and her pussy was wet. I slipped two fingers up into her pussy easily.

seduced, turned and dominated

hand with his other hand and placed it on his lap. Keeping his hand over mine guiding it up his leg... this is what I had fantasized about for so long. I felt every inch of his jeans as my hand was moved up inch by inch... the warmth and strength of his hand over mine... allowing him to be in charge. Then I felt the heat through his jeans...

The Book Store: The otherside of the story part 2

He would abstain from touching himself preferring to fuck his wife when they were through. Sometimes he fucked her as she bent at the wall. A fat cock in her mouth his cock buried deep inside her. Even after her husband’s untimely death nearly three years ago, Stacy continued coming to the book store. She would come in the afternoon while her son

The Ballet Dancer, Part 1

When she finished, the judges, who had to be made of stone, merely thanked her and indicated that she would have their decision within the week. “How did it go?” I asked. “They never show their thinking. I have to wait.” “You must be starved.” “Yes, but I stink like whore on payday too,” she teased and brushed by me. “If you say so,” I offered,

At Last

idiot coming at her…’ He shook his head. Jane sat thinking about it for some time. ‘You had been together for years,’ she finally said. ‘I know things were difficult, but you must have missed her, anyway.’ ‘Yes I did,’ Ian said. ‘It’s very strange when suddenly there is no one to talk to any more. Sometimes one of my daughters comes to dinner –

My Journey To the Wild Side Part Five

as I finished my climax.I smiled at the guys and softly said, “Sorry. I needed that.”“We enjoyed that, Miss Kerri,” Juan smiled.“I feel so embarrassed now.” I smiled back as I closed my legs.“Don’t feel like that, Miss. We are happy that you did that.”My master told me that I did well before we hung up and left me to compose myself. I went to the

SLuT9 part 2

on the dresser a perfect shot of her pussy, covered in sweat and leaking his cum. They both lay there for a moment as they caught their breath before David rolled off the bed.David stood up, went to the foot of the bed, turned off the camera and slipped it into the dresser drawer. He then proceeded to get dressed as Rebbecca watched, still coming

The Cuckolding of Neil Dodds - Pa

rough in the past but these were soft and gentle as they touched and explored. When they each pushed a finger inside her Claire felt a flood of wetness trickle down to her anus. Claire hadn’t realised just how sexually excited she had become but the men had. She saw them look at each other with a knowing smile and then nod to one another. Both

Parents Out for the Night (Edited)

her to stop, hoping that it wouldn't come. Instead her hand was now firmly wrapped around my shaft and stroking it through my jeans. I made the decision if she wanted to feel her big brothers cock, I was going to let her. I reached under the pillow and unbuttoned my jeans allowing her free access to my cock. Caitlin threw the pillow on the floor.

The Way it is Now.CH7

in the hands of her new friend. The name tag reading as. Welcome to Ihop. My name is: Rachael. Once she was in view of Philip, she signaled him to turn the vibe function off and hurried back to the table. In a low voice she asked if he had paid the check. He had. So she hinted it was time to leave. But not before grabbing one of his business


they were nice. I was on the spot now and she laughed and said she was just teasing me.      We played cards til about 1 am and then the ladies started to leave. It had snowed several inch' s since they got there and I was horny as hell after looking at Jill's boobs all night, and after that conversation. Once they were all gone I called to mom,

English Rose Ch. 02

a compliment or a smile to help ease any awkwardness or disappointment. Douglas Radcliff watched as Sabrina turned down yet another offer to dance. He noted that she hadn’t bothered with a dance card and spent most of the time entertaining her friend’s suitors. It had been the same at every event that she attended. His presence at Lady Mills’

Real Office Fun

that instead of running around or calling people on phones, we started to use a messenger application (AIM) so that we could all stay in front of computers. My boss’ niece just came from Hong Kong and he gave her a job doing various work on a computer. She was 19 years old and at the time, I was 30. She always had lots of questions so we

Our new neighbors

me quite uncomfortable around her. We visited them almost immediately and all through out the conversation I could see both mom and daughter checking me out. Mom was her usual talkative self explaining about dad. However, she didn't mention that I was her step son. She didn't usually do that unless someone asked about the age difference. After an

Jenola and Anita Ch. 01

when I was about to leave for work: ‘Yes you can lick the bottom of my feet. But they’re kind of rough because of no money for pedicures. Not sure if that makes a difference. And how much would you pay me?’ I immediately responded: ‘Great, I’m glad you’re into that and I hope you enjoy it! At least I’ll love giving it to you! And it’s okay if the

Mirror of Love

my friends and stayed in my small cabin all the time now. I had never been much of a socialite, but now I was even less of one. I worked from the console in my study and ordered my food delivered. The man from Kroger’s or Domino’s Pizza would leave the food standing on top of my light brown mat labeled ‘Welcome.’ When I thought of it, I would

Wanting more

know what your touch does to me? As the sky darkens a thunderstorm is imminent. I love the smell of rain. My name is Elena, I am four foot eleven. I am 23 and petite. I work in a hotel that caters to crew guys. We do not get very many tourist for the price is high. I have seen a lot come and go. With the night going ever so slowly I cannot wait

Country Club Cougar

I tried to reassure her. “If she gets mad, I’ll just flirt with her, and she’ll be, you know, putty in my hands.” “Someone seems to have a very high opinion of himself,” Jenny responded, her eyes laughing even through her worry. “Are you saying I’m not devastatingly handsome and irresistibly sexy?” I asked, making a mock-hurt expression. “You

Goodbye, Miss Granger - Part 4

Right now, the lumps were ALL I wanted. With my heart hammering, I squeezed tighter and stroked all the way back down to the base, pressing my fist into his pubis and making him gasp, though not with pain, I thought. His cock pumped again, and again I wondered how it would feel throbbing like that inside me. I closed my eyes and pictured it doing

Therapist Ch. 02

naked back and her very round, naked ass. Through the mirror, he can see her breasts, her navel and her vagina with a thin crop of brown pubic hair. Years of repressed sexuality suddenly floods upon him. He feels a stirring in his groin. ‘Well, you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all,’ she says to him jokingly. She walks over to a chest of drawers.

She Tries To Forget Ch. 15

He chuckled. ‘Melissa’s kind of a feminist. She drove the guys she worked with nuts the first few years she was on the job.’ ‘He…he’s not my Mr. Lewis,’ Ann replied softly. ‘Sorry,’ Martin said, ‘It was just a figure of speech.’ Ann reached out and laid her hand on his arm. ‘I’m sorry for being so touchy,’ she said. ‘Except for Lonnie, you’re the


after a minute she reappeared naked rubbing between her legs she said your not the only flasher round here not get your clothes off once he was naked the girls looked at Marks 7 inch erection Mandy said now for another surprise and called Karen come here, Mark gasped as Mandys 12 year old sister came out the hut naked her boobs were just starting

The Courier Ch. 06

trip by herself, pointing out which trolley routes she needed to know to travel downtown and to return to the university: ‘Downtown’s pretty hard to miss. It’s got a huge wall around it and if you get lost, just look for the cathedral.’ Maria Elena noticed that with her hair properly braided, she did indeed draw less attention than she did the


skin of her neck and shoulders as he pulled out of her wetness only to thrust back into her just as quickly, relishing the feel of her."Oh God, I could do this all night," she murmured as a soft moan escaped her lips. Even the sound of her voice was driving him insane, urging him on. Hayden felt her fingers weave their way through his hair as she

Prince Dante's Birthday Gift

her fingers could fully encircle his thickness. Helplessly she squirmed on the bed as he drew nearer. Unable to bear it she closed her eyes and wished it was a bed dream. The bed dipped and moved, River knew the Prince was above her. A hand closed around her throat and her head was forced back. “Open your eyes and keep them open. I want to watch

Bag Lady & the Retired Marine Ch. 09

I have the same reaction when someone startles me or sneaks up on me. If I don’t catch myself, I could really hurt someone, even kill them. Even though I love the Marines, I’m their creation. I’m their monster. They made me who I am today, a man who lives alone, is suspicious of everyone, and barely likes himself never mind anyone else,’ he said.

Slut Slave - Day 2

the need to both pee and cum is almost overwhelming. You pull my head back and plunge into my mouth again. You start relentlessly fucking my face. I have no choice but to give up and take it. I have no resistance left and you totally own me. Holding my head at the angle you want, you continue your assault on my throat; I reach up between


At first the driver seemed relieved that I was gone but then panicked when he realized he was blind and part of his nose was missing, quite a tasty snack actually. He then began telling the police that he had been attacked by a rabid animal, the girl contradicted him and he soon left in an ambulance, handcuffed. The police were quite concerned

Cape Adventure Ch. 04

from behind like that. Jess had a killer figure, and she knew it. She loved to flaunt her body off when she could, at the beach, at the gym, in public. She wanted to show off her body to Amber and Eric now. That’s right she thought… she wanted both of them. It’s a desire she hasn’t felt before, until now. Jess is very unsure how to handle it. Her

First Time Anal Fun Time

his lips on my head. He was gently sucking the tip of my cock. His cock was against my cheek. I was about to be a cock sucker and I wanted to be. I took him in my mouth. The taste of his pre-cum filled my mouth. I sucked on his head as he was doing to me. Mike was trying to push his dick further into my mouth. I sucked hard on his cock as he

Candy Stroker Part 5: Another Big Step For Me

to surprise him, especially stockings. She showed me a few pair, and I chose some nice white ones with lace tops. They were beautiful. Then Lois showed me lots of lingerie and different styles of stockings. I told her about how Mel and I had practiced showing and hiding our stockings and panties. “You go, girl!” she said. “It’s really fun to

How I Shocked Our Mother -- Part 1

chance.But that was the least of my worries. How was I supposed to tell Kimmy that her date had dumped her? She was already pissed at me.***Kimmy managed to avoid me the rest of the day at school. I hung around her locker during passing periods, I even tried texting her. Nothing. I didn’t even catch her on the bus, she must have gotten a ride

Inspiration – Romantic and Explicit

What had gotten into him? He never missed his entrance. He focused his attention on the keys again, and soon he was launching into his solo. And from nowhere, he began to hear music in his head. It was soft and simple at first, but it began to grow in volume and complexity. His fingers first glided nimbly across the keys as he duplicated the

Don't Talk Back to Your Mother

bed and begin eating the girl’s pussy.Emily didn’t shave, like her mother did, but her light, thin bush gave the appearance of being smooth. Despite her predicament, she couldn’t help but respond to the wonderful feeling of her father’s tongue and fingers. The man was very skilled at performing cunnilingus and ‘walking’ his fingers on a woman’s

The Confession Ch. 06

time.’ She explained. ‘Kelly I love you and I want us to be together.’ He said. ‘I’m eighteen years old and that makes what we are doing legal.’ ‘Jack doing that!’ she said as his hand ran up her thigh. ‘Stop what?’ he asked. The young man was very persistent as he hiked up her skirt and slid his hand down the front of her panties. He was very

The Coach

Sarah, nice job today…good first practice.’ ‘Thanks, Coach!’ You giggle as you bound out the door for the showers. ************ The Mavericks eked out a three point win that Friday night. Monday morning Sarah bounced into Coach’s office and sat on his desk, her white cotton panties visible under her skirt. ‘Good game Friday night Coach.’ You

Breach of Confidentiality Ch. 03

looked at Michelle with a smirk. ‘Hey, ‘Chelle, tell me all about Blonde Concepts and the Fall lineup. C’mon, tell me!’ Michelle’s eyes widened. She turned to Craig, pleading with her eyes. Craig nodded. ‘Go ‘head, girl. Do it.’ Michelle squirmed. ‘Ummm…shouldn’t we go, like, somewhere else…?’ Craig shook his head. ‘I can do whatever I want as

My Sister's Best Friend Raegen

cock for the first time. Her eyes widen, and said "Wow, I don't think I can fit that thing in my mouth!" My first response was to try and deep throat, but seeing as this was her and my first time, I decided against it, should it scare her away, so I just replied with a smile "Just do your best".She first started by gripping it with one of her

Striking Gold – story edited.

of her breasts, she is too shocked and excited to object. No worries ducks, we do this all the time. Tim reassures her. She just flushes up as Anthony manhandles her breasts several times to change the amount of nipple showing until they have many good photos of her naked nipples. The shutter sound is turned off so Maggie has no idea how many

I Love The Rain!

her tits. She then took her bikini bottom and slung it over her shoulder as I stood up and pulled my trunks up over my spent cock. We walked hand in hand to the parking lot to her car. As I looked around, all the car windows were fogged up and I wondered if we had been seen or were they all making out in their cars to fog up the glass. She got in

A Tale Of Two Jerry’s Ch. 03

a silent prayer that he didn’t make a mistake. He exhaled as he read the message from Karen. Jerry laughed out loud as he read the message to himself, inhaling deep as he did. ‘I would never do that. Besides, it’s only sexual harassment if you don’t like it, if you know what I mean. Heh heh.. ,)’ Jerry grinned as he read her response. ‘I like it

You Should Always Be Nice to Your Neighbours

include me. She was determined to find a good genteman that shared her new values. Since we had been drifting apart for some time, this was no big shocker. It was one of those sultry summer nights. The heat and humidity could be cut with a spoon. I was home alone with the TV on for company. DeeDee had dressed in her hottest summer party clothes

Jordan – Chapter 1

have gotten up just in time, Jordan thought to herself, otherwise, hed have cum in me. Still curious as to what this mysterious fluid would taste like, she took a finger and wiped up some of the fluid before inserting it into her mouth. The substance was bitter, and somehow tasted kind of dry, this was a taste she didnt much enjoy, but one she

Adoring Elizabeth I: Preparing for the Play

most talented.I had never really looked at Elizabeth very closely. She always dressed quite modestly, and was very anti-social, preferring to doodle in her sketchbook instead of showing any interest in other people.As the weeks went by, the acting and the effects were going fine, but on the last Tuesday before the show, Elizabeth looked on the

A Helping Hand – Part One

really suck. Cash flow is everything and right now, the cash was not flowing. My heart sank into my gut as I read the 10 day termination notice for my electric bill. I needed to come up with over $350 within ten days and I only had $60 and needed to get some groceries within the next couple of days as well. I wasn’t sure what to do. I reviewed

Sex In The Office – Part 2

and takes note of my hard cock pushing out my shorts as if it is a tent pole. “Oohh, look what I did to you.” Larita stands and moves behind me, I feel her breasts press against my shoulders as her hands slide down my shoulders to my chest. “Stop it, you naughty girl,” I say, lightly slapping her hands. “Aww, don’t you want to have some fun?”

Dave and I

female attire and my wife and I went to the mall to do a little shopping. One of the first items I wanted was a shade of lipstick that was just sinful. I decided on MAC red lipstick from Victoria's Secret. I also bought a Faithfully Yours strapless bra in a stunning purple with satin panties to match. I thought the evening gown I bought with my

Dazzled by December: Lakeside Lover

assault and Ridge did. Each nipple was treated to the torture. Each one left red, hot, and tender to the touch, but December didn’t care, she needed more of his touch. His caress. His mouth upon her inflamed skin. She pushed him to his knees, her fingers digging into his shoulders and leaving crescent moons in his tanned flesh. Ridge breathed

Me and my footbabe

ground and my tight shaved pussy was dry. I was in a house all tied ground. I tried to untie the rope but my fingernails were cut extremely short, and they hurt. As well as my toenails. Then suddenly a man walks in to the room and starts cumming on my toes. He told me if I fucked with him he would let me free. So then he untied me and started

S.H.E.L.I.A. 4

her as she nodded then I turned to go through the rest of the readings. In all I managed to adjust several systems that were off. It was obvious that using regular current didn't go well with her systems.  We had been at it for almost an hour when Sheila suddenly stopped. "Is something wrong Sheila?" I asked.  "I have been monitoring all military

Follow up to my first gay experience

with school and all of lifes other issues. I decided just to do a short 5km jog around the block. About halfway thru the jog I was passing the plaza where I had met up with him way back when. I decided to stop in the convinence store and grab a bottle of water cause I was pretty thirsty. To my surprise I ran into my friend Chris, we chatted for

Tales From The Loft: The Hunters

I admired her curves as I continued to rut inside her. Her perfect hourglass figure just looked incredible, especially with my cock going in and out of her well-oiled asshole.The rest of her body soon began to shine like the oily parts as a film of sweat covered her. I reached up and yanked her ponytail. Combined with my other hand still on her

Policewoman in drag

so cold in her flimsy attire.I opened the window and the cold air rushed in, I shivered, forgetting I still had a monster erection in my shorts.The girl who looked about 25 looked up at me and asked if I was English, I assured her I was.I was now sure she was a hooker, or was she. My years in the Police made me suspicious of her demeanour and the

Ass to Mouth: Servant to the Aristocracy

hand. She opened the box, removed the contents, and set the box down. She helped Sigma attach the object, which Brad eventually recognized as a strap-on dildo. The dildo itself was hot pink, about six inches long, and about an inch and a half in diameter. Gamma finished buckling the straps, and the dildo hung freely from Sigma's crotch."Brad,

When Darkness Falls

watching you for almost a year now.” “Creepy,” I thought to myself. “Don’t worry I only watch you when you are out in public, never during your personal time.” I stared at her, amazed she knew what I was thinking. “I know you still think it’s creepy, as a matter of fact, you’re thinking this whole thing is rather creepy.” I gasped. It was as if

Cornish Cliffs

we can be together.” They had been through this a thousand times. Gordon wouldn’t even discuss moving back. “I can’t,” she said, though she desperately wanted to. She missed living near her family, and she did miss Alan and her other friends. In the city, they spent all their time with Gordon’s workmates and their girlfriends or wives. They were

Aunt Sue Part 2

raced. Pulling out, he went back to his room to hide and pretend it didn't happen. Sue wanted to clean up his cum with her mouth, but that could wait until tomorrow she thought. She had another week alone with David before her sister and brother in law arrived. She would have to go back to her normal work routine in the morning, but they

My Best studies ever

at all…then something unexpected happened, she turned around and bent over, sliding her panties down the rest of the way, all the while letting me see her vagina. I felt like I was about to faint, my head was spinning, while old heart was thumping so fast the whole house must be shaking as in an earthquake.When she looked back over her shoulder

Exhibitionism By Proxy

going through my mind. Then he opened his desk drawer and pulled out an envelope with a few pictures of a drop dead gorgeous blonde with an amazing body. And she was totally nude. She looked to be about thirty years old, so when he said it was his wife, I was a little surprised because he was around his mid-fifties. He seemed to be in good shape

Christina and Cheryl - Part 3

I jolted with pleasure. She took my cock in her mouth again before pulling out and slowly pumping it. “Would you like to see me suck a big cock, right in front of you?” I nodded, and she took my whole clitty in her mouth as I tightened up. My tiny balls shrunk and expanded as I came in her mouth. Christina stood up and kissed me, forcing her

I Lived Out My Sexual Fantasy With My Teacher, This Is What It Was Like

The piercing eye contact during lectures, the extra long lingers at my desk, the way he got just a little too close when pointing out something on my essay. By the time I was about ready to graduate it was obvious the tension and desire between us was at an all time high.I held onto my already finished exam just a little longer so I had time to

Sex and the high school girl 2

and easiest way to make her cum with multiple orgasms, after three orgasms I came in her again . After I just laid there holding Ann in my arms until I was ready to make slow gentle sweet love to her then we moved to the bathroom and showered we made love again.She left to go home but not before asking for the spare key so she could use the

The Singer

How can you fall in love with a complete stranger just because of his voice? You’ve heard countless times of love at first sight, but have you ever heard of love at first hearing? It can’t possibly exist… Or can it? I have spent most of my high school years with the most “popular” guy at school.   And he was my first. At that time I convinced

Exposed – A role reversal

fat. My favourite feature was the distinct v-shaped ridge of muscle going from my lower abs to my lower groin. Almost like an arrow directing the way to my genitalia. I had shaved my hair down there leaving just a little around the base of my cock, which further accentuated the view. I oiled my lightly tanned skin and allowed my hand to linger

Five Horny Girls and a Hot tub

my pussy hair and licking my nipples. Slowly she slid a finger in. I gasped, my hands gripping the edge of the ledge that was a seat in the hot tub. When she added another two I shot up, bent over slightly in pleasure."Hey, hey! We haven't even started yet!" Ashley cried. Jenna nearly had her head on Miley's shoulder, one leg thrown over the side

Seduced By A Divorcee

Pam was becoming more and more attached to me and was desperately trying to ensure that our weekly meetings continued. I was running out of excuses of not meeting her.I finally agreed to meet her and told her that her depressing behavior was driving me nuts and I could no longer tolerate such behavior and she needed to change her attitude. She

James Pt 1 - Two Years Younger

for a few minutes, getting my clothed out and drying my legs, when I noticed that James hadn't even opened his locker. He wasn't even standing beside me. I went back to the showers and was half way round the corner when I saw James standing in the corner under the shower furthest from the door. I don't know what I thought I'd find when I went

A Memorable Flight

We are not a couple, just best friends. Neither of us are married or for that matter, have boyfriends at the moment.  It is summer break and this is a chance to relax and enjoy each other’s company. It has been a hectic year at the university, with a new president, teaching assignments rearranged with additional classes. The endless amount of

Office Surprise

even get to play with these!’ he remarked, smiling. ‘We can save that for another time,’ I replied, kissing him. We got dressed and put back together again and I got ready to leave. Mark still had a few more things to do before he was satisfied that his clients money was safely tucked away, so I blew him a kiss just as I was about to walk out

A Question of Time, Ch. 03

thrown in, so I gave her a shot. She sniffed it up, and then she sort of went…blank. Her eyes rolled back up into the back of her head, so that only the whites showed, and she just sat there, not moving. ‘I kinda freaked. Asked her if she was alright, if she could hear me. She said yes, but in this distant, vague tone. Like I was bypassing her

The Knight and the Acolyte Book 10, Chapter 10: Lies

as my husband charged forward.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ThrakI poured all my rage, all my pain, all my fury at the dragon. I stared at the hulking monster, the ground shaking as she moved, her claws slashing at Angela and a pair of earth elementals. Rocks flew as she ripped the stone figures to pieces, her tail swaying. I would kill her. Then

Mistress Ashley Meets Her Match

chin and tell you to open them.  I tell you I want you to see them watching you, see the appreciation for what you are letting me do to you.You open your eyes and nod your head.  I hook my thumbs in the waistband of your panties and pull them down, helping you to step out of them and your skirt.  You are naked now except for your garter belt,

A Plain Girl Emerges From Her Shell.

good again. I did relax, leaning against her, but I was puzzled.I could never before have imagined, sitting like this with another person.Her other hand, against my jumper, seemed to graze the side of my breast, was it an accident, or had she meant it? I was sure she had.I could feel my nipple push against my bra, just like on cold day.A strange

Brandy Bennie

when I felt his hands encouragingly take hold of my head.After a minute of blowing him, he pulled the t-shirt I was wearing off me, before I resumed sucking. Bennie told me that he needed to piss, before we continued. Ignoring him, I continued sucking. A second warning was issued, and again I ignored him. Warned a third time, I was told that if I

Ghostly Visitor

she had felt before in her life. Then she felt the three hard strokes, the last one staying deep inside her. He had cum. After a few moments, she could feel the hands come off her legs. She slid her legs down his body as her ass once again came to rest on the bed. His cock was still inside her as he lay down on top of her and held her. After a

A Tale of Sibling Differences 2 - Killing Louisa

sunshine than they had when they had visited in the evening four days earlier. "You need to make those hedges and fences more secure" Louisa commented after looking round thoughtfully."There's no need really" Dai replied "Someone from the Council checked round after the Fire Brigade finished and he didn't think the walls were dangerous apart

An Invitation

mess the rest of the evening, hoping Martha would attribute my behavior to my recent loss of my husband. I avoided seeing him again, but Martha is my best friend and I knew she would be hurt if I didn't attend. It was her social event of the year. I accepted. My worries were for naught. I had a delightful time flirting at the party with men I

Pumped Kin

tell I wasn't doing a bad job of my first ever blowjob. After relaxing a little, I could even get his length down my neck a little for some throat fucking. Those evenings practicing with a banana were paying off for this lucky monkey. I didn't want him to cum in my mouth, because I yearned for him to be inside me. While still on my knees, I

The Internet Date

The intensity of Shawn's pelvic motions made Kira's senses come alive. She moaned as the heat building between her legs almost sent her hurdling over the edge again. Shawn began to notice how Kira's attitude had changed and the next thing he knew, she was taking her cock hard and rough, using her hands, her lips, her tongue and all other assets

Alex's BDSM Adventures Pt. 1

and couldn’t get enough. She noticed that Ilse’s clit was bulging out of it’s hood, she began to suck on it lightly.“Ohh God yes, keep going!” said Ilse as she continued to spank Alex, but more lightly, she was grinding her crotch into Alex’s face. Alex was loving this, the pleasure from being spanked, and the knowledge that she was doing a good

How I Became A Cam Girl - Ch.2

“12 users are currently viewing your room.” I was in complete shock. There were already that many people watching me? I wasn’t even doing anything! Goosebumps took over my arms and I felt a chill run over them. I was nervous as hell. It felt so naughty, but so awesome at the same time. Soon there was all kinds of action in the chat box, people

Alan Ch. 02

she wasn’t. Ms. Kelly was relatively new in town, and he didn’t think she knew his mother in a professional capacity. His mother had never mentioned knowing her, and Ms. Kelly had never indicated to him that she knew about his mother’s position. As he stepped into the kitchen to get a soda he saw her. She was standing around with a klatch of


her up into his arms and held her very tight and then began to kiss her about the face and lips, then moved his hands to cuddle her abundant titties. So far, so good. When one hand moved down to her pussy up under her skirt and over her panties, he just lightly rubbed her crotch to her delight. After this, he remarked to her, “I am a bit

Consumer Testing The Vibrator

clit and gently bit it, at the same time sucking quite hard until it popped out like an oyster from its shell. He caught it between his teeth and vibrated his tongue over its tip. She squealed and gripped the sheets tighter, it was like the shock from a battery when you touch it with your tongue. She looked down again and saw his eyes still

Realms of Eden: Home Fires B2A1-4

dutifully complied. She knew that Sydney accessed her vid of her submissively having her arse screwed by Mrs Kendrick, the school principal, with a large strap-on while she wore one of Bonnie’s school uniforms, several times while he was on one of his trips. ‘She’s not on the database anyway,’ giggled Kelsey. As Jenny showed the woman into the

Diary of an Incubus Ch. 02

groans told him she was enjoying it. Reaching the limits of his control, Jozef caught Anne’s hands and careful not to break their connection, rolled her over onto her back. Her riding position left her knees up and spread, he took advantage of that now. His first thrust plunging his hard cock all the way to its base. Anne screamed out in reply.

Sharkie, Sharkie

another, for several minutes. Katy then asked me to come back in an hour. She was going to tell Mikki she too tired to stay up and chat. She would leave her bedroom window open… she wanted me to come back and climb through so we could finish what we started after our shower. Once again, how could I refuse?That was one of the longest hours of

Extra Servies

is a hot one hitting 98 at 10 am. The humidity was low so it didn’t feel that bad, but being that I’m in the sun all day it gets to me. I knock out the first two lawns fast, no big deal, there my locals so I know how they like there lawns done. I look down at my watch and see it’s just about 2pm. Figuring that I will hold off on lunch and cut out

Driving My Brother Crazy

My eyes were dark brown, almost black and I was blemish-free.“Nothings on. Where’s the family?”(In case you didn’t know, ‘the family’ is the term my brother and I use for our parents.) I asked and turned over so that my breast filled his remote-holding hand. At the same time he moved his thumb to press a button, effectively pressing my already

Coerced Sex With My Sister

was interesting. I got the distinct impression that she had wanted me inside her for a long time. Dad had been dead about three years, maybe I should have climbed in her bed right after that…I had thought about doing exactly that…but I didn’t. What had I missed in all those years? I’d have to make up for lost time. I figured that Ginger was okay

The Best Super-power

her into the trunk of the tree. Sometimes we fly up to a ledge on a mountain, and we have sex with me behind her, looking over into the view provided. I think every guy is a little insecure about how he stacks up, so I love knowing I can give her an experience she has never had before. But even when we have terrestrial sex, she appreciates it. So

Caught at the Target

just underneath what everyone sees.  I decided that I wanted a thrill, so I went to the local Target, with my leopard panties, matching leopard camisole, black garter belt and with stockings on, under my man clothes.  I picked out a pair of Dockers and went to the fitting room, stripped down to those things and just stood there looking at myself

Jack And Dianne

stash. During the day Jack had left applications at several businesses. None of them gave him any hope of being hired. They had all told him they weren’t hiring right then. Jack even made a stop at the library to see if the paper had any jobs advertised. No luck there either. When Jack returned home there was an old 1984 F250 diesel with dents

Bitch and Dicking: Blindfolded

and snog them as devoutly and feverishly as I can get myself to do. He grabs me with his powerful hands and goes on to lay and rest me down on the mattress beneath us. I am gasping and heaving out when his lips stumble on mine once more and he continues on to devour and consume them. Lust is eating and wolfing me deep inside. I can feel it……I

Trophy Envy

pool, figuring that the place would be empty. I’d grown up here, a reasonably sized house on a good lot in old Greenwich. The king of M&A now referred to it as the cottage. I came by to check on it from time to time. I liked using the pool when I wasn’t in the mood for the phonies at the club.But now that she was here, I could hardly turn around

Succubus Kiss - Part 1

Jason’s head and arched her back and cried out as she exploded with cum all over Jason’s hand. When she fell back down onto the bead Jason looked down at her. He had a look of mad lust in his eyes and his cock was twitching in anticipation. He opened up her legs and positioned the tip of his cock at her entrance. Again without warning, he thrust

Liam's First Encounter: My Best Friend's Mom

she looked in. Not Frank's sister. His mom. His mom's name is Paula. Paula was 51 years old, was about 5' 6” and looked to be around 200 pounds. Paula was not a small woman. Paula was the last person I wanted walking in on my jerking off. Her hazy blue eyes looked shocked but distant, no doubt a result of the medication she was always on for her

Me and the 'Family' Part 2

feel in the morning and then there was her face; scrunched up looking like it was about to explode, the eyes were screwed tightly closed and trying to focus on the impending explosion between her legs.I went into Kay’s bedside drawer and took out 2 of her vibrating dildos. There was the world famous rabbit which she loves using and then there was

Ravaged in Broad Daylight! At 18

the lotion on Mark’s feet. Being touched like this feels strange, but good, Mark thought. The man continued silently. When he reached Mark’s knees, he asked, ‘Can you move your legs apart a little?’ Mark felt stupid. ‘Well, you see, I kinda cut the shorts really short, and, well, uhh, I kinda…hang out, you know.’ ‘Oh, that’s OK,’ replied the man,

Fresh Dorm Angel: Lickity Slits

could feel mine on hers. Our clits had both become hard knobs and were highly sensitive. We were both leaking at a fast rate equally. The flow of erotic fluid landed on both of our tongues and we swallowed in unison each other's sexual nutrition. Our breathing became ragged and our bodies began to shake. We were both going to make each other

Love in the Cross Hairs Ch. 02

you’re beaten, whipped, a failure. That’s not you. You’re a fighter. Don’t quit on me, shit, don’t quit on yourself. Sure go to beach, but not with your tail between your legs. Go like you know who you are. You’re one tough hombre. We’re a team, you and I, so half the team’s going to branch us out. That’s good!’ ‘You’d be good with that?’ ‘I’d

Being a University Student – Part 1

were at university. It was a standard week day student night, so myself and my friends decided to go out for a few drinks to celebrate one of my friends belated birthdays. Around 7pm, I got ready into my slickest clothes. Keeping it simple I wore some skinny fit jeans, a long sleeve top, a grey slim blazer, and some dark brown boat shoes. To top

Cuckolded By A Punk Rock Band

where they spent the whole day and night together having sex with him. During those years they had spent many hours, face to face, licking each side of her uncles imposing cock, as well as his balls and anus, as they alternated sucking on his big organ. When he laid on his back, they would take turns riding him, in the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl

The Best Week of my Life Pt6

the two of us took the opportunity to catch a lungful. Bodies pressed tightly together at the middle and basted in sweat, we exchanged awkward yet heartfelt glances. Shannon knew the significance, offering a little nod of acknowledgement and encouragement before clamping her eyes shut. I blew, joyous in the knowledge that future boyfriends, and

First gay object insertions

heavily and I just loved insertion videos of chicks with gaping assholes and food in them. I wanted to gape just like them. At the time my asshole was still so young, and it was so freaking tight, could barely get wider than a penny. But I would still get my marbles and slide them in, one by one, until my asshole was full. Then I’d get juice and

Seduced during “make believe” photo shoot

while, but don’t linger there.” This tease was totally driving my wife wild as she started to buck her hips on the bed now. Remember, this was a woman that hadn’t been fucked hard in a long time. “Touch here along the front, outside of her panties. Move your hand up and down her slit. Is she wet?” “Soaking wet.” “Push her panties to the side

Some Work in the Garage

although to that point it was the furthest thing from my mind, certainly wasn’t helping him any. Being the good wife I figured “why not”, I took another deep drag, exhaled, pressed the garage door opener to close the door and as it lowered I moved over to where he was standing on the stepstool. As I took another drag I pressed the garage door

The Succubae Seduction 2: The Twins, Chapter 18

and kept on ticking, and ticking, and ticking! He’s was like the Energizer Bunny with its batteries in backwards. He just kept cumming, and cumming, and cumming! Never grew soft.”“Quit teasing them, Jen,” Lyden said as he entered the room.Shlee and Mandy stepped around Jen and came to their boyfriend’s side, helping him into his pants, and waking

Sav In The Lav

surprised but relieved me because it meant I couldn’t get her pregnant and I loved the taste of her milk. Without further ado she dressed and left leaving me there stunned. This was the first time I fucked Sav but it wasn’t to be the last......Epilogue: the next day I sat in front of Sav and she dropped something again. Winking at me she asked me

Twelve Lays of Xmas Ch. 03

things were also getting quite promising. Orla pulled off her coat to reveal a short little mini-dress, worn over black socks to mid-thigh. She lay back in the comfortable seat, sighing contentedly, chattering brightly. This trip had been a long time in the planning, she was clearly happy to be here. Very happy. She stretched out and the skirt

Why I Bought a Computer

a sleazy bestseller, and secure my family’s future financially? Either God thought I was deserving or Satan tempted me or a local finance company was just desperate for suckers to screw with an astronomical interest rate, but a check showed up in my mailbox. It was a ‘loan check,’ just cash it and your loan is pre-approved. Easy monthly payments,


expect that from her but she sucked my dick real good. I looked at her ass and started rubbing it once again. When she stopped sucking, I pulled her up and lowered her on her bed on her knees with her resting the side of her face on her forearms. I went behind her to find her beautiful ass. I looked at the hole I longed to be in for a long time.

Connors World, A Gift from Miss Stevens, part one

seeking his approval. “She’s most perfect for our pleasure. But of course, I should not be surprised. I have come to expect only the very best from you.” Miss Stevens blushed deeply and lowered her eyes. “Thank you Sir.” She stood beside a chair in which a heavy titted girl with long blonde hair and deep blue eyes had been placed naked with

The World's First Futa 07 - Futa's Naughty Hitchhiking Chapter 3: Futa's First Passionate Ritual

long, black hair gathered in a ponytail. “Meadow will not waste a single drop of your precious seed, Futanari.”“Meadow, what a pretty name,” I said, my futa-dick throbbing.Beyond them, the doors to the church were open. I saw other men wearing white robes and women all naked. Most were older women, their figures motherly and plump, their breasts

Yummy Mommy (Part Three)

Final price $35,000 each! Her dream of being a female criminal master-mind was finally in sight.Wednesday. Sarah O’Malley sent her son and daughter (14 &16) to school and tidied up for the Avon lady. She put on a light, cotton floral print dress with a low neckline that emphasized her cleavage. She had planned to wear a sweater over the dress to

Celine gets back on the Horse Part One

hands. I willingly gave her my rock hard cock and she started pumping it with both hands. I held on for as long as I could and my cock burst hot cum all over her tits and face. Thrust after thrust as more kept coming covering my sister and she gasped at the amount that spilled on her body. I stood there panting as she refused to let go of my

The Convention Pt. 01

he’ll be home soon. Clara turns and looks into Darcy’s eyes one last time. ‘I can easily get lost in them. Wow. What am I doing here?’ But something compels her to stay. Something in those eyes. Without further hesitation, Clara gives Darcy her cell number. You never know, they share the same interests and it is always nice to share them with

Bitchin’ Betty Ch. 04

‘Yeah, that’s the one.’ Another hum. ‘There is no spoon?’ ‘Nope, something else. You know, the part where he sits up in his chair and says something really stupid.’ Oh, ‘I know kung fu.’ ‘Yeah, that’s the one.’ Diego laughed tentatively, satisfied that his stomach wasn’t going to rebel, he laughed again. Men. Betty muttered. ‘What was that?’

Cat Fight 22 Changes

off hundreds or thousands would lead to the death of many." Ambrose told the man.  "So you need me and my daughter so you can give this to all?" The man's head was nodding. "For what you have given and done for my family I would be honored to help you great Cit-Chac..." The man was suddenly quiet when Ambrose held up his hand.  "I'd rather you

Grandma's Funeral

were limited.A few weeks later I called Jeff and confirmed that his offer for me to stay at his house for a few days still stood. I arrived at about noon, and Dottie welcomed me to their home. She showed me to my room and then we had a light lunch. Dottie and I spent the remainder of the afternoon getting to know one another. For the most

The Vacation 2

and gently sucked. I let out a low moan. Fuck, this felt great. Slowly still, he took in more of my cock into his warm mouth, inch by inch. He used his free hands and massaged my balls, which only added to the insane amount of pleasure I was feeling. After a few minutes, he took my cock out. I whined, wanting more.“I wanna try one of those new

A Night in a Hotel

I was more than happy to give him maximum satisfaction as he watched the big titted porn on the screen. I worked his big black cock moving up and down and side to side sliding my tongue along the underside of his shaft and sticking the tip into his piss-slit at the same time as squeezing the shaft and bobbing my head up and down on him.

Kids These Days

until he backs in to safe dark corner near the DJs computer and continues to record everything. The girl giving the blowjob gives up easily. She sits up and says that this is fucked up. She didn't ask to have her picture taken and she's "going to fucking sue you guys." Who she's referring to is unclear. She puts on her clothes beside the couch as

A Super Hero’s Slut Ch. 03

A young man was sitting behind the desk and he looked up as Peter came into the room. ‘Yes sir? Can I help you?’ ‘I hope so. I’m Peter Parker and I’m with the Daily Bugle. I was wondering if Mr. Kraven could spare a minute or two of his time. We want to do a story on him.’ ‘I’m not sure he can see you right now. He and our talent coordinator are

Under His Spell

fumbled with the opening to my shorts and pulled them down. He pushed my g-string to the side and ran one of his fingers along my pussy. I bit down on my lip, as he teased me cruelly. He slid one large finger half into me, and then out again, winking. He knew exactly how crazy he was driving me. He licked the top of the same finger, tasting me.

Things Happen For A Reason Ch. 03

money in it for someone whose wife and home gave Luke the impression they were struggling along financially. He had begun to wonder if he’d discovered Sarah’s infidelity and had been planning to make a break by opening an account she couldn’t access. If Sarah were cheating or in love with someone else, was she just staying with Luke now because

Toms Journey Pt. 02

I find so hilarious about men. They think they’re so smart but when it comes to sex they are just careless about covering their tracks. They have their mind on one thing and that is getting their cock wet. I know his Facebook login and I check his messages when he’s passed out cold on the sofa most evenings which.. yes I make him sleep on

Anne has fun playing with herself for her neighbors who are spying on her

tilt my head back to show her the pleasure I’m giving myself. Every inch of my body is electric. I march around the room as I disrobe, giving them fleeting glances of my body. I want to tease. I want to build their excitement. As I slowly fold and place my cloths on a chair, I glance their way and see 2 figures looking…watching me. Now I

Helping the teacher

I did and she got in to drive. She drove to her house with her skirt around her waist, fingering her pussy and licking the cum off her fingers. It was a long drive to her house so when she couldn’t get any more cum out of her pussy she pulled over and begged for more. I told her if she wanted it to come and get it. She leaned over, pulled out my


sense of being wanted; not just as the possessor of my cock, but the whole me. I was thankful for the boost to my general ego after a glance down to lap cock showed a less than covetous sight. My cock had taken the opportunity to relax, as it hadn’t been allowed since we woke up together this morning. Maintaining the confidence-booster for

My Sister's Tattoo

happens to be the uniform of today’s street hooker in any town in the good old USA you care to mention. Is it any wonder why people will think of you as a slut? It’s like saying, ‘Come fuck me. I’m available.’” I could tell my explanation was having an effect on her. Naturally it was stuff she never considered before. I was having a ball

A Source of Energy

and use only quality, refined materials. The original power supplies, while small and powerful were also radioactive in use. Therefore, the prototype sat on a shelf in the patent office until a clever engineer modified the crystal by inducing meta-stability. The result was an explosion in the market place as huge as Xerox, the PC, or 3D TV.

A Close Shave

what it could feel like between them. He wants him to want it.He slides the end of one long finger into Will’s hole, just past the first knuckle, and that tiny push is all Will needs to tumble over the edge, hips bucking uncontrollably, thrusting his spurting cock into the back of Hannibal’s throat. Hannibal drinks him down, not pulling away

A First Time to Remember

and she pulled her focus away from him. Taking in her surroundings she smiled. This was something only Quin could create for her. She reminisced for a moment about the ‘dates’ that Quin would take her on with his words. It was so much more here and now.The scene before her was like a picture. It was an almost empty field tucked back behind the

Capricorn Part I

she’ll be sure to give you one just like this as a reward.”I was hooked. I would do anything to feel like that again.“I promise I’ll do anything for you Aly! Anything!” I said practically pleading.“That’s a good girl, Laura. Now wouldn’t you like to make your big sister feel good too?” she asked.“Anything you want Aly! I promise I’ll try my

A Very Sexy College Reunion

a WET SQUISHY PLOP. Blinking open his eyes, Nick reached up and cradled her face. His lips sought hers, gently nibbling, a soft feathery kiss making her sigh. ‘Stand up for a minute.’ She did, her butt cheeks rasping against the roof of the car as she crouched over him. He leaned forward, teeth gripping the silk of her panties, hand holding the

The job…………..

now bending over his desk. I felt his old hands lifting my skirt up and then his fingers pushing my knickers inside me. He opened my bum cheeks up and put his finger in it, he pulled it out spat on it and then pushed it in hard. Stay there he ordered and i heard a top being taken off a bottle i looked round and he was taking off a cap of smooth

She looks so beautiful! Part 5

our encounter on Sunday, and Bill seemed a little nervous at first. Once I started discussing how hot it was to watch him play with my wife, he relaxed. I did not mention that my wife knew it was him, and he assumed he had been able to slip his protected cock into her while she thought it was me. The next topic was, of course, Shirley. Bill said

A typical day at the farm

a soft mat in the middle of the room. He got me to sit down on the mat and called Stevie over where I could pat him and start to tease out his doggy dick. It didn't take much - his very pink cock grew quickly as he gave me several enthusiastic licks.As soon as hubby saw that Stevie was getting aroused he got me to lay on the mat on my back,

Seven Days of Lust Part 3

clamps into Dan's hands and asked him to pull them. As he did she moaned and sunk a finger into her own soaked slit and diddled her pussy and clit with feverish motions. Dan was quickly rewarded with his angelic wife's body directly behind Tina. Kay could take no more herself she was eager to get things moving so that she would feel that pulsing

Babysitting The Twins 1 (Revised)

MMMMMMMM UHHHHH MMMMM OMM MMMMMM” She had herself between her sister’s legs again not wanting to stop. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and slowly entered her ass. When she realized what I was doing she at first tried to pull away, but I was a lot stronger and I held her in place. I let my cock move slowly in and out till I was at least half way

Breaking Through The Ice Ch. 10

and accusations. She was off for the day, the first day off she’d had in a while when she wouldn’t see or speak to Drew. She bit her lip as she considered. She could call him. Then she shook her head and steeled her resolve. She’d done nothing wrong and the olive branch should come from him. At least, that’s what she told herself. In the late

The Choker Club Chronicles: Chap. 2 Skyler…

urge the urine out of me. It was an excruciatingly delightful mix of pain and pleasure. I had to focus completely with my mind to make sure my bladder never gave in. Once again Skyler was using my own body against me, wanting my body to betray me. I was straining and grunting in resistance to her assault, she said I couldn’t pee, I wasn’t going

A different christmas carol

his head. They dont hate him. They dont know him. On this day they lost their puck under a crack in the ice and Paul happened to have a puck. On days like today there are no popular and unpopular everyone is the same. They are all man on this day not strangers. Emma nodded because she once believed in such things but merely had forgotten. The two

Teasing used as Punishment – Ariels revenge

that day in the laundry room she has definitely learned her lesson.We had sex no matter where we were, in the bed, car, park or even a quickie in the bathroom at a restaurant. I always got what I wanted from her but nothing could prepare me for what she had planned for me when I got home from work one night. It was a Friday, I came home around

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Ch. 03

didn’t know why one of his buddies didn’t take pity on him and shoot him as they’d put down an injured horse. Love of God, country, a sexy woman, and a good dog were the four things most important to him. Had he had children, he would have inserted children and a loving wife after a sexy woman and a good dog. Literally on his last leg, his heart

Touching Myself

finally submitted to my desire and peeled my tank top off, arching my back to allow myself room to remove it. My 34DD tits fell into my waiting hands, where I pinched my nipples as they hardened. I brought my right nipple to my mouth and slowly circled my tongue around it. It hardened even more, almost begging me to nibble on it. I bit it gently,


you’ve managed to still be the perfect mom to our kids. I don’t want the woman you were. I want the woman you are.’ She licked her lips, tasting the salt of her tears before taking another calming breath. ‘We have to move slowly,’ she told him. ‘I am okay with that,’ he admitted. ‘And date… not other people, obviously, but each other, for a

Her Master

a travel agency, Mike had whispered in her ear ‘Come on home babe. Let’s have a little fun.’ This had left butterflies in her stomach and she had to take constant trips to the bathroom at work to masturbate to calm down. Tears rolled silently down Maria’s face. She flung herself into bed in the dark room and hugged a pillow to her painted face.

The Nervouse Game

sat down Alanna laid down on top of me, her head resting right on my washboard stomach. Both of us being the flirtatious type, we had played game like Would You Rather? and The Nervous Game together before, but always in a place like our school or over the phone which limited what could happen. Fifteen minutes into the movie, I realized this

Ellie’s Lost Innocence: Chapter 2

in years. Can I confess something? I snuck into Daniel’s room again; I wanted to see him play with it for a second time. He wasn’t home though, so I hid in his closet and well, I saw him completely naked. He is beautiful.  ------ To: Ellie From: Maria Subject: RE: RE: RE: MARIA!!!!! You slut! Describe him to me, I bet he is since you confessed

The Wakefield Cases, The Licentious Life Of Mr. Lacey, Part 7

rather surprising how much a mattress can cost. Well, to be fair I didn’t want just any old moldy thing. After all, this was for Alice.I went to a couple of murky shops and eventually found something I could afford, but which didn’t look like you could get cholera from it.The mattress was rather thin but this only meant I could roll it up and

How to train your fratboy (Ch 3)

it out, her pretty freckled face beaming orgasmicly, as she rose and fell with his terrified bucking, playing with her own nipples until she was finally ready to asphyxiate him into unconsciousness as she came. And how long would she sit astride him once he was out? How long until she moved, knowing full well that it was her choice whether or not

My older sister kia

truck load of horny guys” she yelled in a furies rage and walked of to the beach. I got up and went to help unload the stuff for the beach while feeling a little bad for what I did to Kia. After every thing was setup the girls put on some emo rock shit and I planted myself down in a lounge chair. Casey came over and sat in my lap and lay down so

First Time Sex Stories #4: Coming Into Summer

took into my mouth. I sucked on it hard and nibbled it gently, causing her to gasp with delight and beg me to squeeze her other breast with my hand. When I was happily sucking away at one nipple and pinching the other, she reached her hand down my tummy and into my pants. She found my erection right away and gripped it in her soft, warm fist. It

Without You I Have Nothing Ch. 24

they captured Anna, she never again spoke with Peter alone. ‘She was beautiful and every inch a lady – giving everything up for her son. Yes Jennifer, she was a true lady and she would be delighted that you’re her son’s wife.’ One of the sisters glanced at her watch and noted the time. She stood. ‘But enough of the sadness! We must go now. Father

Caitlyn’s Treatment Ch. 04

nervous, excited and ashamed were there. But so were infatuation with Janice and John, a fear of being used and a mad, burning desire to be accepted by him. ‘The thing about T nodules is making you nervous. Yes. I can understand that.’ He paused to look straight in my eyes. ‘But I told you it was good news, right?’ ‘Yes, but how…?’ ‘It will take

The Challenge 8: To The Haven

I can help. Maybe, just maybe, that large sum could be yours. You could split it with her, deposit it, and invest it, whatever. It’d be yours. Then at some point down the road, when Bob passes, away, that’d be even more money. I’m sure he’s got other people he’d be giving his fortune away to. Well, you’d have a little extra, if you went

Rise of Roxy Ch. 03

my own children I have with you.’ ‘You’ll know better than I do you can only go so far to improve relationships,’ Roxy sighed, and added, ‘It takes both sides to develop the quality of such bonding. You know your big chance will come if or I should say when either of them is responsible for making you a grandmother.’ ‘That’s true,’ Sophie nodded

I do like you

by the thought. We’ll be back in five.” James walked out and Ross followed. I was in trouble. James was right. I had thought about sucking their cocks. I had even dreamed about them ejaculating on to my face, one after the other. I was certain to get an erection. It would be unstoppable. Five minutes had passed, when I heard a knock on the door.

Julie Part 12

inside her she moaned and began to fuck him and that made him cum that much harder. His cum mixed with hers and she added to it until they were making obscene noises as they moved against each other. Julie was glad he was so big, it was almost like being plugged with Bravo's knot. At least they wouldn't make a wet mess on the bed. She had been in

Husband and boyfreind

going to love it, believe me. Now suck it and get it hard. He took his manhood in his hand and placed the tip to my lips. I stared at the monster phallus and opened my lips. My mouth was stretching just to get around the head but I took that much into my mouth. “Stroke it and suck hard.” I followed instructions and it rapidly grew and pried

Massage Surprise

much that it splashed all across the American's bum, but she was also climaxing and therefore in a world of her own and didn't notice a thing. I quickly massaged my cum all over her bum as she calmed down from her orgasm.The scene was amazing. My oily cock still twitching, the masseuse had a big grin on her face, and my oily, cum stained hands

Bitch in heat

with my juices. Dumping his load into me didn't stop him from humping me, he went on and on till finally he slide out, finished with my pussy. I fell flat on the floor as both our juices spilled out of my pussy. The girls came over and put a low table in the center of the floor then removed the dog. I got on the table on my back and waited for my


get there. I’d invite you to join us, but you don’t want to be saddled with a bunch of middle-aged women. Not when you’re together. Go on, enjoy the day, and lose your fears of being naked. Next time you come around for a swim, don’t bring your suit!’ She gave us a warm smile and returned to her friends, giving us a wave as we turned the corner.

Twentieth Anniversary Dinner

juicy pussy in front of me. I feel Olivia's fingers around my ass and I feel one pop in then out and again but deeper. It's overloading my senses. "Ohh fuck I'm going to cum!" I yell as all my juices empty onto Olivia's tongue. "Hmm baby, looks like we have a good girl" Nick says as I come down from my orgasm. I take my first two fingers and

First meeting after chatting

down my stomach to my nipples and suck each one briefly. You continue kissing down my belly while stroking my cock until your mouth envelops my cock and you slowly begging to take my entire length into your throat.  I have been throbbing because of your extended teasing from the drive. You take my cock out of your mouth and grab it hard until the

Lazy Evenings

encouraging me to be more firm, and I put a hand on his shaft, using it to extend the wet hole he was plunging into. His rhythm became more regular, and his hands were fumbling with my bra strap. I came up off of him, pushing myself up on his knees to kiss him. ‘Wow…’ he said, and I grinned. I stepped back from him and slipped off my underwear,

A friend on E

her again if she would like to dance. This time she said yes.We stepped closer, hugged and started swaying in the rhythm of the music. As soon as we looked in each others eyes our lips met for the first time. It was absolutely wonderful. our tongues were exploring our bodies. I was licking her whole body, she was on her knees sucking my limp

The Secret of Hogwarts House Elves [revised]

hopped onto the bed.One of the elves cast a spell that turned the bunk into a king sized bed, and they all jumped on Lavender.Giant cocks humped at her body from every angle. They humped at her legs, her arms, her belly, her back, everywhere. Groans came from their mouths as they humped at herFinally they paused long enough to spread her legs,

Im In Love With My Best Friend Part 5

hands ran up my back the pushed me against him, kissing me hard. I ran my tongue over his lips as he opened his mouth letting me enter. I pulled back from him. ‘What do you want?’ I asked him biting the corner of my lip lightly and smiling. His eyes were filled with lust and desire as he pulled me close to his face. His lips grazed mine as he

Her Neighbor’s Games Ch. 2

mind. But when she reached between her legs and felt the soft hairs she was reminded of the girl, and she wondered how it might feel to be bare down there. In a daring move she knelt upright, grabbed the foam and razor usually reserved for her legs and began to shave away the blond locks bit by bit.It took the best of a quarter hour, and she had

Of Love and Lust

to be together forever.  Things between me and Jaren got weird and we grew distant. He lived his life with Morgan, and I lived mine with Tommy. Our relationship became just waving at each other between classes.   It was the night of my seventeenth birthday. Tera had just gone home and Ricky (my little brother) was spending the night with his

Late Night Arousal: Dont Move

– it was one of the drawbacks to working the same shift-based job: their schedules never aligned. They’d long since come up with a way to alleviate the sexual frustration that naturally accompanied only being home together long enough to sleep by developing a silent, clothing-based communication system. If she went to bed in desperate need of his

Daughter's Slut Training 10: Mommy is a Slut Too

go to the mall with my friends.”“And spend your spoils?” Mom asked. “Well, I'm sure it'll be over my mid-afternoon. So treat yourself.”“I will,” I said, grinning at Mom. She was so relaxed now. Not so uptight. She even was leaving her blouse partly unbuttoned, showing off those nice tits of her. Of course, she wore her hijab. She wasn't as

Nailing Naomi, Part 2

and jerked me off with rapid strokes, a long rope of my come flying over her head.My knees almost buckled and I let out a groan as she dug her fingernails into my hips, licking off the residue from the top of my cock. I reached down and grabbed her sports bra, pulling it off over her head. She rose to meet me in a deep kiss, and I moved her over

The Courier Ch. 27

The docks were underwater and part of the industrial area of Danube City flooded, but fortunately the private residences and downtown area were spared. There were scares, of course, and a few broken levies that were quickly fixed. The nation held its breath… The rain did not let up until mid April. There was a week of hot, sunny days and slowly

The Breaking of Tracy part 8

her breast firmly, squeezing it firmly as I lower my mouth onto her other nipple, using my tongue to play with the erect beauty. Tracy's pussy tightens around my shaft and her body goes stiff for a moment before she begins to tremble her way through the orgasm I've given her. I've timed it perfectly. As Tracy vibrates on my cock a pressure wells

Daddy Broke Me [Part 1]

I felt him begin to squeeze. My eyes opened wide with fear as I looked at him."Daddy. I'm....soor...rrry.." I choked out trying to gasp for air.He let go pleased he had cut some of my airflow off. He threw my head down and moved down and i felt something at my entrance."Time to make my little girl a big girl." he said and I felt him enter me.I

First Threesome with a Married Couple

another story. Here is how this phone service worked. Anyone could call in and listen to profiles (well, we called them ads back then) But, if you wanted to reply to one, you had to pay to join. One day I was browsing the ads on this phone line. One, in particular, sounded very interesting, to say the least. It was from a married couple looking

BLUE SATIN BLOUSE - long version

a target for bullies, both male and female. I only had two friends throughout infant school, Martin and Paul, both of whom were also targets for bullies. When a much larger boy (Robert Cole) decided to pick on my friends Martin and Paul, knowing neither of them would fight back, I decided to stand up to Robert on their behalf. Everyone was afraid

My Neighbour Kyle

it a rub. "Well, I didn't get any tail on the weekend and your potty mouth has got me half-hard already."I step close to him, place a palm over his crotch and say, "Well, hell's bells Kyle, let's get it on, time's awasting."I undo his belt, open the clasp of his jeans and pull his zipper down. He lowers his jeans and shorts. When he stands

Hideaway at Hillview

Sex wasn't meant to be an obligation. It was fully intended to be enjoyed by all those participating. To be a wonderful and memorable experience. Which, clearly, wasn't the case for Lia. Up until now, that was. Her negative thoughts dissipated, focusing back the pleasure she was recieving.Whilst Kevin continued to eat her throbbing cunt,


t-shirt up over her head. She yanked her braids back roughly into a ponytail. After my arms looped around her tiny waist, her arms linked around my neck. She spoke to me, slurring her words, her brown eyes slitted. Ann clicked open the catch of her jeans and wrestled them off. Clumsily she tugged a thin tampon out. She shoved her jeans to the

Enemy Ch. 02

to drag you into the bathroom and fuck you until you begged me to stop! I haven’t slept in days thinking of you!’ his eyes full of pain and a sadness that broke her heart. Than he changed, his hot, furious eyes burning into hers, ‘So I dare you, the dare of all dares,’ he held her face between his big hands, ‘Be with me tonight, forget everyone

Just you wait and see…

at her glistening pink folds and inhaled the musky sex scent she was secreting. He buried his tongue deep into her pussy and heard her guttural moans. Michael slid his tongue up and down her soaking wet slit, making tiny circles round her sensitive bud. Her moans turned to whimpers as his circling became more focussed on her clit. He slid a

Teach My Boyfriend To Fuck Me, Daddy!

so many times.“OK, Connor…it’s time. You’ve lubricated my Baby’s ass enough with your saliva. Take the head of that hard little cock of yours and press it against Rose’s anus.”First of all, I’m not sure that Connor knows what the anus is but I guess he is smart enough to figure it out. It isn’t easy with Rose riding up and down on my cock so I

Comforting Friend after Job Loss

and forces it down firmly between her legs, pushing it flat, holding it hard against her aching swollen clit while she rises and falls back onto me –forcefully, furiously, repeatedly, hungrily. Riding me. Rubbing against my hand. Delirious. Frantic. Out of herself. Wrapping me in violent, repeated contractions as She begins to cum. Each clutch

The Neighbourhood - Chapter 1

to quiver and her ass cheeks started shaking a little and she arched her back while throwing her head backwards and I could tell that she was having an amazing orgasm.I was so content on how sensually her back was arched and the sweet sounds coming from her mouth and moist pussy that I almost failed to notice that she had slipped her other hand

A New Adventure

old.] We had chatted earlier in the day and I had agreed to try something new. You could tell I was nervous and not sure that I was really ready to take the next step. You didn’t say anything but put me in position on the edge of the bed, on all fours. I look over my shoulder at you.‘No worries baby girl, lay your head down on your arms.’ You

I am not a fucking chore (Part II)

wet for him. Slap. “Do you know why this is happening?” He asks her again. “Because,” she breathes out heavily, her body shaking from both pleasure and pain. Slap. “Because why?” He demands an answer out of her. “Because I embarrassed you tonight,” she cries out. Slap. “And what are you never going to do again?” He asks her. Slap “Embarrass you,”

Between Two Cute Red Lips

nibbled near the base. I moved my head up and down slowly, running my tongue in tiny circles near the tip. His manhood bounced again, which slammed the cock against the back of my throat. Just to see how he would react, I did this a few more times, and, without any warning, his dick jumped slightly as his juices flowed out in short bursts. I felt

The Business - Chapter Four

Dazzle finished, looking at his own book. “Master calls on only Basil.”“Why?” Winter asked before quickly turning to Basil. “No offense, of course.”“Well, let’s just say Master has taken a liking to Basil.” Dazzle mumbled with a shrug, refusing to explain further. Not that it was necessary, Winter took the hint. He looked at Basil, offering the

Employed for their pleasure - Pt 1 - The trip from home to the space station.

I did as instructed. I pushed my mouth down onto him till I felt myself start to gag. I bobbed my face up and down on his sizeable manhood till he told me to stop and get on the bed.When he had entered, he had a small cup of something with him. Now I asked him what it was. He smiled, “I stopped at the galley on the way here. This is

Don’s Wet Dream Ch. 02

of simple rules and kept his attention with some rewards. ‘Don, being with you has made me very relaxed, but you absolutely need to leave Libby alone. No more showers, no kisses, no touching… unless you’re both dressed. She’s married, she’s your friend, and she’s vulnerable, don’t fuck it up again. Lucky for you I was there so… but no more Don!

Degrees of Intimacy Ch. 03

had somehow developed into something altogether more intimate. Theirs had been a relationship more marked by moments of tenderness than ones of abandon and uncontrolled passion. Isabella tried so hard to hide the relationship from everyone else in the kibbutz, even sometimes pretending she hardly knew Marla, who was aware that what Isabella most

Of the Lake

Hailee whispered. I was amazed at my daughter who, at any other time would be too squeamish to even let an animal lick her, and here she is letting this odd creature slurp water from her hand. My leg began to hurt, like I was kneeling on a rock or something, but when I moved my hand down to move the rock there was nothing there but smooth sand.

Sick Of All The Fighting

hell, I love this,” I screamed. “Don’t ever stop, Charlie. You’ve got to keep going. Fuck me forever.”Among all the awesome sensations, I suddenly thought that I was going to erupt before my young virgin boy. How could he hold on for so long? Surely, he should have ejaculated by now.“God, Charlie, I can’t take much more. I’ve gotta come, I’m so

The Private Game – Chapter 4

me cum?" Mike was pleased she liked his ideas. "Yeah, that's really hot. Except when I watch you masturbate, I have never seen you cum. Watching Chuck make you cum is really hot." Lynn suggested to her husband they show him some more of the game. He readily agreed. She told him this is the part of the game when she sits next to the other man. She

Do you want to wear my skirt?

I went outside and waited for her at the designated place. It seemed like forever before she came outside. When she did, she was with several other girls. They stopped up by the door and she had another cigarette as I stood there watching her. OMG she was a cutie! Finally she walked over to where I was standing and she said "Hi Jeff, are you

Crossdresser and I at Costco

see, I keep forgetting you aren't a gay or a CD. I've never met a straight who is so interested in things like that." Secretly, I kind of did want to see. Not in a gay way, but I was truly interested in how he did it. It would be embarrassing for me to say yes, and then to be refused. I decided to just go for it, and see what happeneds. "Well, I

The Submissive Position

as not to cover her big breasts. Pricilla was only thirteen years old and had much smaller breasts.Mom’s pussy lips opened up and I could see some moist pink skin in there. Under her pussy was her light brown puckered asshole. Pricilla’s pussy was glued shut and her asshole was a light pink like her nipples. Neither had much pubic hair.

A Study in Sepia

had given her credit for. ‘Paige,’ I said simply. ‘Miss Paige Turner.’ In skepticism, the young woman arched a single brow. But, just as quickly, she seemed to understand and at the same time accept the terms of our association. ‘Now, let’s say I brief you on the rules of The Game.’ Turning away from her, I began on my path towards the single

After Work Relief

got home from work around 3:30 and like the good girlfriend I was, I liked to have a snack waiting for him. Though I’d find out later that the cupcakes I had made weren’t going to be what he was eating. It was 3:20 and I figured I should go get ready. I had showered and shaved earlier so I was fresh, my legs were smooth, and so was my pussy. Just

Chronicles of my Hot Wife

good friend Jay. My wife, Mellonee,and I decided to sleep in his room with him. Actually my wife just kind of blurted out, ‘Hey why don’t we just all sleep in the same room?’ Jay and I just both looked at each other and said, ‘OK.’ Jay and I didn’t think anything of it and when we got into his bedroom, he started to make a pallet on the floor and

Downfall of King Wilfred the Chaste

of orgasmic tones. ‘You laid your hands on us just this afternoon.’ ‘That was a sacred ritual!’ ‘Do you expect us to believe that?’ said Bella, ‘You weren’t tempted to give a breast or two just a little squeeze? You are tempted to do so now?’ Bella cupped her new and improved tits and held them up to give her King a better view. Wilfred grabbed

My Sexy Red-Headed Stepmother

on me and turn the fan down. On a number of occasions I had pretended to be asleep and had intentionally left my penis and pelvic area partially uncovered when Alice would make her rounds. Our house had a strange set up because the upstairs was originally the attic, so you had to walk through two other unoccupied bedrooms before you got to mine.

Into the Hole

before he bites down when I do something extremely good for him.He groans out and pulls me off his cock as he cums, his hot liquid splashing all over my stomach and breasts. I smirk before kneeling next to him, perfectly content."Now will you take me to Wonderland?" I ask with a grin. He nods and stands, crossing to another door that I did not

the unexspected prt 2

was nothing beneath me I looked back to see that Shadow was making his way towards Yamani so instead I took the big leap and fell back hard onto the ground. I looked to see again if Shadow had reach Yamani surely enough he grabbed him my neck lifted him up and threw him right into the tree I where I had crash landed at. “Yamani wake up please

REVENGE! Stage 5 - Blue

She confessed to sexual things, things my mind didn't understand but I did like to hear. She said things such as she had slept with a man and woman at once, performed with several people at one time and not all of the opposite sex. I didn't know these things at the time but I enjoyed them, and so did the priest. A young, tall man in black with a

A quick touch

into one.  I can still feel your touch and how we let our hands explore our bodies before our tongues repeated the routes.  I let my other hand find its way under my panties and onto my clit.  I can feel waves of pleasure wash over me. I open legs wider letting my fingers work faster on my little bubble.I realize I'm licking my lips desperate for

Three in a Bed – Part Three

towards the end either, but he felt that was probably because he had failed to anticipate Doug’s urgency in his final thrusts, and push himself away from Julie’s crotch. Even now, his hole still burned and throbbed a little, but once the initial pain of penetration had faded, he had enjoyed the rhythmic pumping of Doug’s thick cock inside him.


felt sad for her because no one should have to go through this type of thing, especially at this young age. I felt guilty because we, as adults, should have been able to prevent this from happening in the first place. When the ceremony was over, I stood back as the small group of people passed by and paid their respects. As the crowd made their

A 100% TRUE story of how I had sex...Pt.2

slow that day. I couldn’t stop thinking about what I was going to say to Rachel. How would she react? Would she not speak to me for a long time? I hated this. All because I had left my fucking door unlocked. Still, why did she just barge into my room? I never did that to her when she was in her room.“Nathan,” my English teacher, Mrs. Pruett said.

His Former Teacher

He loved what he was seeing. He loved everything about her. She sat up. Looking at him, she noticed his eyes weren’t only on her big boobs, but also on the lower portions of her figure too. “You’re an amazing looking woman, Lilly. You uh really are.” “Thank you, Harrison. Thank you very much,” she said. With that, she leaned in and kissed his

My Story

feel good on my ass, I nodded yes I had been thinking about being with a man and was wondering if this should be the time and with him. He turned me around holding me around my waist saying do you mind if I kiss you, I nodded yes it started with a few pecks then a deep wet kiss with him putting his tongue in my mouth telling me how to kiss with

Sissy the Redhead: Her First Cock Pt II

Jim went back to liking my ass, and pushing his tongue into my tight hole. I was a quivering mess in between these two adults. I was so wanton someone could have started to shove a Volkswagen up my ass, and I would have let them. But instead, Jim got on his knees and started to work his thick shank of cock into my pussy. I couldnt believe how

my first sex expirience

hands and put them against the wall and put his lips on my lips and moved his tongue in my mouth… I was not ready for that but his act made me excited and feel that my nipples are getting hard and some sensation in my pussy and I start enjoying the movement…….. His fingers started moving on my lustfully sensuous body…. Then he free my hands and

My d***k girlfriend.

Jeg syns at fitta til Siv blir bedre og finere jo mer kuk og dildoer hun får i seg. Carrie Canyon er hennes lookalike. Men Siv er bare bedre i sine 30 cm. høye platåstøvler. Så kraftig sminket at drakula ikke ville ta henne. Jeg fikk henne med i en taxi. Men hun bad med fem svarte gutter i trettiårene. Vel hjemme telte jeg over 50 negre som hun

Becoming My Husband's Hotwife (Parts 1 and 2)

and rubbing my pussy with his big dick. He sat down on the couch and I straddled his lap, grabbing his cock and guiding it in my drenched pussy. I slowly slid down every inch of that long white dick and grinded on him hard so his head would hit my g spot and make my pussy dripping wet. The wetter I got, the faster I began to bounce on it... I was

Lusty bitchs Moms & Slut Girls. Ch 4

some coffee and smoked a cigarette then I text Mariana. I didn’t call her just text her on what’s up.“Good morning, sweetheart,” I send Instantly she replied, “Good morning Vally, wow you waked up early. I thought you would wake up afternoon as usual.”I texted, “Just for you lovely lady.”“You are so charming Vally,” she replied.I send, “So, are

Wake Up Call

my legs to be bent and spread, keeping quiet. I felt his breath on my inner thighs, I felt his tender kisses. My body was going wild, but I was still keeping quiet, my eyes shut, fighting to appear asleep. As he moved his kisses in closer and closer, it got more difficult to fake that I was truly sleeping. He finally started licking and sucking

I should have done it.

I was going to a book store by motorcycle. I was aware a woman walking this way. Passing beyond, we turned our eyes each other. I murmured ‘she is tight!’ in my heart. When I was reading a book in a sotre, someone stood by me and pushed stucked book down to my side .. I faced that person. She was there! She didn’t look at me but seemed to

A weekend break to Amsterdam

drone of the jet engines had a soothing effect on me and finally I felt myself relaxing. We, my hubby and I, were taking a weekend break and Amsterdam was the destination. I had been toying with the idea for the last couple of weeks and decided it was now or never. My workaholic husband was driving himself into an early grave due to a ridiculous

The Schools Most Popular Girls

alone did not make it beautiful. What made the spanking beautiful was the girl who was being spanked. The girl in the room beside her was gorgeous, so much so that her spankings should be considered art. She didn’t know her at all but she had fallen in love with her. Not in a sexual manner, Crystal wasn’t a lesbian or bi-sexual, she had just

Caroline and Mr. White - Part One

dear, I’m sure that will help you to sleep.” As I had hoped, she stood up immediately to go into the kitchen. Even better, Jennie said, “I’ll help, mom,” and she went into the kitchen as well. I walked over to where Mr. White was sitting. As I bent over in front of Jennie’s dad I put my hand on my shoulder strap, which I knew would cause him to

A Trip to the GYN

daughter off guard. She wasn't expecting this type of announcement. She managed to stumble over to her bed. She carefully sat next to me. "Where...when, did you meet her?"I turned to face my daughter and said. "About four months ago, I bumped into her at the grocery store. We knew each other in high school. After graduation...well, we lost

Invite The Mother of the Bride!!

thought I would be her new man in her life. Diane glanced at me and smiled and I grinned back. Suddenly the ceremony begins: Bianca appears and walking down the aisle. She looked beautiful but she was hot and busty with the bare outline of her enormous breasts appeared on the v-neck front of her wedding dress! After the ceremony was over in the

The Girls Next Door ? 7 CJ?s Birthday Surprise

girls that had been at the pool or deck, came thru topless. Not totally unexpected but when girls who had been playing volleyball started coming thru without bikini tops or tank tops I thought something was up. When they all started giving me hugs, kisses and saying thank you, I knew it was. Towards the end of the line several of the girls, after

Spying on Riley #2

an imaginary boyfriend. I could see the look on her face, a combination of girly naughtiness and pure lust. She rode her toy, rubbing herself with her free hand. Her hair got in the way, but I wasn't looking at her face any more. Riley leaned back to give me a perfect view of her skinny body, her spread legs, and the toy sliding in and out of